Download GB WhatsApp (WA GB) Pro Apk Official Terbaru 2022

The chat application that is currently popular and used by many people is WhatsApp. Surely you are also one of those who use it. If you don’t want to use regular WA then you can use GB WhatsApp.

The application has gone through a series of modifications by third-party developers so it can be known as WA Mod.

For the features themselves, they are definitely different from the original version of WhatsApp and are more complete and interesting to use. Are you curious about this GB WA Apk? Let’s find out more in the explanation of the article below.

Overview GB WhatsApp Apk

Download GB WhatsApp (WA GB) Pro Apk Official Terbaru 2022

Currently what is known by the wider community is the WhatsApp application which has a small size and is very simple. However, not infrequently people want to use it with better features, so a modification of the WA application was created with various complete and interesting features.

GB WhatsApp is also quite easy to use and suitable for beginners because the design is also very simple.

Applications that have been modified by third parties Download GB WhatsApp (WA GB) Pro Apk Official Terbaru 2022 will be able to provide their own pleasure and make the experience unique. Of course this is very beneficial for users.

As a result, many people are glancing and not shy to use WA GB to be an everyday chat app.

Some of the things that attract users are the advantages such as being able to change the theme according to your wishes, removing the blue tick in chat, other people will not know you are typing, and many others.

However, keep in mind that this application is a modification made by a third party and is not official from WhatsApp Inc, so the threat of being banned is definitely there.

Advantages/Features of GB WhatsApp 2022

Before using it, you must first know about the features offered. This will make you feel confident or even reconsider using this modified application or not.

In its use must certainly be accompanied by mature thinking and wise in deciding.

Therefore, get to know more about the features offered on WhatsApp GB for you.

1. Can Manage More Than One Account

Download GB WhatsApp (WA GB) Pro Apk Official Terbaru 2022

The first advantage that is introduced is that you can use 2 or more than one WA account. WA GB Official will provide very pleasant facilities.

In fact, this will be an advantage for a businessman because he can use a personal account and a business account on one device.

2. Unlimited Themes

You can use themes for free and are not limited to using GB WhatsApp . This feature is provided so that when you open WA, you will not be bored with the same theme.

In addition, you can create a theme design to your liking. And also, you can share themes with friends who both use GB WhatsApp . Fun is not it? Because the theme is one of the interesting things that can be innovated.

3. Hide Message Status

For WhatsApp itself, the status of messages sent or received by users has 3 kinds, namely:

  • Tick ​​one, which indicates that the recipient of the message is not active in WA.
  • Check the two gray boxes, i.e. the message has been successfully sent but the recipient has not read it.
  • Two blue ticks indicate the received message has been read by the recipient.

For some people will think that the status of this message is disturbing enough that many want to hide the status of the message.

By using this modified WA, you can activate the message status hiding feature so that it will not be seen by other users even though you are in the WhatsApp application.

4. Sending Large Capacity Files

For sending messages, in the original WhatsApp application you can only send with a maximum capacity of 16 MB. It’s different from when you use WhatsApp modifications that can send more than the maximum specified capacity.

For example, for audio files it can send up to 100 MB, while for data in the form of videos, photos, and other files it can reach 50 MB for the file size.

Apart from that, when you want to create a WA story with a fairly large file size, it can also be done. That way, the quality of the video you want to upload in the story will not decrease.

In addition to video quality, the maximum length of status that can be made is 7 minutes so you no longer need to cut the video in the story you want to make.

5. Increase Media Quantity

For sending photos, what you can do in the original version is a maximum of 10 photos in one send. However, sometimes it feels less effective if you want to send more photos.

The superior feature of GB WhatsApp is that it can send photos of up to 90 photo files in one delivery. This is very effectively used by business people who want to send photo content to their selling groups.

6. Can Download Story

Download GB WhatsApp (WA GB) Pro Apk Official Terbaru 2022

Sometimes WA users feel interested in stories made by friends, whether in the form of photos or videos. Unfortunately, if you want to have it, you have to ask first to be sent by the story owner.

This, of course, does not apply in modified WA because you can download it directly and without contacting your friends first.

7. Password feature

A security is indeed needed, especially for private applications that may be accessed by anyone who is holding your cellphone. On WhatsApp GB you can lock messages or applications with the password that was previously created.

That way, your secret messages and chats won’t be spread easily. The reason is, this feature is only available in the modified version and not in the original version of WhtasApp.

8. Custom Font Features

Having an application with a variety of fonts is indeed very fun and will not feel bored. Usually for WhatsApp it only has standard fonts, bold, or italics.

If you use GB WhatsApp then you can choose many fonts that can be used in it. Of course, to be able to use this feature without having to root. Choose an attractive font and make your chat messages not monotonous to watch.

9. Avoid Banned Accounts

The anti-ban feature is what the modified application has been waiting for because it can prevent the account being used from being blocked. Unofficial applications released by developers will always get banned and WhatsApp GB is no exception.

To overcome this, this WhatsApp modified application has begun to anticipate it by bringing up an anti-ban feature that you can activate first. This is used to ensure security when you are using modified applications with interesting features.

10. Reply to Messages Automatically

Suitable for business people, official accounts, or those of you who are very busy with many incoming chats. You can use the feature to reply to messages automatically when a message sender enters your WA account.

