Anonytun Pro Mod Apk Download Terbaru Premium Unlimited

Anonytun Pro Mod Apk Download Terbaru Premium Unlimited – Now you benefit from the Anonytun Pro application, how can this application not allow you to change various types of quotas, from study quotas to regular quotas, maxstream quotas, and others. Moreover, you can also set the duration of the quota. Interesting right?

This application can be said to be interesting because of its sophistication, the tunneling feature is one of the factors that makes this application widely used. This tunneling function is to make the internet network into a private mode and change one type of data packet into another. So you must try it as soon as possible for your daily needs.

The popularity of the Anonytun Pro application is increasing thanks to contingents such as Youthmax, Videomax, and others. Most users use this application to change their streaming quota to regular quota. For that, make sure you read it thoroughly, because we will discuss its use in full. Anonytun Pro Mod Apk Download Terbaru Premium Unlimited

Here you can actually get the application for free through the Google Play Store service, it’s just that in the original version you can’t use all of the advanced features, aka locked. Unlike the case with the modified version of Anonytun Pro, you get access to use all of its features for free. We will provide more details in the next point. Anonytun Pro Mod Apk Download Terbaru Premium Unlimited

What is Anonytun Pro?

Anonytun Pro Mod Apk Download Terbaru Premium Unlimited

You need to know that basically Anonytun Pro is a VPN-based application made by the Art of Tunnel developer. You can easily get the application on the respective Play Store on all devices for free, it’s just that for the free version the features are not complete.

Then you also have to underline that the mod apk version of Anonytun Pro has already passed the modification stage with the aim of providing easy access and satisfaction for every user, because its features can be accessed at no cost, different from the original version. In the original version you have to update to premium to enjoy all its features.Anonytun Pro Mod Apk Download Terbaru Premium Unlimited

Anonytun Pro at a Glance 

Interestingly, the modified version of Anonytun Pro has a simple interface and is easy to use. Then it is the same with other VPN applications, because Anonytun itself has been provided with additional VPNs specifically from several countries, such as the UK, the US, to Canada. Anonytun Pro Mod Apk Download Terbaru Premium Unlimited

In this digital era, the use of a VPN while surfing  the internet is mandatory, because the VPN itself can protect your anonymous firewall and privacy so that it cannot be hacked by irresponsible parties, so that it will give the impression of surfing that seems stealth and stealthy. more guarantee.

By taking advantage of the excellent features of the Anonytun application, you can find IP 100 in an easy way without the hassle. Unfortunately, this feature is only provided in the latest version with a display or interface that is actually not much different from the previous version. Anonytun Pro Mod Apk Download Terbaru Premium Unlimited

Link Download Anonytun Pro

Anonytun Pro Mod Apk Download Terbaru Premium Unlimited

Surely you can’t wait to download and install the application on your device right away? So before discussing the use and advanced features it has, we present the specifications and download links for the latest Anonytun Pro application. As follows:

1. Anonytun Pro Unlimited Version

Application Name Anonytun Pro
Version 8.7
File Size 2,32 MB
Developer Art of Tunnel
Price Free
Mod Full Unlocked Unlimited

Download Here

2. Anonytun Redesign Unlimited

Application Name Anonytun Pro Unlimited
Version 1.16
File Size 2,5 MB
Developer Art of Tunnel
Price Free
Mod Redesigned Unlimited

Well, the two options above are actually not much different, because if you think the first version of Anonytun is not suitable for your device, then you can use the Anonytun Redesign version which has the same features as Anonytun Unlimited.

How to Install the Latest Anonytun Pro Mod Apk

If you feel that you have successfully downloaded the application via the download link that we have shared above, then make sure to follow the instructions below for the installation method, considering that Anonytun is a mod version designed by a third party, which has different installations from applications in general, which are obtained through the Play Store. Here are the installation steps: Anonytun Pro Mod Apk Download Terbaru Premium Unlimited

  • The first step, please select the apk file above which will be downloaded.
  • Then just go to the Settings / Settings menu on each device.
  • Then go to the Privacy / Security menu .
  • Then look for the Unknown Sources option and check the text.
  • The next step, please open the download in the respective Storage folder menu , or in Downloads in the browser you are using.
  • Click the Install/Install button .
  • Wait for the process until the installation of the application is completely successful.
  • If it works, just open it .
  • Good luck and enjoy.

