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How to Check XL Quota – Cara Cek Kuota XL Axiata is one of the largest telecommunication companies in Indonesia, various services have been prepared for XL loyal users to make it easier for them to communicate via telephone, SMS and internet network.

XL or Axis are SIM cards prepared by PT Cara Cek Kuota XL Axiata for all provider users in the country. In order to always compete with other telecommunication companies such as Telkomsel , Indosat Ooredoo and Tri 3 , the XL Axiata provider tries to provide the best & cheapest service.

With the merger of AXIS into the Cara Cek Kuota XL Axiata company in 2014, this telecommunication company can still compete with other big providers.

Every internet user from the XL Axiatas provider, of course, must know how to check the remaining quota or credit they have. Because, if the user neglects to check, the quota might run out at a very important time.

About Cara Cek Kuota XL

Cara Cek Kuota XL

XL providers provide various methods to check quota or credit easily. Therefore, if someone asks “Is there an easy way to check XL Quota? The answer is definitely there!

Because in fact, all SIM card providers in the country have prepared the easiest and simplest way to check the remaining quota and remaining credit and so on.

Coincidentally, in this review, we have prepared various choices of ways / methods to check XL Axiata & AXIS internet quota.

4 Ways to Check XL Axiata SIM Card Internet Data Quota

There are 4 ways that XL Axiata SIM users can do to check the remaining balance & quota they have. The first method that users can apply is via SMS, the second method is via USSD / Dial Code, the third method is through the Website and the last method is through the Cara Cek Kuota XL application.

The 4 ways to check XL quota mentioned earlier, we will provide the complete tutorial below. That way, users can choose which method to use when checking XL quota. Is it via SMS? USSD code ? or via the MyXL App.

1. How to Check XL Quota via SMS/Message

All types of smart smartphone devices, whether it’s based on Android or iOS / iPhone, of course there are SMS or short message services. The short message service can be used to check XL quota.

For users who want to know the remaining XL internet data quota, please follow the steps to check the remaining XL quota via SMS that we have prepared below:

  1. The first step, you open the messaging / SMS application on the device.
  2. Create a new message.
  3. Enter the number of the recipient of the sms by typing 868.
  4. Please fill in the message / sms format as follows ” QUOTA “
  5. Do not carry the quotation marks, then press the SEND message option.
  6. Next, you wait for a reply from the XL Axiata operator via a short message.

All information on your XL Axiata SIM card will be displayed in a short message from the operator. So, you have to be patient waiting for a reply SMS from the XL Axiata operator.

2. How to Check XL Quota Remaining via USSD / Dial Up Code

In addition to using short messages or SMS, users can also use the USSD / Dial code to check the remaining quota and remaining credit.

How to check XL quota via USSD code can be said to be more practical and simple than via short messages. For users who want to try it, but don’t know the steps, please follow the complete guide as follows:

  1. The first step, you open the Call / Phone menu on the HP device you are using.
  2. Please type the USSD code as follows “*123#”
  3. Do not bring quotation marks, then press YES/CALL.
  4. Then the user selects a number with an INFO notification.
  5. Then select the number again with my XL Katu Info notification.
  6. Furthermore, users can choose to check quota according to the quota package currently used.
  7. Press SEND and wait for the process to complete.

If the process is complete, you will immediately see all the information in the form of remaining credit and remaining XL quota. If the notification hasn’t appeared yet, please repeat the steps from the beginning.

3. How to Check XL Quota via Website

Cara Cek Kuota XL

Although XL Axiata SIM card users rarely use this method, every user must know how to use it. Then, how to check XL quota through the official website?

For users who want to know how and the steps, we have prepared a complete tutorial below:

  1. The first step, you need to choose one of the browsers available on your smartphone.
  2. For example, you select Google Chrome and then enter the full URL of the website like “
  3. But before that, you must first change the language used on the website. Please select the Indonesian option.
  4. If so, you can continue by pressing the Next option.
  5. Then you are asked to login, please login by including the XL number that you are using.
  6. Next, wait until you get the OTP code sent via short message to your XL number.
  7. Copy the OTP code that you got, then paste the OTP code in the column provided.
  8. After that, you will immediately see the remaining credit & quota remaining on the main page of the website.

If the user feels that checking the XL quota through the website is too difficult, maybe the user should choose the first or second method that we provided earlier.

