16 Best and Latest Free Android, iOS & PC Photo Editing Apps 2022

Photo Editing application / Aplikasi Edit Foto on computer devices is inevitable, so it is not strange that everyone has saved some of these kinds of applications on their computer devices.

The most commonly used application when editing a photo through a computer &laptop is Adobe Photoshop. In fact, it can be said if this application is so famous, as well as has been installed by some laptop / PC users in the country.

Actually, the application for the editing process of a photo has now many types. There are even better ones and the features are more specific than Photoshop has.

If calculated the number may not be able to count using fingers. For those who are interested and want to know it, you can follow the reviews that Poltekkes gave on this occasion.

Because, we will provide recommendations of the best photo editing app for PC / Laptop &Android / iOs.

Best Aplikasi Edit Foto

Reviewed this, we will provide some applications that can help the process of photo editing through PC / Laptop. You need to know, not all the applications we provide are free.

There are several apps that need to be purchased first, before you can use them and enjoy all the features.

Let’s take a good look at the recommendations of the best photo editing apps for PC / Laptop below.

1. Adobe Photoshop

The first photo editing app we’ll cover is Adobe Photoshop. Who doesn’t know Adobe Photoshop in this modern era? We believe some users are familiar with the app.

Moreover, among the famous selegram and youtuber, of course they always make use of adobe photoshop application to produce high-quality photos.

So no wonder, those who want to get better photos and satisfactory, will certainly make use of this application. The features of adobe photoshop are very diverse, so it is more helpful in the process of photo editing.

With a selection of interesting &advanced features, making this app the best choice for those who have a hobby of photo editing. Unfortunately, you have to spend Rp 200,000 per month, when you want to enjoy all the features in adobe photoshop.

2. Adobe Lightroom

If you feel burdened with the price of adobe photoshop application is quite expensive. So, you can try using Adobe Lightroom, reportedly the features are almost the same as Photoshop.

Indeed at first, the main function of the Adobe Lightroom application was only for catalogs. But over time the developers of this application have incorporated some mock features of Photoshop.

Therefore, now adobe lightroom application can be used to produce photos that are cooler, clearer and more specific like the results from Photoshop.

3. DxO PhotoLab

DxO PhotoLab will produce images or photos of the specificity of being edited by professionals. Although this app has tools that confuse its users, but it doesn’t hurt for you to use.

Various advanced features you can find in this application, no wonder because DxO PhotoLab application is only used by professional image &photo editors.

If you are a beginner in the field of editors, we do not recommend using the DxO PhotoLab application. Because, the way to use it is quite complicated, from the beginning this application is only shown to professionals such as high-end photographers.

4. Adobe Photshop Elements

If you are the first to use Adobe Photoshop for editor purposes, maybe you feel confused when operating it is not it? It’s natural, because all the features and workings are 90% manual.

This is what makes Adobe vendors release their latest application named Adobe Photoshop Elements. The goal is so that all users can use it directly without any difficulties.

In adobe photoshop elements, users can edit a photo or image automatically. Because, it has been provided with this feature. That way, even if the images you edit are in the tens or hundreds, if you edit them in this application, it doesn’t take long.

5. Corel PaintShop Pro

Furthermore, there is Corel PaintShop Pro which is available in various series, you can use the latest series, namely the 2020 series. In the 2020 series you are offered the best advantages that the app has.

This PC photo editing application is also very favored by Professional Photographers around the world including Indonesia. In fact, there are some assumptions if Corel PaintShop Pro can compete with Adobe Photoshop.

This is because the features of the best PC photo editing software, Corel PaintShop Pro, are very diverse and premium. But unfortunately, this PC photo editing software is not free, you have to be willing to spend some money when interested in owning it.


If you want to use the Best PC Photo Editing Software for free, then we recommend downloading the GIMP application. Although it’s free, GIMP has some of the same features as Adobe Photoshop.

So no wonder, photographers and designers are very fond of GIMP application. With GIMP application, you can freely edit photos / images, create a logo by utilizing all the features &tools provided.

All types of windows OS ranging from Linux, Mac and so on can save GIMP applications without incuring costs. Therefore, for those of you who are looking for free PC photo editing software, we recommend downloading GIMP immediately.

7. Skylum Luminar

The next best PC photo editing software is Skylum Luminer. This app has 45 more filters that are so interesting and cool. In addition to providing a wide selection of interesting filters, Skylum Luminar is also no less sophisticated Tools inside.

Almost all tools in the Skylum Luminar application can be operated without any obstacles. If you use this app to edit a photo/image, you can more easily fix the subtlety of the colors.

You can also edit a photo into a quality without taking a long time, just by using one of its features called Automatic Correction.

8. Cyberlink PhotoDirector

Usually, in order to be proficient in editing photos / images and videos, you need experience and take a long time. Since the arrival of Cyberlink PhotoDirector, the benchmark of an experience is no longer useful.

Because, you can produce quality photos like edited using Photoshop without enough experience. All you have to do is take advantage of Cyberlink PhotoDirector.

Providing a selection of features and tools that are easy to use, making beginners in the field of photographers will instantly master the techniques of high-quality photo editing. That’s why Cyberlink PhotoDirector app is very popular.

The disadvantages of a PC photo editing software called Cyberlink PhotoDirection are only one, the application is paid. So, among budding photographers it will be a little difficult to get it.

Best Photo Editing App for Android/ iOs

In the modern era like now, you can earn income from various social media applications such as Instagram and Tiktok. It’s pretty easy, all you have to do is upload a video or cool photos as often as you can.

