Download Minecraft PE & Free Demo Version of Paid Games on Android

Download Minecraft – Minecraft is currently one of the most popular games in the World, because this game is available for various devices such as Android, PC, and also iOS. Because of this, the Minecraft is very fast spreading game in various parts of the world specially in the younger .

On Andorid’s own devices minecraft games are officially present on the Play Store which falls into the category of paid games. But even if it’s true that way, in the category of paid games Minecraft is already ranked as the Most Popular Paid category.

Therefore, it has been proven that this game is very popular and much in the interest of Android users. Not a few youtubers also create content by playing Minecraft games,for that you should also try to play this game.

In addition to the paid version in android there is also a free version for minecraft games such as Minecraft Trial and also Minecraft PE. Both versions are also very popular because and it has proven popularity with a very fantantis number of downloads that is 100 jt+ users.

Maybe some of you still do not know about the two free versions of minecraft games on android, for that we will try to discuss about both versions until complete. If you are curious about this discussion please refer to the following review until it is finished.

What is Minecraft Trial?

Minecraft Trial is a name for minecraft games launched on the Play Store for free, so for android users who do not have more money to download the version of Minecraft games in the Play Store can still play with this version.

Although in this version has a variety of shortcomings such as incomplete features, but the success of this game is worth admitting with the number of downloads that until now have reached 100 jt+ more who have downloaded or used the game.

The official party of Minecraft itself deliberately created this version for you android users who are still hesitant to download Minecraft by paying, or for those of you who do not have more money to buy the game. So you can download it and try the trial version of minecraft for free on the Play Store.

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This version can also be called the Demo version of Minecraft, which in this version of course you will feel the excitement of the game minecraft for free.

But of course not all features and series will be present in the trial version of the game application, because the game is a demo version of Minecraft that can only be played with various limitations.

Download Minecraft Trial

But although a demo version comes with various flaws and incompleteness, but we do have to admit that this version is very popular on Android because it already has a very large number of downloads today.

With over 100 Million android users downloading this version of course it has become one of the proofs that minecraft is very popular. Perhaps if Minecraft comes to the Play Store as a Free game, surely this game will become the most popular game on the Play Store.

There is a statement that we have mentioned above, maybe right now you want to try the game. Well for those of you who want to download this demo version of minecraft, you can directly download the game through the Play Store directly that is available for free or through the link below:


How to Download &Install Minecraft Trial ?

Actually how to download or install this game is very easy, moreover this game is a game that has been inaugurated in the Play Store. So you do not need to be confused to download it, because you just enter the Play Store and search for “Minecraft Trial” then you click Install. Well if confused can follow the tutorial step by step below:

  1. Open the Play Store app on your Android smartphone.
  2. Write in the search field with the words “Minecraft Trial”.
  3. The game version will appear and please click Install.
  4. Wait until the prosses are complete.
  5. When you’re done then the game is already installed on the smartphone device you’re using.

If you can open it through the Play Store app or you can go to the main menu of your smartphone screen and look for the Minecraft Trial game that has been installed then click to open the game.

In addition to minecraft trials, there are now other free versions of Minecraft games that you can use to play Minecraft games. The other one is Minecraft PE Mod Master. Curious about this game please see more below.

Minecraft PE Mod Master at a Glance

Minecraft PE or also called Minecraft Pocket Edition is the official product of Master For Minecraft. Where this product is not a category of games but rather a category of applications. For those who do not know it must think that this app is a free version of Minecraft game, because at first we also felt that way.

This application will be very useful if you already play the paid version of Minecraft games, because this application will help you in various game needs such as installing Addon, Maps and so on.

So for those of you who already play Minecraft games for a while, you can use Minecraft PE as the third tool for minecraft in-game purposes. As you know in minecraft game itself which requires various items that we have to get to get to the destination.

You can collect coins in this app which you can then use to buy all kinds of items needed in the Minecraft game. There are various things you can do in this app and it is arguably very complete for minecraft game purposes.

Features of Mod-Master For Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) Free

With minecraft pe you can get things for free such as Mods, Maps, Server, Skins, Addons and Textures. because by using this you will get all the maps, addons, sideeways, latest, servers, wallpapers, skins, mods and recipes of crafting and crafting.

Some features are also embedded in this app, for that please see the following features:

  • MCPE Maps and Seeds
  • MCPE Modems and Addons
  • Minecraft PE Skins
  • Server Minecraft PE
  • Textures for Minecrat PE
  • Minecraft CraftIng Guide
  • Minecraft Building

You can take advantage of the various features we mentioned above to get items of in-game Minecraft for free. So you just need as many coins to be able to open various needs.

Download MOD-MASTER for Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) Free

After seeing and knowing the various statements that we mentioned, maybe now you as a user or player of Minecraft game want to use this application immediately, well if it is true like this you can get it for free and officially on the Play Store directly or download it via the link below:

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After that you can directly install or install the application just like you install other applications from the Play Store. Please take advantage of this app to play Minecraft games even more fun.

Download Minecraft Paid on Play Store

Maybe you who have played the Demo version of Minecraft with a game called “Minecraft Trial” above, now you are ready and want to get more fun with the paid version of Minecraft games.

Moreover, above we have mentioned the application tools that can be useful for minecraft games, surely you understand what is meant after you download Minecraft Paid.

So for those of you who want to download the paid version of Minecraft you can download the game through the play store or you can download it through the download link that we have prepared below:


Maybe even though you know that this game can be downloaded in the play store directly, right but not a few people who still do not know how to download a paid game. For that please see the following:

How to Download and Install Minecraftt For Free

You can download and install the official paid minecraft game from the play store and follow the complete guide that we will provide below.

  1. You enter the Play Store or click the downlaod link above.
  2. Please just click the price listed on the Play Store which is Rp 109,000.
  3. After that you can change the payment method you want to use.
  4. If you’ve just clicked the button that says “Buy with one tap”.
  5. Then please make the payment that you have chosen the method.
  6. Then the payment you’ve made.
  7. Continue install.
  8. Wait for the process to finish.
  9. When you’re done then the Paid Minecraft game is successfully installed on the android device you’re using.

Now the full version of Minecraft game has been successfully downloaded by purchasing it officially. Please play the game and create a new world in the game.

End of Word

For now the discussion about Minecraft games seems to have been enough until here, hopefully this article bsia useful for all of you and hopefully you can have more fun minecraft games by knowing some of the above information.

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