6 Cara Transfer Shopeepay Ke Gopay yang Mudah Banget!

How to transfer Shopeepay to Gopay is quite simple. You can move your balance easily and quickly. Transactions using digital wallets are also smoother. 6 Cara Transfer Shopeepay Ke Gopay yang Mudah Banget!

Currently shopping and paying for various needs is mostly done with digital wallets such as Shopeepay and Gopay. What if the balance in your Shopee account is large enough, Gopay is empty and you need to make a payment? You can transfer it.

Shopeepay at a glance 

6 Cara Transfer Shopeepay Ke Gopay yang Mudah Banget!

Shopee is one of the most trusted marketplaces with many users. Apart from having a wide selection of products, the prices are also fairly low. Especially with promos such as free shipping and certain events  , making it even more popular.

This marketplace is also always innovating so that many buyers are quite loyal. One of the advantages is the e-money feature , namely shopeepay. You can shop, even transfer balances to other digital wallet accounts.

6 Cara Transfer Shopeepay Ke Gopay yang Mudah Banget!

Shopee’s innovation by cooperating with many merchants makes transacting with Shopeepay the right choice. You don’t need to carry too much cash . Buying food, tickets, and others can be paid with this e-money . You can even often get a discount.

About 6 Cara Transfer Shopeepay Ke Gopay yang Mudah Banget!

Since the pandemic, online transactions  have increased quite significantly. This is also the case with the online application for transportation, Gojek. Moreover, the types of services vary. Not only as an online motorcycle taxi , but also between purchasing goods and services, making it even more of an option.

Gojek also has a cashless payment feature , namely Gopay . With the ease of payment, making this application the right choice. Moreover, the e-money can also be used for various payments outside of transactions with Gojek. Make users more flexible. 6 Cara Transfer Shopeepay Ke Gopay yang Mudah Banget!

imgres 6 Cara Transfer Shopeepay Ke Gopay yang Mudah Banget!

Is it possible to transfer from Shopeepay to Gopay?

This question is asked very often. Because it’s a shame if you still have a lot of balance on Shopeepay, while you need to transact with Gopay. Some places often hold payment promos with certain e-money .

If you are shopping, it turns out that the store is holding a promo for those who use Gopay for payments, while your account is empty. Of course very dear. With the ease of transferring Shopeepay to Gopay, this can be resolved.

You can transact with Gopay from your previous balance on Shopeepay or vice versa. But unfortunately, until now you have not been able to transfer between the two e-money directly.

So, how to transfer 6 Cara Transfer Shopeepay Ke Gopay yang Mudah Banget!? This is the part that often makes me curious. Well, in this article you can get information on how to transfer between these two e-money accounts easily.

Transfer Terms and Conditions

The existence of digital wallets such as Shopeepay and Gopay has indeed made various transactions easier. Transferring the balance of the two e-money requires the help of a third party, such as other applications. 6 Cara Transfer Shopeepay Ke Gopay yang Mudah Banget!

The high transaction rate makes many people take the initiative to try alternatives so that balances between digital wallets can be moved easily. Third parties such as banks, credit experts or other applications are used to help transfer balances.

Third parties or intermediaries are used to facilitate transactions. You need to know, each provider imposes different rates and conditions for transaction processing. Of course the process can only run if all conditions are met.

For balance transfers, you must first make sure that you have downloaded and have an active account. If not, download it immediately. If the destination of the Gopay transfer belongs to someone else, make sure you know the username and id correctly so that you don’t transfer the wrong one. Here are the requirements:

  • The 6 Cara Transfer Shopeepay Ke Gopay yang Mudah Banget! account that you are using has been upgraded by completing the identity
  • Make sure the balance and administrative fees are sufficient, the minimum transfer amount is Rp. 10,000
  • Make sure your Shopee account is free of problems, such as transaction restrictions
  • Make sure you have installed the third application that brokers the transaction

Cara Transfer Shopeepay ke Gopay

After all the requirements are met, now is the time for you to make a transfer from Shopeepay to Gopay. This time we will discuss five ways of transferring that can be done easily. Make sure the network that is used is strong enough so that the process does not fail.

Both 6 Cara Transfer Shopeepay Ke Gopay yang Mudah Banget! are different payment applications and do not have cooperation in terms of balance transactions. Therefore, to make a transfer, it is necessary to use a third party as an intermediary.

