Dead target mod apk latest version 2022 (unlimited diamonds Gold / Cash)

After hearing the name of this game, you can also guess that you will be killing zombies in it. The publisher of this game is VNG GAME STUDIOS, which is based in Vietnam. While it is similar to Dead Trigger 2, I think this game is more dramatic and scary due to its differences.

The game has been downloaded over 70 million times on Google Play, making Dead Target one of the most popular zombie games to date. Download links are provided below this article for both Android and iOS users so that you can download the game for free. Now let’s take a closer look at this game.

Dead target mod apk latest version 2022

Having been designed in 2040, the time when scientific advances are making an important step forward, Dead Target’s context could not be better. The third world war is taking place at the same time. In a deal with an organization called MZ, the defense minister announced that they would develop the Dead Target project: transforming soldiers, prisoners, and using them to attack other nations instead of troops. The MZ unexpectedly blew the treaty by activating the deadly disease. There is a threat of global destruction.

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First, MZ tests their disease in a city, which poses a threat to the government. The task force dispatched was unable to let this happen.

They set out to gather information on the disease and stop it from spreading elsewhere. The decision had already been made. You and Agent M were the only survivors after the task force died. Do you want to kill or be killed? Do you want to live or become a zombie? Keep fighting, kill the zombies, and save agent M while waiting for reinforcements to rescue you.

Dead target apk latest version 2022 Gameplay

As far as gameplay and context go, Dead Target is basically the same as Dead Trigger, except that you cannot move around. You are right. No, I’m not joking. In other games, people are used to shooting and kitting zombies, so standing still before a herd of zombies rushing at you can be quite unnerving. In spite of this, the player has become more fearful and dramatic. With your weapon and the support of the SWAT force, you can stop the zombie invasion in its tracks.

It is the fact that you can never predict what will happen next that I like most about this game. There is no way of knowing where the zombies will come from or what their abilities will be. Although zombies usually look weak, they are capable of withstanding hundreds of bullets. Zombie dogs are often quite ferocious and have been known to attack straight at the player.

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As many zombies as possible must be killed under any circumstances. You not only survive with it but also gain a lot of gold. It is best to aim at their head if you want to kill a zombie quickly. You get less money if you aim at the chest, and sometimes, you need to fire more than one bullet at them to kill them. It is important to adjust the sensitivity to be able to aim as accurately as possible.

Dead target apk Epic weapons

A player’s arsenal is what most interests them in an FPS game. In Dead Target, you can explore hundreds of modern weapons at each level. You can use a pistol and MP5 in most levels of the game. There are also machine guns, sniper rifles, submachine guns, and power armor. Zombie attacks become more aggressive and unpredictable as time goes on, so it’s a good time to explore new weapons. You can upgrade your weapons if you get stuck on a stage for a long time.

Features of Dead Target Mod APK 2022
  • In dead target mod apk, all guns unlocked
  • In dead target mod apk unlimited red diamonds
  •  An offline FPS where zombies come to you in waves like a storm.
  • As the zombie invasion nears, shoot them.
  • In Dead Target Mod APK, the dead can appear at any time.
  • Defeat the zombies by shooting their heads in this Shooting game.
  • Best offline game with zombies with varying killing abilities.
  • Viruses can be extremely spread in zombie games with some zombies.
  • Zombie Shooting is one of the most popular types of Shooting games.

Specification of Dead Target  APK 2022

Size 51M
Current Version
Requires Android
2.3.3 and up
In-app Products
₹80.00 – ₹240.00 per item
Offered By


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