How to Update the Latest Anonytun Pro

Also know that the Anonytun Pro application often performs system updates with the aim of improving its quality. Therefore, so that you don’t miss the latest features, make sure to always download the latest version. Please follow the steps below to update the Anonytun application:

  • First, please search and download the latest version of the Anonytun Pro Mod Apk Download Terbaru Premium Unlimited file on the internet.
  • Then if you have downloaded it, please access the Settings menu or Settings on your respective device.
  • Next, please navigate to the Application / Application menu .
  • Find and click on the description of the Anonytun application .
  • Make sure you click the Uninstall / Uninstall button .
  • This step is very important for you to do for the installation process so that it does not error or even fail.
  • If the uninstallation process is successful, then open the Apk file that you downloaded.
  • Repeat the installation method as in the previous steps.

    How to Use Anonytun Pro Mod Apk Download Terbaru Premium Unlimited

    For those of us who want to know about how to use the application, make sure to refer to the following explanation:

    1. Configure VPN Settings

    • Open the app on the respective device.
    • Later, the text appears
    • Do not rush to press the button.
    • Make sure you do the initial configuration so that it runs smoothly.

    2. Activation of Compress Packet On/Off

    • Tap on the three dots in the right corner of the app.
    • Select the VPN Settings menu .
    • Enable it and tap on Compress Packet On/Off option .
    • Change the MTU Size as desired, but the majority change it to 1500 for the maximum.

    3. Configure Stealth Settings

    • Click the Stealth Settings menu at the top of the screen.
    • Activate the app for smooth use.
    • Tap the round icon until it turns blue.
    • Later a connection protocol will appear, and select it as needed.

    Anonytun Pro’s Featured Features

    The latest Anonytun Pro version certainly has many interesting, sophisticated, and certainly satisfying features when used. So it is mandatory for you to know all the types of features and uses that are in it before deciding to use it. So what are the superior features? Let’s see the following explanation: Anonytun Pro Mod Apk Download Terbaru Premium Unlimited

    1. No Registration Required

    The first feature of the Anonytun application does not require each user to register to have an account in the process of using it. In addition to saving time, of course, this application is safe for you to use, because no personal data of a privacy nature is used in the process.

    Anonytun Pro Mod Apk Download Terbaru Premium Unlimited

    2. No Re-Root Required Phone

    The next feature is that if you want to install the modified version of the Anonytun Pro application, of course there is no need to re-root your phone which is very annoying and takes a very long time. Especially if the frequency of re-rooting the phone can damage the system of the device itself. Anonytun Pro Mod Apk Download Terbaru Premium Unlimited

    3. Can Change Parent Proxy

    Then also this sophisticated application is equipped with interesting features that you can use to configure the parent proxy very simply and certainly practical. Apart from setting the parent proxy, you also have access to create custom HTTP headers and generate payloads as well.

    4. Various Server Options Available

    The availability of a choice of various servers is one of the mandatory points that must be in it, so you have to pay close attention to the amount available. In its use, you can freely choose VPN servers from various countries in the world as desired.

    For example, such as Canada, the United States, Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Japan, England, and many more. For the Anonytun application, the Pro version of the servers you can use free of charge without the slightest fee, or even pay for a premium account.

    5. Unlimited Bandwidth

    The frequent occurrence of bandwidth restrictions certainly gives a very bad experience when browsing the internet, but now thanks to the Anonytun application you will get the best solution. Now you can have more fun without the need to be afraid of being exposed to such interference.

    6. Have Network Speed

    Many claim that the use of applications such as this VPN worsens the connection being used. This happens because of the activity of the VPN that protects the privacy of each user.

    But interestingly if you use VPN Anonytun your internet network will look stable and smooth when compared to other VPN applications. For that now you can more freely surf the internet to your heart’s content.

    7. Bug Fix System

    Who is not disturbed or even annoyed when experiencing bugs when using the application? Everyone must really hate the bug itself which gives a bad experience in using it. But you don’t need to be afraid because the Anonytun application is equipped with a bug fix system, so you can be more focused, smooth, and fun.

    8. No Ads/ Anti Ads

    All users must be irritated by the appearance of unclear advertisements that often appear before their eyes. With the Anonytun Pro Mod Apk version, you can focus and have fun enjoying all its features, because you won’t be bothered by the presence of these ads.

