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How to Check Telkomsel Quota – Telkomsel is the largest and best-selling telecommunication provider in Indonesia, most users of Android & iOS-based smartphones and PCs have used it.

The main advantage offered by Cara Cek Kuota Telkomsel for all users is a Stable Network. In addition, you will be given the option of an internet quota that you want to buy, specify and then choose according to your needs.

For Cara Cek Kuota Telkomsel users, you need to check your quota every time. If not, you have to be prepared to lose your credit. Because, when the internet quota is up, but you don’t realize it, it automatically sucks up credit.

Talking about internet quotas, it is necessary to continue, the life we ​​live now is a digital era. Of course, every sophisticated smartphone user needs an internet quota.

That way, you can freely surf the virtual world, play social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and so on. That’s the reason, Android & iOS mobile users really need internet quota.

How to Check Telkomsel Quota

Cara Cek Kuota Telkomsel

How to check Cara Cek Kuota Telkomsel internet quota itself is quite easy to do, especially now that there are many choices of methods that you can apply. For that, you don’t need to worry when you want to check the remaining quota you have.

In the digital era, almost all smartphone users definitely need an internet network connection. Whether it’s Data Quota / Data Packages or WiFi networks, it seems that it has become a basic need for everyone.

That’s why, you need to be able to control your basic daily needs and save them as much as possible. If you are negligent in controlling it, your internet quota might run out quickly.

Therefore, you need to check your internet quota every time. For Telkomsel provider users, we have prepared several methods for how to check Telkomsel quota in this review.

Check Internet Quota Using Dial Code

The way to check your internet quota is to use a dial code. Maybe this method is often used by Cara Cek Kuota Telkomsel provider users who want to know the remaining internet quota they have.

The way it works is very simple, which is why it is often applied by Cara Cek Kuota Telkomsel users. For more details, you can see the full tutorial as follows:

  • First of all, select the Call / Phone menu on each of your cellphones.
  • Enter *888# and press OK / Call.
  • When the dialog box is displayed, please enter a number with the information Check Quota & Credit.
  • Then enter the number again with the information Check Quota.
  • Then the next dialog box will be displayed again with several options and information, please select the number whose description is Check Internet Quota.
  • Automatically, you will get a notification in the form of a Request In Process. So, wait a moment.
  • You will get an SMS from the operator provider Cara Cek Kuota Telkomsel with the format of all the information about the remaining internet quota.For your information, the method of checking Cara Cek Kuota Telkomsel internet quota with the dial code changes frequently. It’s only natural because the provider often makes updates to improve their system.

    Therefore, you should just follow every step that we provide in the tutorial above.

    Check Telkomsel Quota Via SMS

    If you are a Cara Cek Kuota Telkomsel user who wants to know the remaining internet quota you have, please check it by using the SMS feature/service. You only need to send a quota checking request via SMS, the fee for the SMS is free.

    For those who have never requested a quota check via SMS, you don’t need to worry because we have prepared a complete tutorial. Here are the steps you need to follow:

    • Enter the SMS / MESSAGE menu.
    • Please create a New MESSAGE.
    • Enter message format with UL (Space) Info
    • Then send this message to number 3636.
    • If you have sent a message, wait a while until there is a reply from Telkomsel.

    If you haven’t received an SMS reply from the operator within more than 5 minutes, you can try sending another SMS in a different format.

    To do this, please create a New Message then enter the Infov2 FLASH (Space) format and send it to 3636. Wait until you receive a reply SMS that provides information on the remaining Telkomsel quota.

    Check Telkomsel Internet Quota Through My Telkomsel Application

    We all know that every starter card provider has made an official application. In it there are various services that can help its users, the Telkomsel provider has also prepared the MyTelkomsel Application.

    You can use the MyTelkomsel application to purchase quota or credit, so you no longer need to leave the house to buy credit & quota at the nearest counter.

    In addition, the MyTelkomsel application can provide all the information needed by its users. Like checking the remaining internet quota, remaining quota, active period and so on.

