20 Best and Latest Android, iPhone & PC Video Editing Apps 2022

Video Editing App / Aplikasi Edit Video Want to change the results of the video to be more pleasant to see and more interesting? But if you until now do not know which application is suitable for the video editing process, you should follow the reviews about the recommendations of android video editing applications iphone and PC / laptop that we will provide in this meeting.

Editing a video not only takes a lot of time, you also need help from several applications that can help the video editing process with advanced features embedded in it.

The process of video editor becomes more interesting is not as easy as when taking pictures, you need to set and add effects that can only be found in android, iOS and PC video editing software.

When you want to edit a video, we recommend using an Android, iOS, Laptop or PC (computer device) smart device to your liking.

You will find this collection of reviewed applications, we have recommended several applications suitable for the video editor process on android phones, iOS and PC / Laptop devices.

Edit Video app on Android and iOS/iPhone phones

20 Best and Latest Android, iPhone &PC Video Editing Apps 2021

For those of you android and iphone phone users who are looking for an easy-to-use and free video editing application, please see the full list below:

1. Kinemaster

First, the video editing app for both Android and iPhone phones is Kinemaster. The app has a very complete video editing feature, so you can produce much better video quality.

Although this app is designed for professionals, using kinemaster application is very easy to do the video editing process as desired.

You can add effects as needed such as color, speed control, audio, animation, frames and many others. The app can certainly be obtained for free for Android and iPhone/iPad users.

2. FilmoraGo

Furthermore, you can use FilmaraGO to do the video editing process using your android smartphone or iPhone.

Using the app is quite easy and simple, but even so FilmoraGo has embedded various advanced features in it that can be used for free or for a fee.

Some interesting features that this app has include being able to trim videos, add themes, crop videos, add audio and others.

There are also other common features such as adding text, slow motion, blur, transitions and so on.

3. Adobe Premiere Clip

Perhaps not a few of you assume that Adobe Premiere application can only be used on computer/PC.

Don’t get me wrong, adobe primiere clip app can be used for free on Android phones.

But it’s certainly not as sophisticated as the version that can be used on a PC, although this app is able to provide a pretty good quality video editing. In addition, it is very easy to use.

Some of the advanced features included in this app include various effects, text, video cropping, combining images with videos and many more.

4. Quik

Next there is the Quik app that can be used to edit videos on Android, iPhone and iPad.

This app can be obtained for free, but even so, quik’s features are quite cangih which has been equipped with features that can add transitions and effects.

In addition, video edits produced from the app have 720p to 1080p HD quality, so the image quality is clearer. You can also share them on various social media such as Facebook, Instgram and so on.

5. VideoShow

Another alternative that can be used to edit videos using just an android phone is Video Show.

There are various interesting features in the VideoShow application such as being able to add text, dubbing sounds, higga music effects that will beautify the quality of the video you are editing.

This application can certainly be obtained for free on the Play Store.

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Best PC Video Editing Apps of 2022

20 Best and Latest Android, iPhone &PC Video Editing Apps 2021

If you already have a smart device such as a Laptop or Computer (PC), but still confused to use which application to process the video editor?

You don’t have to worry, we will give you a selection of the best video editing apps 2022 for you to use. Each application that we provide in this review, has its own advantages and advanced features.

Let’s take a look at the list of some of the applications below, then choose one of them if you want to do a video editor with better results and satisfactory.

1. AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor can be used to help the editing process of a video. This application is fairly light to be installed on laptops and PCs owned.

The content creators of Youtube or Selegram Tiktok often make use of this application. The features in the application are quite kumplit and have excellent features such as Video Cache.

Video Cache is an excellent feature with the function of providing HD Resolution at the end of video editing. In addition, there is still a collection of other interesting features that you will find in this Avs Video Editor Apk.

The Transition Effects prepared by the app are quite numerous, there are about 300 more effects that you can use for free. That way, your video editing will be satisfying and cool.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro developed by a well-known vendor, Adobe is one of the best video editing apps to date. So, if you want to get cool and satisfying video results, try using the adobe premiere Pro app.

The main advantage of Adobe application is that it provides dozens of features that you will not necessarily find in other applications. The adobe Premiere Pro app has become a flagship editor app for well-known content creators.

Usually, editing a video is quite time consuming and a little difficult. Other things you can edit videos using Adobe Premier Pro, maybe the editor process will be easier thanks to the dozens of interesting and advanced features inside.

