2 Transfer Gopay ke Ovo Anti Ribet dan Praktis Cek Disini!

Gopay to OVO, the meaning of these three words is none other than the transfer method from and to these two digital wallets. Maybe you already understand and know about Gopay or OVO. But did you know that it turns out that these two digital wallets can transfer each other.

2 Transfer Gopay ke Ovo Anti Ribet dan Praktis Cek Disini!

So, how to transfer using this platform. Is the process difficult or what. So that you are not curious, you should refer to the following detailed description. Don’t forget to prepare snacks and a cup of coffee to accompany you to listen to this information.

What is Gopay

Before discussing in full the transfer guide from Gopay to OVO, you should first know about the GoPay application itself.

Gopay is an electronic money or digital wallet application that provides e-money services from Gojek Indonesia. You can use this application to store Gojek credit which you will later use when transacting.

These transactions are in the form of GoRide, GoCar, GoSend, GOFood and so on. You can also use the Gopay application when making non-cash transactions. But of course with the condition that the shop or merchant is a business partner of Gojek.

Features of the Gopay Application

You can also call Gopay as electronic money or virtual wallet. There are many features that you can use in this Gopay application. Here are some features of the 2 Transfer Gopay ke Ovo Anti Ribet dan Praktis Cek Disini! that you can use that are included in the GoPay to OVO discussion:

From the many functions and uses of Gopay, of course this application has several advantages and disadvantages. What are the advantages and disadvantages, see the following information.

Advantages of Gopay Application

2 Transfer Gopay ke Ovo Anti Ribet dan Praktis Cek Disini!

  1. The Gopay application is very easy to top up . You can do this through ATMs, mobile banking, internet banking, sms banking, minimarkets, pawnshops and through partners or drivers
  2. You can process transactions 24 hours. You can use the Go Pay service to transact for 24 hours whenever and wherever you are. This includes transfers from Gopay to OVO.
  3. Have an attractive promo. Don’t be surprised, 2 Transfer Gopay ke Ovo Anti Ribet dan Praktis Cek Disini! often offers attractive promos every time you finish making a payment using this application.
  4. Gopay has a variety of transaction services. Of course you can use Gopay to transact anything as long as you are in the Gojek application, merchants or shops that work with Gopay.
  5. Gopay application has Go Points. Interestingly, every time you use Gopay you will get a token. Then you can exchange the token with Go Point. Later with this Go Point you can get gifts or vouchers.
  6. Gopay guarantees the security of user data. This is because the GoPay application has updated technology . So that whatever transactions you do as well as all balances and personal data information will be safer.

Gopay Weaknesses

The only thing that is a weakness of the Go Pay application is that the e-wallet payment feature is still not so much. Unlike other applications similar to it. However, this is not an obstacle because it is covered by the existing advantages.

What is OVO App

  1. The payment feature in the Gojek application. You can use Gopay to complete transactions in Gojek applications such as GoRide, GoCar, GoFood, Go Shop, GoSend, GoPulsa, GoBox, GoTik, GoBills. It can also be used for Go Massage.
  2. Payment at a shop or restaurant. This feature allows you to make transaction payments at merchants or stores that already have cooperation with Gopay. Payment for this transaction can use a barcode scan or QR code.
  3. Make payment transactions at online stores . You can also make payments for transactions that you make online . However, like payments at offline stores , you can only use Gopay for online stores that have collaborated with Gopay.
  4. Other financial transactions. With Gopay, you can also make other financial transactions. For example, making cash withdrawals through your bank account also making transfers to fellow Gojek application users.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of 2 Transfer Gopay ke Ovo Anti Ribet dan Praktis Cek Disini!

Because this description relates to the transfer process from 2 Transfer Gopay ke Ovo Anti Ribet dan Praktis Cek Disini! to OVO, you must also know the OVO application in detail. Maybe you’ve often heard about OVO either from the internet, television or from people close to you.

Or maybe you have also used this application. But do you know what this OVO application actually is. So that you know clearly about the actual OVO application, just look at the full description below.

The OVO application is a smart application that offers many conveniences for its users. Whether it’s when making payment transactions online as well as offline .

This includes GoPay to OVO transfer transactions. But like other e-wallet applications, not all shops or merchants serve payments via OVO.

You can only use the OVO application to make payments at stores or merchants marked with OVO Accepted Here. In addition, payments using OVO can only be made at stores / merchants that work with OVO.

Several shops / merchants that have collaborated with OVO, namely Tokopedia, Mataharimall.com, GRAB and so on. If you want to know more, you can look for it in the OVO application.

Uses and Functions of the OVO Application

For those of you who have used the OVO application, you certainly feel a lot of help from this application. Not only that, you can also enjoy the convenience and smoothness of cashless or non-cash payments. You can also transfer GoPay to OVO easily.

In conducting transactions, OVO offers two methods, namely OVO Cash  and OVO Points . OVO Cash  is a payment method that you can use when transacting at stores / merchants that work with OVO.

You can top up your OVO Cash balance  either through ATMs, debit cards, credit cards, or through GRAB and Tokopedia partners. For its use, you can take advantage of this OVO Cash  in several financial transactions.

For example, payments for electricity/PLN, purchasing pulses/PLN tokens, reloading credit from various providers and investing in OVO Invest. In addition, you can also use OVO Cash  to make payments at online or offline stores / merchants .

The second method of OVO that you can use is OVO Points . OVO Points are loyalty rewards for OVO users who have transacted at merchants or stores that are partners with the OVO application.