    If you want to check your internet quota through the MyTelkomsel application, just follow each step that we have prepared below:

    • First, you have to download the MyTelkomsel application first, the application is already available on the playstore and can be downloaded for free.
    • Please open the MyTelkomsel application that has been installed, enter the Telkomsel mobile number that you are using.
    • Then press Next.
    • After that, you are asked to enter a verification code which will be sent via SMS.
    • If you have got the CODE, enter it directly and click Next.
    • That way, all the information you have will be visible on the main display of the MyTelkomsel application.
    • Starting from the remaining credit, quota to the active period of your Telkomsel card.
    • If you don’t have details, you can choose the Total Quota service.In our opinion, how to check quota through the MyTelkomsel application is the most appropriate & effective way. Therefore, Telkomsel provider users must download and install the MyTelkomsel application.

      How to Check Internet Quota Via

      The Telkomsel provider has an official website with the address You can see all the new services or products from the Telkomsel provider there.

      In fact, you can also use the site to check the remaining internet quota and credit. The method is quite easy, you can see it below:

      • Select Chrome or Mozilla browser.
      • Please type the URL in the search field of the browser you are using.
      • You will be asked to enter the cellphone number you are using, please include the Telkomsel number that you are using.
      • Then press Send Code.
      • Enter the Verification Code that you have received in the column listed on the site.
      • Then select the Phone menu icon.
      • Please check the remaining quota on your card.

      Those are the steps that you must follow, if you want to check the remaining internet quota or remaining credit using the services from the site.

      Check Quota Via Email

      This method is not very popular, in fact it is rarely chosen or used. Unlike the methods we explained earlier, however, the method of checking quota via email has proven to be effective.

      If you want to try it, you can directly send an email with a request for checking Telkomsel quota & credit to the email address

      Check Telkomsel Quota Via Customer Service / CS

      The last way, if you want to know the remaining internet quota or credit, you can contact Telkomsel’s Customer Service / CS service directly. This method is very effective because you will immediately be given an answer.

      But you need to know, if you contact customer service, you need credit because you will be charged a tariff or fee. The Telkomsel Customer Service number that you can call is 188.

      How to Activate Telkomsel Quota

      If your internet quota has run out, of course, you have to buy it again. Well, even on this occasion we have prepared a way to activate internet quota that you can follow.

      For that, for Telkomsel provider users who don’t understand how to activate internet quota, maybe this tutorial will help a little.

      Here’s how to activate Telkomsel quota via Dial Code:

      • The first step is to enter the Call or Phone menu.
      • Enter the dial code in the form of *363# then press OK/Yes.
      • Then the Telkomsel Internet Package options will appear immediately, choose one according to your needs.
      • Please follow all the processes given, until you find the BUY or BUY option.
      • Press Buy and wait for the process to complete.

      If you don’t want the hassle of repeating how to activate your internet quota every week / month. You can use the Subscription service, we have prepared the method below.

      How to Activate Telkomsel Quota Subscription

      Just follow every step that we have prepared, if you want to activate Telkomsel quota by subscription. Please read and follow the steps as follows:

      • Go to Call / Phone menu
      • Enter the dial-up code *363#
      • Press Call or OK/YES.
      • Various choices of Telkomsel Internet Packages will be displayed.
      • Please enter option number 2 then press OK.
      • You can also choose other Internet Package options, as needed.
      • Then press BUY / Buy
      • And, wait until you get a reply SMS.

      Those are some ways to check internet quota that we can convey, please choose which method you want to apply.

      How to Save Internet Quota

      Want to save your Telkomsel internet quota? If so, you apply some of the methods that we have prepared below.

      1. Activate Quota Usage Restriction Notification

      Every type of sophisticated smartphone must have this one feature / option setting, you will benefit if you activate this option. One of the advantages is saving Telkomsel internet quota that you have.

      When this option is activated, you will get a notification when your internet quota usage has almost reached its limit. How to activate the option is also very easy, you can activate it through playback or settings for the android & iOs cellphones that are used.

      2. Save / Save

      You must be able to limit the use of the internet, as much as possible use it only for positive things. And, you also have to be able to avoid using quotas for useless things.

      3. Use WiFi Network

      If you want to save internet quota, you must be able to take advantage of the found WiFi networks. Especially now, you can find WiFi networks everywhere, please make the most of it.

      4. Restricting Application Usage

      For those who want to save internet quota, it would be nice for you to limit the use of online applications such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other social media applications.

      The social media applications that suck up & drain your internet quota the most are TikTok & Instagram. Please reduce the use of these two social media applications.


      Maybe this is where the discussion about How to Check the Latest Telkomsel Internet Quota 2021 ends. If there are mistakes in words or tutorials in the above review, please understand.

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