11 Cara Mendapatkan Uang dari Internet untuk Pemula Jelas!!

How to get money from the internet today is very easy, it’s just a will. Because thanks to increasingly sophisticated technology, it will be much more effective for you to produce a fantastic amount of rupiah coffers with only a smartphone.

Here we have summarized various ways for you to make money from the internet easily, not time bound, flexible, but the results are quite tempting. Then also what you need is consistency and seriousness to continue to pursue it until you get to the point where you succeed and successfully prove it.

Here’s how to earn money from the internet:

Here’s How To Get Money From The Internet

11 Cara Mendapatkan Uang dari Internet untuk Pemula Jelas!!

1. Join Affiliate Group

The purpose of the affiliate is to cooperate in the promotion and selling of a product. This means that here you will get paid in the form of a commission for each product that is successfully sold. The principle is revenue sharing or sharing the results of income without spending a penny of capital.

You can notice that how to get money from the internet by joining an affiliate is fairly free. So in order for you to join, you must first register for the affiliate program. After successfully registering, you will get a referral banner like a coupon code.

Please later share the code with friends on social media, website visitors, or others. If someone uses the link to buy a product, that’s where the commission will be earned.

Broadly speaking, this affiliate program can show relatively fast results, especially in the Indonesian Affiliate Program you can do payouts or searches and with a minimum tempo of 2 active sales.

The point is that the right and trusted affiliate program has characteristics such as the points below:

  • Registration: Easy
  • Commission : Tempting
  • Timely payment
Means Modal See Revenue Skill Level
WebsiteSpecial Platforms, Social Media     Small Fast and Medium       Intermediate

2. Selling Software

Do you know what coding is? for those of you who have expertise related to coding, please take advantage of it to get money from the internet without the slightest capital. Armed with a laptop that you have, you are able to produce very tempting rupiah coffers.

So how do you sell the software? here’s how:

  • Share the free version and sell the premium version on your website.
  • Sell ​​through the application store according to the operating system (Play Store – Apple Store).
  • Offer a trial version on the website and also offer a license.
  • Selling software with a SaaS (Software as a Service) system.
  • Receive requests related to special software development services through the website.
Means Modal See Revenue Skill Level n
Websites,Special Platforms Small Currently       Tall

3. Opening an Online Store

11 Cara Mendapatkan Uang dari Internet untuk Pemula Jelas!!

Opening an online store can be the best opportunity for you to earn money from the internet, especially if you already have interesting, unique, and quality products or items. You need to know that an online store is a website that you can use to market various products for sale.

The online store is equipped with features that make it easy for purchase transactions and payments, and every payment can be made automatically through a payment gateway, provided that your online store must provide 24-hour non-stop service.

Interestingly, online stores also have a fairly wide range of consumers or audiences, unlike when you sell a product offline with a limited market.

Moreover, the cost of managing the store is also very small and does not require any fees. If your online store is managed well consistently, it can certainly produce rupiah coffers that are very tempting to be able to reach there, you have to first create an online store using the wordpress platform or also the WooCommerce Plugin.

Next, also make sure you set up your online store from determining the type of payment to the process of sending the goods. After that, please add the product you are going to sell complete with a product description to make it easier for every buyer.

With that, you are ready to sell the products you have, so that later you can make money. It is also necessary for you to underline that ideally or we suggest you to learn techniques on how to learn proper and profitable digital marketing. Here we present the main features that must be available including:

  • User Friendly – Mobile Responsif
  • Promo Page
  • Payment Gateway
Means Modal See Revenue Skill Level
Website Small Medium Currently    Intermediate

4. Create and Manage Blogs

Then also that blogs are not just a hobby for you to express ideas in the form of writing. If you do this activity consistently and manage it well, it can generate priceless money.

Apart from being without capital, creating your own blog is an easy matter for you to do, because you only need various references or topics related to the writing theme that you will embed in it, you can fill it with free themes without being bound by one theme.

But make sure you write it according to what you are good at or the abilities you have. There are so many bloggers who provide reviews or reviews related to the income earned while being a writer,

even though it seems like a business or business whose bottom line is for uncertain income, but if you are confident and tenacious you can make hundreds of millions of rupiah or even more.

Of course it requires a process or consistency that is really high. The first step you have to do is create your own blog, it’s easy, all you have to do is register and of course it’s free for anyone who wants to do it.

You should know that first, almost all11 Cara Mendapatkan Uang dari Internet untuk Pemula Jelas!! platforms of blogs are free, and they forbid you to place ads. The two blogs can delete your blog if it is deemed to have violated the rules that have been determined.

With that, it can be concluded that you have absolutely no control over the project you are making.

Then if the blog that you have created can be accessed online, then please continue at the stage of creating content that seems interesting, the more interesting and the more useful the content you create, of course, the more visitors will see or witness the entire contents of the blog.

So that way there will be very satisfying traffic so that it can produce very tempting rupiah coffers. Basically, managing a blog requires a lot of reference sources, starting from how to increase traffic, how to add visitors, and much more.

The point is you have to learn a lot of things how the blog can actually generate. If you have done the points above and you have achieved it, the way to get money from the internet11 Cara Mendapatkan Uang dari Internet untuk Pemula Jelas!!  is getting closer. Here are things that can make money on a blog:

a. advertisement

Here you can join the Google AdSense service. If there are visitors who click on the ads installed on the blog then you will generate income.

b. Sponsored Posts

You can collaborate with other parties to market or review their products on the appearance of your blog.

c. Affiliate

Finally, you simply place an affiliate banner on your blog and then earn a commission from every time a visitor clicks on the banner.

