Cara Mendapatkan Uang di Snack Video Mudah & Cepat Terbaru 2022

How to Get Money on Snack Video – Snack Video/Cara Mendapatkan Uang di Snack Video  money-making application is a short music video application that is currently very popular in Indonesia, even in other countries, many have used this application.

This is of course none other than the Snack Video developer presenting an event that is able to provide benefits for all users.

Where users can get cash for free by just watching videos and completing all missions.

The cash that you can get from the Snack Video application is certainly not small, you even have the potential to get 2 million rupiah in one day.

Then how to get money on video snacks quickly? Or without requiring to invite friends? Let’s see more in the following discussion.

About Snack Video

Snack Video is a short music video application, where users can create their own. There are lots of interesting videos that have been shared by other users.

Of course, using this application will be very entertaining, besides that you can also use it as an additional source of income.

Users are only required to collect as many coins as possible, then these coins can be exchanged for cash through digital payments such as DANA or ShopeePay.

Of course, there are some tips for how to make money on video snacks easily and quickly. If you have any suggestions, please see below.

How to Earn Money on Cara Mendapatkan Uang di Snack Video

Want to earn money from Snack Video app? It’s very easy, you just need to follow the following guidelines.

1. Download Snack Video

The first way to earn money on the Snack Video application, of course, you must first download the application.

The Snack Video application can be obtained for free on the Play Store and App Store. If you have successfully downloaded it, you will automatically get the number of coins.

Tips to get coins with very large bonuses, please enter the invitation code 943 688 232 .

2. Enter the Invitation Code

The Sanck Video developer requires users to enter an invitation code in order to get additional coins. The more coins you have, the more money you will get.

You can enter the invitation code 943 688 232 to get 77 thousand rupiah.

3. Watching Videos

In order to get additional coins on the Snack Video application, you only need to watch at least 15 minutes in one day. The more you watch videos, the more coins you will get.

4. Complete All Missions

Another alternative that can be done easily to get coins in this application is to complete all missions.

Missions that you can complete include check-in missions (login every day), like videos, follow friends (at least 2 people) and many others.

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How to Withdraw Money on Cara Mendapatkan Uang di Snack Video

After the coins you have in the Snack Video application are enough, please exchange the coins for cash. How to? You can follow the steps below very easily:

  1. First, go first to the Snack Video application.
  2. Then click the coin logo that floats above.
  3. If so, please click on the Cash Withdraw menu in the top right corner.
  4. Then select the balance amount to be withdrawn.
  5. After that choose a payment method between ShopeePay or DANA
  6. Then click YES .
  7. Please fill in your full name and mobile number that you are using.
  8. Finally, click the Submit menu .
  9. The money will automatically enter your DANA or ShoppePay account.

Currently, the withdrawal method on the Snack Video application can only be done with DANA and ShoopeePay. If you don’t have both accounts, please create one first.

Snack Video Coin Exchange Terms

In the video snack money-making application, there are several conditions before withdrawing the balance. Here we explain in more detail:

  • Coins are automatically redeemed to the balance before 8 am
  • Withdrawals are limited to 1 time in 24 hours
  • Your balance will be deleted if you don’t use Snack Video for more than 30 days.
  • Minimum withdrawal of IDR

Those are some of the conditions of the Snack Video application that you must know.

Video Snack Coin Exchange Rate

How to Earn Money in the Latest Easy & Fast Video Snacks 2021

For those of you new users of the Snack Video application, you may be curious about the exchange rate per coin to convert into rupiah. Please look at the following table:

50 Coins 1 Rupiah
500 Coins 10 Rupiah
1,000 Coins 20 Rupiah
10,000 Coins 200 Rupiah
100,000 Coins 2,000 Rupiah
1,000,000 Coins 20,000 Rupiah
5,000,000 Coins 100,000 Rupiah
10,000,000 Coins 200,000 Rupiah

In order to get or get Snack Video coins, you only need to watch videos continuously. But the fastest way to get tens of millions of coins, of course, is to use your referral code.Higgs Domino Topbos Apk Speeder Unlimited Coins Latest 2022

Please share your invitation code on various social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhtasApp, Twitter and many others.


That’s what we can share on this occasion about How to Get Money on Snack Video, hopefully it can be useful. Use this application now and reap the benefits, thank you and good luck!

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