You can get up to 4K full HD video results. However, for beginners it may be difficult when using the app. Because, Adobe Premiere Pro is a little complicated when operated because there are various menu options.

3. VirtualDub

The next application that can help the editing process is called VirtualDub. VirtualDub Apk is one of the best PC Video Editing Software that you need to try to use.

VirtualDub developed by its Developer is only devoted to Laptop / PC WINDOWS OS devices. Well, if you are a beginner when it comes to editing edits of a video, you should use virtualdub.

Because this app gives you a pretty simple look, everyone will be able to use it right away. But you don’t have to worry about the features, because the features provided are not much great with other video editing software.

4. Sony Vegas Pro

Sony as a leading vendor around the world presents an application called Sony Vegas Pro. This application is believed to help video editing activities with dozens of features in it.

Unfortunately, if you’re the first to use Sony Vegas Pro while editing, it might take a long time to be able to operate the app lancer.

The main advantage of Sony Vegas Pro is that it has cool Anime / Animation features. But you need to know, the anime & animation features in Sony Vegas Pro are paid.

If you want to include the animation feature in the edited video, you need to buy the lesensi of the anime / animation feature.

5. Corel Video Studio

Corel is a well-known and well-known vendor like Adobe vendors. The application developed by Corel vendors can also be the best choice, if you want to do video editing on pc.

Corel Video Studio is one of the best editor apps developed by Corel. The Corel Video Studio app has a simple look, so the operation process won’t be difficult.

In addition, the features embedded in Corel Video Studio are no less sophisticated than the best video editing software in general. The features you can find include Clearer Audio, Score Filter, 4K Resolution and other features.

But unfortunately for those interested in Corel Video Studio, you have to prepare some money because the app is not free.

6. Windows Movie Maker

Perhaps the best video editing software on this one is reserved for windows users only. If you have a hobby video editor and always use a windows device, please try the Windows Movie Maker application.

The results provided by Windows Movie Maker are quite satisfactory, as they are supported by dozens of interesting and advanced features. All kinds of features that can produce quality videos can be found in this app.

So it’s no wonder, if Windows Movie Maker becomes one of the best PC video editing software of 2022. In addition, using the application is fairly easy, making everyone can use the application without confusion / difficulty.

Therefore, this PC video editing software is very rekomended for those of you who have a hobby of video editing.

7. Avidemux

For those who want to use the best PC video editing software for free, avidemux may be the best choice for you. Because, Avidemux can be obtained for free.

Although it is free, the features embedded in it are not much different from paid pc video editing software. Therefore, you who want to get cool and satisfying video results, there is no harm in trying Avidemux.

Because, the vendor of the application deliberately made Avidemux for beginners in the field of video editors. The simple look makes the operation process much easier, but the video results are not trivial.

8. Pinnacle Studio

In the modern era as it is now, there are many types of the best video editing applications for PC and Android. So, you feel confused to choose which application to use, we think please use Pinnacle Sutido.

Because, Pinnacle you can rely on when you want to edit a video. The way the app works or operates is quite simple, the embedded features are quite numerous and quite sophisticated.

The resulting video is also quite quality with Full HD resolution. So no wonder, Pinnacle is one of the applications that are often used by beginners who are in the world of editors.

9. Lightworks

The next best PC Video Editing Software you need to try is Lightworks. This software can produce high-quality Full HD videos without any difficult process.

Like most video editing software, Lightworks also has a lot of interesting features that can help the video editing process. Among them are Effect, Timeline, and dozens of other interesting features.

You need to know also, Lightworks application you can get without having to pay or rather FREE. That’s the main cause of lightworks application is very liked until now.

Latest Free PC Video Edit App 2022

20 Best and Latest Android, iPhone &PC Video Editing Apps 2021

In addition to the above applications, there are still many choices of applications that are able to help the activities or process of video editing. Some are paid and some are free.

All you have to do is choose the free version or the paid version. In order not to waste too long, please see the list of the best PC video editing software 2022 that we prepared below:

1. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is in the category of the best PC video editing software and you need to use it when you want to edit a video. In fact, the famous Youtubers in the land of water have used hitfilm express.

There is a selection of tools that you can use without having to pay, each tool has different functions and advantages. So, it’s so helpful in your video editing.

If you are interested, you can directly get hitfilm express through the link that we prepared or through the official website.

2. EaseUS Aplikasi Edit Video Editor

If you are an Anti Ribet person, but want to get satisfactory results. EaseUS Video Editor is probably the best choice for you to download and use.