Of course, the photos you share on instagram or Tiktok apps have to be interesting and quality. In order for your photos to be more cool and nice to look at, it takes a best photo editing app on android &iOs.

If you are not familiar with the application that is suitable for editing photos via android or iOs devices. We recommend to take a look at the collection of the best android &iOs photo editing apps at the moment.

1. Adobe Lightroom

If you’re not familiar with the adobe lightroom app, we’re sure you’ve never edited a photo/image though. Because, Adobe Lightroom application is the best and most famous android photo editing apk among the netizens.

The app embeds dozens of very complete features, making it easy to edit your photos and videos. Everyone will be able to use this application, because the display and operating system is quite simple.

All the features of Filter and Effeck can be used easily and quickly, you can adjust the brightness of the image, the color spectrum and shadows. If you are curious about all the features, you can immediately download adobe lightroom through Playstore &Appstore.


  • Easy &sned & short sync
  • Edit dozens of Photos/Images at once
  • Simple View
  • Easy-to-use & learning ways to work
  • Free Filter &Effect Options that can be used immediately
  • Simple interface display


  • File Management features are quite difficult to use
  • Not all features are well controlled

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is arguably the best android photo editing apk &iOs at the moment. With the help of this app, you can get flexible photo/image editing results.

This application also supports photo editing with RAW and TIFF formats. How’s it going? Have you tried the app? In fact, in this application embedded more than 45 advanced and interesting features.

As usual, the features embedded in Adobe Photoshop Express are not much different from those in all android photo editing apps and iOs in general. But for beginners, this one application is very rekomended.


  • Provides dozens of interesting Filters
  • Simple but Clear Interface View
  • Interesting Effect options, e.g. Blur effect
  • Unlock Collage
  • And the others


  • There are several paid features / Subscriptions
  • Weak Retouching menu
  • Not Free

3. Photo Editing App – Canva

Who hasn’t known the Canva app until now? Surely you all know him, don’t you! Canva is one of the best apps you can use to edit photos or videos.

A wide selection of templates and advanced features will be found on Canva, all of which you can use without paying. Photo and video editing needs, you will all find this application.

Are you active users of Instagram app? You often upload cool photos and include them in Instagram Stories, of course you have to edit them to make them more cool and specific.

In order to get more quality photo editing results, we recommend using the Canva app in these activities. This application can be easily obtained, playstore and appstore already provide it for free.

4. Photo Editing App – VSCO

VSCO is a mandatory application and must be installed on android &iOs devices that love photo and video editing activities. Because, VSCO is one of the best photo editing apps on android &iOs for now.

Moreover, for now, almost all active users of Instagram application already install VSCO on their android phones &iOs. This application is very helpful to produce a cool and quality photo.

The filters that vsco application is fairly complete, some are free and some are paid. But no need to worry, the paid filters are only a few.

In fact, vsco apps are not always free to use. You can only use it for free for one week. After that, you will be charged the applicable subscription fee.

5. Photo Editing App – Foodie

Our next best android photo editing app recommendation is Foodie app. This application is perfect for those of you who have a business in the culinary field.

The name is foodie app which means food, it can be concluded that this app is only for editing a photo / picture of food. That’s why we say that the Foodie app is very suitable for use by culinary businesses.

There are over 30 free filter options that you can use to edit food images. With the help of filte-filters from the Foodie app, food pictures will be more palatable and tempt one’s appetite.

Not only here, foodie app embeds live streaming feature. When there are no customers, you can fill the empty time by doing live streming through the Foodie app.

6. Photo Editing App – Pixlr X

The android photo editing application that you need to try next is Pixlr X. Because, Pixlr X application has a variety of features that are able to produce an image / photo to be more cool and up to date.

The main feature of Pixlr X app is Remove Background feature. When you activate this feature, easily the background drawn / photo will disappear in an instant.

It has a User Friendly look, making it easy for everyone to use the app for photo and video editing. The elements of Pixlr X are also diverse, ranging from Overlay, Border, Shape and others as its.

Each app must have its own advantages and disadvantages. And, the Pixlr X app has a drawback. Where, this app does not provide template features.

Another drawback is that you’ll have to pay a fee when you want to enjoy all the features embedded in Pixlr X.

7. Photo Editing App – Snapseed

Snapseed is a better and cooler photo processing app developed by Google. Professional photographers from Indonesia and abroad love this app.

In fact, there are already many netizens who argue that Snapseed is the best photo processing app on android &iOs devices. This is because snapseed has quite complete tools.

One of the excellent tools that snapseed has in the form of being able to open RAW files without the need for raw file quality to be damaged. You can also save both RAW and JPG formats.

But not all photographers like the snapseed app. In fact, some people hate it because this app has not pinned the auto-save feature. Because, some people, desperately need the auto save feature in photo and video processing applications.

8. Polarr Photo Editor

Lastly, there is the best android photo editing app that needs to be tried which is Polarr Photo Editor app. The best photo processing application that you need to have, there are overlay offers, lens effects and various filter offers.

When editing using polarr photo editor, you will be given extra comfort thanks to its simple user interface. In fact, the developers will bet that there will be no best photo processing app besides Polarr Photo Editor.

In our opinion, Polarr application is quite powerful when compared to some android photo processing applications in general. Because it has very complete features and tools, the android / iOs device you use must also have high RAM.

Otherwise, the Polarr Photo Editor app often lags or exits on its own. Therefore, it is best to check the RAM that your android device has, before downloading the application.


Hopefully reviews about Best Android Photo Editing Apps &PC 2022 recommendations help you who happen to need the best photo processing app.

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