    9. Multiple Languages

    How not that in it there are features that provide various language options, especially Indonesian. That way you don’t have to worry about using it, so you can choose the language that is most understandable.

    10. Tunneling & Multiple Protocol Options

    Finally, each user can also tunnel to various connections in a very easy way through application access. For the connection itself available starting from TCP, HTTP, and SSL. So please choose one of them according to what you need. Anonytun Pro Mod Apk Download Terbaru Premium Unlimited

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Anonytun Pro Apk Latest

    As it is known that any application always has two sides, between advantages and disadvantages. It is the same with the Anonytun application, from all versions it does not escape from these two things. For more details, please see the following table below:

    Advantages of Anonytun Original Version Advantages of Anonytun Pro Version Mod Apk
    100% Guarantee the user Free from ads
    Application available on Play Store Features all open
    Young use Full freeEasy to Use
    Disadvantages of Anonytun Original Version Lack of Anonytun Pro Version Mod Apk
    Ads often appear Not available on Play Store/ Third party
    Many features locked Vulnerable to getting banned
    Must update to premium version At risk of getting a virus
    Does not fully guarantee the user

    Find out how to set the learning quota to become a regular quota in Anonytun Pro

    If you notice now there are lots of subsidized study quotas distributed by the government, but unfortunately their use is limited and only a few applications can be used. Now, with the Anonytun Pro application, you don’t need to be afraid anymore, because you can change the quota into a daily quota as usual.

    Curious about how to set it up? Check out the following steps to change the study quota to using regular data, as follows:

    • The first step is to make sure you have installed the Anonytun application, and immediately open the application.
    • Then the main screen of the application will appear and you can immediately navigate to the Three Dots section right in the upper right corner of the application.
    • Please click the VPN Settings option from the menus that appear.
    • Then please activate Compress Packets On/Off until the color turns blue.
    • If you have configured the previous explanation, you don’t need to activate it.
    • Next select the Stealth Settings menu and tap Stealth Tunnel On/OFF until it turns blue.
    • Rubahlah Connection Protocol menjadi SSL.
    • In the Connection Port section, please change the number to 443 .
    • Make sure you are still in the Stealth Settings menu , and activate the Advanced SSL Settings which is positioned above the Edit SSL Settings button .
    • If you have activated it, click the Edit SSL Settings menu , and check the column Spoof SNI Host – Spoof Host: Port .
    • Fill in the Spoof Host field with the Us address , and the Spoof Port with the number 443.
    • After that, please save and select the VPN server as you wish to get smooth performance, namely Best Performance .
    • The last step click the Connect button .
    • Good luck.

    Make sure you follow the steps correctly and accordingly for maximum results, because if you take just one step, there will be no satisfactory experience. So that later you can download and stream videos smoothly without interruption, and of course if you only use the Mod Apk version of Anonytun.

    This is How to Change Maxstream Quota to Regular Quota in Anonytun Pro

    Actually, there are still many things you can do with the Anonytun Pro application, besides being able to convert your study quota to a regular data package or even a maxstream video streaming quota. Each user can also get their own excitement and ease of use.

    Here we want to provide a tutorial regarding changing maxstream quota to regular quota by using an application from Anonytun. For the steps, please refer to the points below: Anonytun Pro Mod Apk Download Terbaru Premium Unlimited

    • Make sure you open the application from Anonytun.
    • It’s the same as the previous step that you have to enable Stealth Tunnel ON/OFF and change the connection protocol to SSL.
    • Enter the Connection Port with the following number, 443.
    • Re-enable Advanced SSL Settings and click the Edit SSL Settings button.
    • Put a check mark in the Spoof SNI Host and Spoof Host Port columns.
    • Then enter the Spoof Host in a different way, namely and the number 443 in the Spoof Port column and save it.
    • Later, you only need to choose the VPN server you want.
    • Besides Best Performance, other best servers such as Gaming / Streaming servers or Singapore servers.
    • Succeed! Good luck. Anonytun Pro Mod Apk Download Terbaru Premium Unlimited

    How easy is it not to set it up? Also know that we highly recommend the Anonytun Pro application for you to have because of its many advanced features that can help you do many things. Besides being equipped with a VPN feature that can protect the privacy of each user, this application is a favorite choice today.

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