EaseUS Video Editor has proven to be one of the best video editing apps for PC/Laptop. Because, the application is often used by famous youtubers to Selegram TikTok.

It has been supported by a variety of interesting Tools options along with a guide to using it. So no wonder, beginners will also be able to operate EaseUS Video Editor even if it’s the first time using it.

3. VSDC Free Video Editor

If you look at the name, it might have crossed the word FREE. Yaps, this pc video editing software can be downloaded and obtained for free without paying.

Although it can be obtained for free, but you should never underestimate this software. Because, the features contained in it can compete with the features of paid software.

Moreover, the main advantages are easy to use, making VSDC Free Video Editor so in demand by the internet. After using it, we’re sure you’ll never regret it once.

If you don’t believe me? Please Download VSDC Free Video Editor directly!

4. iMyFone Filme Video Editor

iMyFone Filme Video Editor can also be said to be the Best PC Video Editing Software 2022. There are already many netizens who use it to edit videos with satisfactory results.

There are dozens of advanced features that can be used when editing video, here are the features that the application has:

  • Fast Mode

Fast Mode feature is very helpful video editing activities, when you turn it on then the editing process can be faster but the results are satisfactory. You’ll also find a variety of video templates with different themes.

There are dozens of templates provided for free, making the video editing process faster. In addition, the party of the application always updates the template periodically.

So, you as a user of the application feel stepped up with a collection of different video templates each bula.

  • Basic Editing

In the basic editing feature, you will be presented several options including: Marge, Crop, Slow Motion, Split, Cut, Trim, Adjust Speed, Rotate and others as such.

In addition, there is a selection of Special Effect features that are so cool and can be used for free. When you want to share files, it is easy with QR Code and Wireless Device options.

When using the app, you can take advantage of the Voice Recorder and Screen Record features. Actually there are still many advanced features embedded in this app.

  • Advance Features

iMyfone Filme Video Editor provides a wide variety of Advance Features, serving to check every video editing before you actually save it on a PC device.

Another advantage of this app is that it can use 8 more audio tracks every video edit. For more details about the advantages of the application, just download and install it on your device.

5. Shotcut

Shotcut is arguably one of the best PC Video Editing Software today. You can prove it yourself by trying to edit one of the videos using Shotcut.

Shotcut’s look is simple, so anyone who wants to use it will be able to do so without any difficulties. The app has Effect, Slow Motion, Media and other interesting features.

6. CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector is our next recommendation. The level of operation is quite easy, the application is also equipped with a wide selection of interesting features.

All the features included can be used directly without having to pay. That way, the video editing will be satisfactory thanks to the help of every feature embedded in it.

Therefore, if you want a good and satisfying video result. Please use the Bared PC Video Editing Software 2022 called CyberLink PowerDirector.

7. HitPaw

HitPaw Toolkit has created the Best PC Video Editing Software named HitPaw. All the needs when editing a video can be easily found here.

Such as Edit Crop feature, Audio/Music Input, Speed Video, Convert Video, Rotate, Slow Motion as well as other features as its.

And, for those who are looking for Video Cutter Online, you can count on the HitPaw Application.

The way to use the app can be said to be quite simple, you just have to do a few steps. All the clues are prepared and you can learn them firsthand.

8. Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is one of the applications developed by Adobe System vendors. The vendor includes Visual Digital effect, Motion Graph Effect in the application.

When you use Adobe After Effects when editing videos, you can give titles, intros to cinematic movie transitions into edited videos.

There are still many advantages that you can get from Adobe After Effect, therefore it doesn’t hurt that you try to use this application to edit a video to make it better and more interesting.

9. DaVinci Resolve

The last PC Video Editing Software we will provide is DaVinci Resolve. This application is already supported in all types of OS, such as Linux and Windows iOs.

This software is also equipped with a variety of interesting features, including Custom Timeline, Facial Recognation, Adudio Scrubbing and other advanced features.

In addition to embedding dozens of features that help with video editing, the way DaVinci Resolve works can be said to be quite easy. Bahkah, beginners can also directly use it.

That’s a collection of the best PC video editing applications that we can provide in this language. Of course, each application we mentioned above has its own advantages and disadvantages.

You also need to know that not all video editing apps can be downloaded for free.

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For now, we can only provide recommendations for the best PC Video Editing Apps. In the future, we will also recommend a Best Video Editing App for Android &iOs.

So, keep an eye on Poltekkes.id so you always get the latest information that goes viral in 2022.

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