The requirement to get OVO Points is that you have to make a minimum transaction of IDR 10,000. You will get OVO Points when you get cash back . The use of OVO Points is actually almost the same as OVO Cash . You can make payments using OVO Points .

But the difference is, when you make payments using OVO Points you don’t use your OVO Cash balance . This is tantamount to saying that you bought an item for free or at a discount.

If you calculate using rupiah, the value of 1 point on OVO Points is equal to 1 rupiah. So if you have 100,000 points , it means you have Rp. 100,000. What you have to remember is that OVO Points have an expiration date of 18 months from the time you first got them.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the OVO Application

OVO, like other digital wallet applications also has advantages and disadvantages. In terms of advantages, OVO offers many attractive cashback promos . You also get convenience when doing top up.

Another advantage of the OVO application is the existence of loyalty rewards in the form of points. In addition, OVO also has many merchants spread across Indonesia. Such as Tokopedia, Hypermart, Cinemaxx, Books & Beyond, Mataharimall.com and many more.

With OVO you can also make transactions at more than 60,000 OVO outlets spread from Sabang to Merauke. Included in this is that you can make transfers via GoPay to OVO.

When you look at the appearance of the application, another advantage of OVO is its user interface which is simple and easy for you to understand. With this simple and easy display, beginners can use the OVO application quickly and without any problems.

While the drawbacks of OVO are points that are easy to expire because the validity period of points is only 18 months. This means that if you don’t use it, your OVO points will be forfeited.

Furthermore, OVO charges admin fees when transacting with banks. In the past, there were no admin fees for OVO transactions. However, as time went on, OVO was finally charged an admin fee for each bank transaction of IDR 3,000.

Another drawback is that the billing service is not yet complete. The OVO application does not yet provide services in the form of PDAM and PND Gas bills. The new OVO provides billing services for PLN, BPJS, cable TV and insurance.

In addition, the drawbacks that you can find in the OVO application are the absence of notifications when OVO performs application maintenance . This makes OVO application users confused because they cannot access and use their OVO.

Guide on How to Transfer GoPay To OVO

From the description listed earlier, you must have known that GoPay and OVO are two virtual or digital wallet applications. You might ask if these apps can transfer each other. For example, transfer from Gopay to OVO.

You may not believe that these two applications can transfer to each other. But that’s the reality. You can make transfers to both types of e-wallet easily and only using your cellphone.

There are two ways you can do this GoPay to OVO transfer process. Please take a look at these two methods below.

1. Transfer from GoPay to OVO Using Nobu Bank Bank Assistance

Before making a transfer, make sure that your gopay and 2 Transfer Gopay ke Ovo Anti Ribet dan Praktis Cek Disini! accounts have sufficient balance during the transfer process. For more details, here is a transfer guide from Gopay to OVO that you can do easily.

  1. First of all, please open the Gojek application on your cellphone.
  2. Please login and make sure that your GoPay is registered and verified as an active user.
  3. Then you can select the More menu or the Other menu and the Withdraw menu or the Withdraw menu .
  4. Then please select the menu Add Another Bank or Add Another Bank .
  5. Next you can enter the name of the Nationalnobu bank in the bank. Nationalnobu’s bank is OVO.
  6. Fill in your identity in the column provided which includes your name (according to your OVO account). Then fill in the account number according to the mobile number you registered with the OVO application. Add 9 before the first digit of your mobile number.
  7. After filling in the account number using your mobile number then just select the Save button .
  8. Next, please enter the amount or nominal you want to transfer from GoPay to OVO. Don’t forget to select a Nationalnobu Bank or Nobu Bank account.
  9. Next you can choose the Withdraw or Withdraw menu .
  10. Please confirm if you are sure with all the data you have entered.
  11. Then enter the Gojek pin to immediately process the GoPay transfer to the OVO application.
  12. After this process you can wait a while until your GoPay balance is reduced. If so, it means that the transfer process from Gojek to OVO has been successfully carried out.

You need to know that when doing this transfer process there is an admin fee of IDR 2,500. Therefore always make sure to bring it before making a transfer, the amount of your balance is sufficient for the transfer process.

2. Make a GoPay Transfer to OVO Using CIMB Niaga Syariah Bank

Gopay and OVO are currently the most popular virtual wallets. Like a bank, you can use these two digital wallets for transactions. For example, transfers from Gopay to OVO or vice versa from OVO to GoPay.

Now, after discussing transfers using Nationalnobu Bank, you can also transfer Gopay to OVO using CIMB Niaga Bank. Here are the steps.

  1. First of all, make sure you have updated the Gojek application on your cellphone.
  2. Then open the Gojek application, select the Pay menu that appears on the initial screen.
  3. Next, please click the To Bank Account menu on the left side of the application display.
  4. Then you can select the Instant Transfer To A New Account menu .
  5. Please look for Bank CIMB Niaga Syariah.
  6. In this step you can enter the mobile number or OVO account number that you want to transfer.
  7. What you have to do next is add the number 8099. Put this number before the first digit of your mobile number.
  8. After that you can press Verify . Please wait until the OVO ID number appears.
  9. If the OVO ID appears and the data is correct, then please press Continue .
  10. Then you can enter the nominal value you want to transfer. You need to remember that the minimum transfer amount from GoPay to OVO is IDR 10,000.
  11. Next you will be directed to the confirmation menu. If you are sure with all the data you have entered, please immediately select confirm.
  12. As a final step, please enter your Gojek pin.
  13. You have to wait a while until there is a message that your transaction has been successful.

How, it’s not easy to transfer Gopay to OVO. Please try one of these methods which you think is easy. Hopefully this information is useful and can help you when sending funds through Gopay and OVO digital wallets.

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