You can maximize this feature by setting what the content of the message you want to send and when to send the automatic message is. That way, many formats can be made, such as messages that will be replied to as soon as possible, the owner is resting or busy, and so on.

For the various features that are the advantages of GB WhatsApp , it will provide an interesting experience and streamline your time in using chat media to communicate. However, use it wisely and don’t overdo it.

Difference between WhatsApp Original and WhatsApp Mods

After knowing some of the advantages and features it has, you can compare the original WhatsApp with the modified version as below:

WhatsApp Original GB WhatsApp Mod
· Themes are changed on a limited basis and already provided· Unable to hide online status

· Writing is typing will be seen clearly

· Unable to schedule send messages to reply to messages automatically

· Sending photo files is limited to 10 photos in one send

· Unable to download friends’ WA stories and copy them

· Unable to send blank messages

· Security cannot be done with a password

· Can create themes freely and as desired· Online status and description while typing when replying to messages can be disabled

· Can send messages automatically with different content and time

· Sending photo files can reach up to 90 files in one send

· Can download WA stories of friends

· Can send blank messages

· Create a password for account security so that it is not easy for people to enter it

If you see the differences you have, of course you want to use the modified version even though there is a threat of being banned. Therefore, you can use another account or not the main account when you want to try this application.

How to Download GB WhatsApp (WA GB) Pro Apk Official Terbaru 2022

When you are already interested in this application, of course you want to download and use it directly. However, sometimes users think that this modified application is only one.

In fact, WA GB has various types that have their own characteristics so that you can use them as you wish.

If you are curious, then you can see several options for the WA GB Mod Apk which are available below:

1. GB WhatsApp Official

In the first type of application, you can use GB WA Official with many advantages such as being able to log in using two accounts on one device. To be able to use this feature on this GB WA Official version without going through rooting.

In addition, another feature that can be used is the addition of emojis which make messages less monotonous and even more fun.

Change the appearance according to your taste because it can change the theme and hide messages. Apart from the advantages that are in accordance with the writing above, there is still an addition, namely the group name can have a number of characters up to 35 characters.

Get to know the GB WA Official application by downloading it via the link below:

Application Name : GBWhatsApp Official
Version : V3.6.2 (latest)
Size : 52.23 MB
Update : January 2022
Link Download :Download Apk Here

2. GB WA Resmi Play Store

Furthermore, the application that you can download is GB WA Unofficial which was developed by Fouad MOD. Fouad is one of the best WhatsApp modding app developers capable of creating fun apps.

Application Name : GBWhatsApp Unofficial
Version : V8.70 (latest)
Size : 44.96MB
Update : January 2022
Link Download :Here

3. GB WA Mini

GB WA Mini is one of the unique WhatsApp modification applications according to its name. Its size is small when compared to WhatsApp in general, so it is suitable for use on smartphones with light RAM and limited internal storage.

Is this one application suitable for you? Although it is relatively small and light, its function is no less cool than some of the WA modification applications introduced above.

Application Name : GB WA Mini
Version : V8.51 (latest)
Size : 42.61Mb
Update : January 2022
Link Download

4. GB WA Transparan

As the name implies, this modified application has a transparent background which is the theme for using WA. This innovation was developed by SAM MODs which makes the WA application even more unique.

If you use transparent WhatsApp, it will look different from the others. This will make you even more excited about using WA.

Application Name : WA GB Transparan
Version : V9.00 (latest)
Size : 39.66MB
Update : January 2022
Link Download :

5. GB WA iOS

If you are an iOS user, you can also install the application on your iOS smartphone. Of course, for this type, it will not be different from the WA GB that was given previously.

There are even unique features such as a different look on other modified WA applications. For the appearance itself, it is very similar to the appearance of the iPhone so that it matches your cellphone.

If you want to use it, you can download it via the link below:

Application Name GB WhatsApp iOS
Version : V8.70 (latest)
Size : 44.96MB
Update : January 2022

If you want to download the WA modification application, then provide some good storage space and RAM. This is because the application can run smoothly and without obstacles.

However, it can be seen that the size of this application is still reasonable and can be adapted to your daily chatting needs.

How to Install GB WhatsApp

When you feel curious and want to immediately use this modified application for better purposes. So, you can install it on your smartphone.

However, the process is quite complicated because third-party applications can only be used through application downloads in the browser and will not be found on the Google Play Store.

For how to download and install it, you can follow the steps below:

  • First, you can download the GB WA application via one of the links above.
  • Can use a browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, wait until the download process is complete.
  • Then, go to Settings/Settings Additional Settings Privacy Unknown Sources, enable it until the button turns blue.
    • Then, if it is active, move to File Manager Downloads / Downloads Click the GBWhatsApp Application.
    • Later a new screen will appear and below it are the words Install which can be clicked.
    • Wait until the installation process is complete and the application shortcut is created.

    Then the application can be used and you can enter two accounts at once in it. However, don’t forget to turn off Unknown Sources so that viruses don’t easily enter your smartphone.

    When you have successfully downloaded and installed the application on your smartphone, you will get a very unique and interesting experience.

    It should still be noted that the use of the GB WhatsApp application must be wise and in accordance with its use. Keep playing safe and avoid the threat of being banned when operating this modified WA.




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