How to Get The Latest Original Free FF Diamond 2022 [Anti Banned]

How to Get Free Diamond FF Gratis – Discussing an online game is very fun, especially what is discussed is the online game from Garena namely Free Fire. It must be very interesting for us to discuss because every thing that contains this game must be awaited by survivors.

The discussion that we will give on this occasion also related to How to Get Free Diamond FF Gratis . We all know that Diamond is the most important item in Free Fire. Therefore, all free fire players are looking for ways to get diamonds without going through Top Up.

Free Fire is an online game that carries the theme / genre of Battle Royale, in 2017 garena officially launched the game Free Fire. And now, the game that was once dubbed the burik game is very favored hampis all gamers of the world including Indonesia.

Free Fire’s official developer Garena always brings new things in his game. Now there is a selection of items and skins in this game that you can use.

But not all items and skins you can get for free, there are some premium skins that can only be owned through top up or buy them with diamonds.

About Diamond FF Gratis Free

How to Get The Latest Original Free FF Diamond 2021 [Anti Banned]

As we said above if Diamond is the most important Item in free fire game because of its main function as a Digital Currency in this battle royale game.

All the necessities such as skins, bundles, emote and other items that are paid you can get if you have diamonds. Of course, the amount of diamonds must match the price of items & skins that want to get.

But unfortunately, all survivors must already know if the price for Diamond FF items on online stores or top up services is enough to drain the contents of the wallet. Not all survivor player ff can buy it, especially for BOCIL players.

That’s why, the keywords how to get Free Diamond FF searched by Google and other browsers are very high. Because of the number of survivors who are looking for how to get free fire diamonds, especially those who lack funds especially the bocil ff.

How to Get Free Diamond FF Gratis  Without Application

Incidentally, we have prepared several ways to get free diamond ff that you can directly apply. Therefore, if you are one of the battle royale game players from Garena who want free diamonds, check out our review until the end.

But need survivors know, actually now has appeared various ways to get free fire diamonds on the internet. However, the way we prepared in this review is very safe for you to follow / apply.

Therefore, some of our ways / tricks do not hurt for you to try. The ways to get diamond ff for free the latest 2022 that we prepared include:

1. Giveaway

The first free diamond ff from us that you can apply is To Follow the Giveaway. Giveaway events held by youtubers or selegram Free Fire usually there is a diamond free fire prize with a considerable amount.

Therefore, for survivors who want a free diamond without Top Up can follow the way we mentioned earlier. You have to be a follower of the famous FF gaming Youtuber channel, if you don’t want to miss their giveaway show.

It is certain that every give away event from the youtubers will be crowded and many people follow it. Therefore, you must be able to compete with other survivors in order to successfully get prizes from the give away event.

2. FF Tournament

The next way or trick to get free diamonds from us is to Participate in Free Fire Tournament Events. Since free fire games are very popular and have many fans all over the world. So certain parties often hold ff tournaments online or offline.

Of course, there will be interesting prizes prepared by the makers of the free fire tournament. Usually, the prize for the winner of the free fire tournament in the form of premium skins, premium bundles and Diamond FF Gratis .

Unfortunately, in order to become a winner in the tournament ff you need to have a very good playing skill. Otherwise, you will be easily defeated by other participants.

3. Garena Free Fire Official Event

How to get free diamond ff next Follow the Official Event organized by Garena Party. It has become a common secret if Garena often gives events with gifts of items, skins s3njat4 and diamonds every month.

Therefore, survivors should not miss a single event in this most popular battle royale game. Especially if you always want to get diamond ff for free.

4. Redeem Code FF

You can also use the active redeem code ff to get free gifts from Garena Free Fire such as skins, emote higga diamond for free.

Tips to get the redeem free fire code itself can be done by bathing the official event from Garena or can follow his social media fanspage.

As is known, Garena often distributes redeem codes in largeevents, therefore it doesn’t hurt if you try to follow it!

Baca Juga  FF Max Apk

How To Get Free Diamond FF Gratis Via Apk

In addition to the 3 ways we gave above, there is one more way that you can use to get diamond ff. The trick is to make use of a free fire diamond generator app.

Apk producer diamond ff free is quite in demand by survivors. Most survivors believe they can get diamonds by using one of these apps.

Moreover, nowadays, there are various free fire diamond producing applications that you can find on the internet. For those of you who want to try using it, but do not yet know the name of the apk producer diamond ff free. Here is the list of applications:

1. FF Mod APK

First, you can try using FF Mod Apk which has been equipped with unlimited diamond feature, you can get the free ff diamond apk here.

In addition, the use of free fire mod can also help you to make it easier to reach Booyah! Because the features embedded in this application are very much one of them auto headshot.

However, the use of this apk certainly has a risk because ff mod is an illegal application. As we know, Garena will crack down firmly on players who use illegal applications including ff mod apk.1700+ FF Sultan Free Accounts Full Skin Latest 2022 [Asli No Tipu] 

2. Codashop Apk Application

One of the free diamond ff generating apk that you need to try to use is codashop app. Because, survivor often say if in codashop apk often hold promos and massive discounts for the purchase of Diamond FF.

Another case in the original version of codashop application that very rarely provide a discounted price for diamond free fire items. That way, codashop apk is a little profitable for players who minin funds but want to get a lot of diamonds.

One more thing that survivors need to know from codashop apk, it turns out that in it is often held a free diamond event. You can take advantage of the event from codashop apk, if you want to have a lot of diamonds without large capital.

3. Whesing Apk

A free fire diamond generator app that you can use today is called Whesing Apk. Actually, whesing is an online karoke application. But in it often hold events in the form of real money and dollars.

Please collect money from the reward / prize of each event in Whesing Apk. Later the money you can collect in whesing app can be used to buy diamond ff.

4. Becaplus App

Becaplus app is the latest free diamond ff generator apk 2022. Becaplus is actually an app that provides you with the latest news. Read the news article on becaplus apk so that you get coins, later the coins you get from becaplus can be exchanged for diamond free fire.

In conclusion, the more coins you get from the becaplus app, the more diamonds ff you can get.

5. Config FF

Lastly, the apk that is believed to be able to get free diamonds is config ff diamond. This application has been widely spread on the internet as well as on the Youtube platform.

But its use is very risky, because it is illegal. The risk that may occur is that ff account will be banned by Garena Free Fire.

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How To Get Diamond FF Free Work ?

All the ways that we have shared above are guaranteed security, unless you use apk diamond ff that has a risk.

All you have to do is decide how to get which free diamond ff you want to use. Is it with redeem code ff or waiting for the latest ff event from Garena?

Do not takun FF Sultan account you are banned after applying one of the tricks mendatkan diamond free fire free without the application that we provided above.


Our explanation on How to Get the Latest Free FF Diamond 2022 may be ended here only. Hopefully the reviews can be helpful and useful. Thanks!

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