Having one digital wallet account is sometimes not enough. The reason is that many merchants apply promos for payments with certain e-money . Of course, this opportunity is a shame if you miss it. Then many install other applications. 6 Cara Transfer Shopeepay Ke Gopay yang Mudah Banget!

It could be that your balance gets quite a lot of applications while others are limited. Payment may not be made. Instead of filling in with cash, you may choose to transfer from an account with a large balance, such as from 6 Cara Transfer Shopeepay Ke Gopay yang Mudah Banget!

Initially both applications can only be used to make payments on their respective platforms. The number of collaborations with merchants such as bookstores, malls, ticket sales and others makes the transaction load bigger. 6 Cara Transfer Shopeepay Ke Gopay yang Mudah Banget!

Generally, people fill up their Shopeepay balance by transferring from their account or buying at a sales agent. As for Gopay, you can buy from an account or buy directly from the Gojek driver. However, if one of them has sufficient balance, transferring it to another platform is easier.

Before transferring 6 Cara Transfer Shopeepay Ke Gopay yang Mudah Banget!, verify your account. The steps are quite easy. You only need an ID card. Verification is only needed on the Shopeepay account to activate the transfer feature. While on Gopay it is not necessary.

You can transfer with a minimum amount of Rp. 10,000, while there is no maximum limit. Previously make sure that your Shopeepay account is not in a moderation or restriction condition. Because this can be a problem.6 Cara Transfer Shopeepay Ke Gopay yang Mudah Banget! 

Now, through what means can you make a transfer? Tu rns out there are quite a few choices. You can choose how to transfer Shopeepay to Gopay using or without the application. Both methods are equally safe.

1. Using the App

How to transfer Shopeepay to Gopay using an application means that you have to involve a third party as an intermediary. So far, there have been no significant problems. However, if the application has problems, the transfer process can be pending.

There are two alternatives to choose from, namely using a bank account and the expertpulas.com site. The way it works is almost the same, namely you transfer a certain amount of balance to a third party, then it will be forwarded to your Gopay account.

2. By Using a Bank Account

For balance transfers from Shopeepay to Gopay, the bank acts as an intermediary. The features used are Transfer and Withdraw Funds. In some banking institutions, these transactions require no fees or are free. You are also not limited to the number of transactions per day. The steps are as follows:

  • First, open the Gojek application, then select  Top Up , continue by selecting Other Methods and continue with  Internet Banking .
  • Then select and click on one of the bank names that will be used for the transfer.
  • Write down the account number to top up Gopay from the internet banking you use.
  • Next, open a Shopee account, enter the ShopeePay feature, then select Transfer and proceed with Withdrawals to a Bank Account.
  • The next step, copy the account number to fill in Gopay earlier, and add it to the bank list.
  • On the Confirmation page, fill in the amount of the balance you want to transfer. Shopeepay has a minimum transfer requirement of Rp. 10 thousand.
  • Select Confirm.
  • Then enter the 6 digit ShopeePay PIN. Make sure you are not mistaken so that the transaction can be processed.
  • How to transfer Shopeepay to Gopay is complete. Maybe the system will load for a while. Please wait. Continue by re-checking your Gopay account to make sure the balance has been entered. 6 Cara Transfer Shopeepay Ke Gopay yang Mudah Banget!

3. Credit Expert

In the previous transaction you needed a bank as a third party to intermediary for transferring 6 Cara Transfer Shopeepay Ke Gopay yang Mudah Banget!. The second method involves the expertpulsa.com site. both have the same easy way.

You need an account on the expertpulsa.com site to login and make balance transfers. If you don’t have one, you have to register first. The account can be used for various purposes served by expertpulsa.com.

The registration process at expertpulsa.com is quite fast and easy. In the display interface, several features are available. The transaction options are also quite a lot. In addition to balance transfers from 6 Cara Transfer Shopeepay Ke Gopay yang Mudah Banget!, you can buy credit, data packages, top up digital banking balances , and buy electricity tokens.