For those of you who want to create a good and visitor-friendly blog, here are some tips:

  • Find a topic that you master.
  • Collaborate with many parties to get many links.
  • Make sure you learn Seo to get visitors faster.
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website Small Currently       Intermediate

5. Opening Online Coaching Services

Next, how to get money from the internet, you can also offer services or expertise that you have, one of which is expertise in the field of teaching.

Online coaching is a knowledge sharing technique that is done virtually using digital devices. Of course, there are lots of opportunity lessons that you can share online, ranging from tutorials, business tips, lessons, schools, and much more.

An interesting example here is a person named Michael11 Cara Mendapatkan Uang dari Internet untuk Pemula Jelas!!  Serwa who is able to earn IDR 500,000 pounds in a year through online coaching. The interesting thing is that Michael himself doesn’t actually have a complete certificate, so what about you?

Here there are two options that you can use, first, join an online teaching platform such as Kelaskita.com or you can use the website you have. Know that if you use a personal website that you have you can build an online identity in a better way in terms of branding or efforts in its progress.

Its use is certainly very easy via video calls using WhatsApp or Skype. You can also do another way by holding a live streaming specifically on the website that you have.

In addition to determining the age group and the material that you will provide, you can also determine whether there will be a private session or a collective class.

If you are interested, how to get money from the internet on this one, you can do the following:

  • Determination of participants according to their abilities
  • Having teaching facilities that support such as laptop internet connection and so on.
  • Manage or arrange teaching schedules properly and conditionally.
  • It has unique and quality complete subject matter.
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Dedicated Platform Website Small Fast -While Tall

6. Offer Graphic Design Skills

With the skills you have regarding the concept of realizing a graphic design, 11 Cara Mendapatkan Uang dari Internet untuk Pemula Jelas!! of course you can make money easily from the internet. In the process here, you can sell the work that you have on condition that you must first create an attractive portfolio website that is good for recommendations.

To be able to make money on this platform you have to do promotions or you can also use social media and join several freelance platforms to make it easier for clients who are in need of graphic design.

Means Capital Income Tempo Skill Level
Freelance Sites, Personal Websites, Social Media Small-Medium Currently Tall

7. Build a Youtube Channel

This one method is of course quite familiar to the public, by becoming a YouTuber you can make tens of millions of money per month or even more. This process, of course, can’t be done easily, there is a long process of consistency and strong determination.

You also need to know that to create a YouTube channel or content you must have a unique, interesting idea and it should not be the same as most other YouTubers. The more unique the content you create and the more interesting the channel you manage will certainly generate rupiah coffers through impressions or visitors from a very wide range.

If you see that almost 88% of Indonesian internet users access YouTube. For that, let’s immediately take advantage of the platform so that you can get as much money as possible.

Means Capital Income Tempo Skill Level
Custom Platforms Small Fast – Medium Intermediate

8. Become a Freelance Writer

Well, for those of you who have a hobby of writing, you can join websites or companies that have certain interests for their company’s needs.

If you pay attention today that almost 91% of companies in various parts of the world use content marketing strategies to be able to outreach to their consumers with the aim of increasing the quality of selling a product.

To become a freelance writer or freelancer, you can join the Sribulancer site or Projects.co.id and many other sites or websites that provide opportunities for those of you who like to write to earn money.

Means Capital Income Tempo Skill Level
Dedicated Platform Website Small Fast – Medium Tall

9. Selling Handicrafts Online

In terms of quality, Indonesian handicrafts have been recognized throughout the world, even for the export value of their products reaching $1.2 billion. Fantastic isn’t it? By selling handicrafts online, you can add value to your pocket and an alternative way to earn money from the internet that you should try.

There are so many reviews of people who are successful in selling handicrafts online with a monthly turnover of Rp. 40 million. Social media that you can use to sell include marketplace, shoppe, lazada, Bukalapak, and others.

Means Capital Income Tempo Skill Level
Online Store, Social Media, Marketplace Medium – Large Fast – Medium Tall

10. Become a Social Media Influencer

Influencer is someone who has a role to influence someone through their actions. Here maybe you don’t realize that being an influencer, especially on social media, is a powerful way to earn money from the internet.

The fact is that currently 80% of companies are willing to pay an influencer, because this method is considered the most effective way to influence. For those of you who are interested in becoming an influenza, we share the following steps:

  • Please specify a specific topic.
  • then compare the useful information and and there is a correlation between one another.
  • establish communication with various elements of the audience.
  • then also build a good and satisfying online reputation.
Means Capital Income Tempo Skill Level
Social media Small Currently Middle High

11. Selling Digital Photos

You need to know that almost all digital works have economic value, not to mention a work from a photo, so here you can use it to sell works in the form of photos to make a profit.

Most photographers sell their work through third-party sites such as shutterstock, and another way to sell your photos is to simply install the sellmedia plugin on your wordpress website. That way you can organize and create your own stock photo website.

Means Capital Income Tempo Skill Level
Website, Microstock Site Currently Currently Medium -High

Well, those are some ways to get money from the internet that you should try, besides being flexible, you can also generate rupiah coffers with fantastic amounts. Make sure to be consistent and learn a lot of new things to broaden your network and insights.


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