4. How to Check XL Quota via MyXL Application

Actually, there is one way that we think is more practical to check the remaining XL quota. Not via short messages / SMS or USSD codes, but using the MyXL application.

MyXL is an official application made by PT XL Axiata, all the needs of XL or Axis SIM card users have been provided in it. Users can buy Internet Credit & Quota, check remaining quota and credit and find out the active period of the XL SIM used.

For users who have never checked credit or quota via the MyXL application, because they don’t know the method and the steps at all. So, you should just follow the complete tutorial as follows:

  1. The first step, you first download the MyXL application via Google Playstore for Android HP users or via the Appstore for iOS / iPhone users.
  2. For users who have already installed it, please open the MyXL application directly.
  3. Please select the Login menu using XL Number.
  4. Then enter the XL SIM Card Number that you are using and want to check the remaining quota and remaining credit.
  5. If so, please click the Continue option.
  6. You will get an SMS from the XL Operator with the format of an OTP Code, please copy the code.
  7. Then paste the OTP code that you copied earlier in the column provided.
  8. Then click the Continue option again.
  9. After that, you have successfully done the LOGIN process, all information related to your XL Axiata SIM card will be displayed on the main page of the MyXL application.

Those are the 4 ways to check XL quota that we can share, please choose one of the methods above if the user wants to check the remaining quota or credit on your XL Axiata SIM card.

How to Activate XL Quota Internet

In addition to discussing and providing ways to check XL quota, at this opportunity, we will also provide a way to list the cheapest & newest XL Axiata quota package in 2021.

1. Paket Extra Combo XL

Every XL Axiata SIM card user wants an affordable quota package. Therefore, we recommend trying to use the XL Extra Combo Package.

When you buy the xl extra combo package, users will get the EX Extra package on all 4G LTE networks or 4G Extra fast networks. Users will also be given an additional bonus, in the form of an extra 24-hour all-operator phone.

Are you interested in the Extra Combo XL Package? If interested, the way to activate the extra combo quota package is quite easy, here’s how to use the USSD / Dial code method:

  1. Please enter the Call / Phone menu.
  2. Enter the USSD code in the form of *123#
  3. Then Call, OK/YES to SEND.
  4. In addition, it would be nice for you to activate the XL quota for the Extra Combo package through the MyXL application. The method is quite simple and easier than using the USSD code that we just conveyed.

    2. How to Activate the Xtra Kuota XL Package

    Now for XL Axiata SIM card users who want to activate the Xtra quota package, all of you can do it easily just by following this tutorial:

    1. The first step, you must first install the MyXL application on the smart device you are using.
    2. Please download the MyXL application for free through the Playstore and Appstore then complete the installation process until it is successfully installed.
    3. If it is installed, you open the MyXL application and then do the account registration process with the XL number you have.
    4. After successfully logging in, you can see several menu options in the MyXL application. Please select the Buy Package menu.
    5. Then press the ADD ON option and then press the QUOTA option again.
    6. Please specify the Xtra Kuota package that you will buy according to your needs and budget.
    7. Payment methods can be via credit or other methods provided.
    8. Then press the ACTIVATE option directly.
    9. Wait for the process to be successful.

    Please follow from the first step to the last step properly and correctly, so that you can do the Xtra Kuota XL package activation process successfully.

    3. XL quota package 10 GB / 10 thousand

    For XL users who want to get a 10GB/10 thousand quota, you can choose this one xl quota xtra package. 10GB quota can be enjoyed for one month / 30 days long.

    How to activate the 10GB / 10 thousand XL quota package can be done through the methods we have prepared below:

    1. First, you need to download the M-Pulsa application and install it on the smartphone device you are using.
    2. After that, enter an active XL number.
    3. Then select the XL DATA option.
    4. Then you select the XTRA Kuota option.

    There is also another cheap quota data package, which is 30GB / 10 thousand, the activation method is easy. If you are interested in the 30 GB / 10 thousand Quota Package from XL Axiata, please follow the tutorial like this:

    1. Go to Calls/Phone.
    2. Please type the USSD code *123# then click OK / YES.
    3. There will be many choices of cheap quota packages that you can choose from.
    4. Please choose the cheap 30GB XL Package for only 10 thousand.
    5. Click Send.
    6. Complete the payment process via credit until it is successful.


    That’s the information about How to Check Quota & How to Activate the Easiest & Latest XL eXtra Combo Quota Package 2021. Hopefully what we have conveyed & explained above can be understood and useful.


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