This site is also safe and serves its customers 24 hours a day. So even if you have to make a midnight transaction, it doesn’t matter. You must make transactions on the expertpulsa.com site and make payments in your Shopeepay account. The steps to be taken are as follows:

  • First, visit the https://ahlipulsa.com site, you can use any browser from smartphones or PCs and laptops.
  • Previously, make sure you already have an account at ahlipulsa.com, If not, register through the  Registe r menu located on the main page at the top right (click login, the register menu is in it).
  • Enter the WA number, username , email and desired password. Then confirm your password. If using the app because of someone’s recommendation, don’t forget to enter the referral code.
  • Login using  the username  and  password  you used to register. Make sure both data are correct so that the process runs smoothly.
  • Next, select the Gopay menu, then enter the mobile number registered to the Gopay account.
  • Click the option to  Top Up Gopay, then check the price and continue by selecting and entering the charging nominal (minimum 10 thousand).
  • The next step, enter the user in the column in the left corner.
  • Next select the ShopeePay payment method, then click Create Order.
  • On the screen a QR code will appear to top up Gopay from ShopeePay.
  • Don’t forget to check the total payment amount ( top up price + admin fee).
  • Screenshot for saving payment code.

After you run all the above processes, you must switch to the Shopeepay application to make payments. For that you need to open a Shopee account. The steps to take are:

  • First, open a Shopee account, enter the ShopeePay feature, then click the scan icon on the ShopeePay balance.
  • Next, click the image icon in the upper right corner on the Scan Code page.
  • Proceed by giving the app permission to access the Gallery.
  • In the Gallery, select the screenshot that was created earlier to process Gopay payments.
  • The application will switch to the payment page, check all transaction data.
  • Then select Pay Now and enter the 6 digit ShopeePay PIN.
  • All processes are complete.

After you have done this step by step, finally to make sure that the transaction has been successful, check your Gopay account. If there is no additional balance, wait a few moments. Possibility of pending transactions due to high load or unstable signal

Expertpulsa.com site users must be happy. This is because the service is currently available in the form of an application. You just download and use it anytime without needing to open a browser.

4. Without Using Apps

In addition to using the application, how to transfer Shopeepay to Gopay can be done without an application. The principle is to make transactions using scanned evidence so that they can be processed. The balance will come in a few minutes later.

In addition, transactions can also be made through trusted Shopee sellers . Of course you have to find a shop that provides this service by taking advantage of the margin or the amount of the balance compared to the number of payments you have to make.

5. Using QRIS

There are many ways to transfer Shopeepay to Gopay with QRIS. Because the process is very fast and does not require the help of other applications. In addition, it also does not require verification, so it is simpler. The process is as follows:

  • The first step, open the Gojek application, then select  Top Up , then select Top Up via QRIS.
  • Next write the desired top up nominal.
  • After that, screenshot the screen to save the payment code and as proof of the transaction
  • Next, open the ShopeePay application, then click the scan button in the Balance Fill section.
  • In the scan section , select the image button in the upper right corner.
  • Then select and click the screenshot image, continue by clicking Pay Now.
  • Enter Shopeepay PIN of 6 digits ShopeePay
  • Finally, click OK

To ensure that the transaction was successful, please enter the Shopeepay feature again and see if the balance has been reduced. After that, check your Gopay account to make sure it’s added.

6. Melalui Shopee Seller

The following Shopeepay to Gopay transfer method does not require verification or application. However, it requires a third party, namely the seller as an intermediary. You can pay with Shopeepay or Shopee PayLater.

Have you ever bought credit through Shopee? Now, how to transfer Shopeepay to Gopay is almost the same. So the seller becomes the agent who fills the balance into your Gopay account. The steps to be taken are as follows:

  • First, open the Shopee app, then login to your account.
  • Look into the search field. Type Top Up Gopay.
  • Shopee will display a list of all product options.
  • All you have to do is select and click on the balance product banner. First make sure the seller. Choose only trusted ones, by looking at the star seller label or reviews and ratings.
  • Continue by scrolling down and reading the product description carefully.
  • Enter the chat feature, contact the seller and ask if the Gopay balance top up product order is still available and can make transactions.
  • If you can, continue by selecting the top up amount and placing an order. Then send the Gopay number through the notes column or via email
  • Finally, pay with ShopeePay and wait for the balance notification to enter your Gopay account.
  • All processes are complete.

These transactions usually take place in just a matter of minutes. Choose a seller who is always online so that your order will be responded to immediately. As an advantage, the seller will usually increase the price but there is no administrative fee.

Making transactions with digital wallets has become a new habit, including Shopeepay and Gopay. How to transfer Shopeepay to Gopay makes it easy for those of you who have more balances. The various choices make it easy for users. 6 Cara Transfer Shopeepay Ke Gopay yang Mudah Banget!

How to transfer Shopeepay to Gopay can use or without an application. This convenience makes users more happy to transact with the two digital wallets. But unfortunately until now still have to use a third party as an intermediary.

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