Download WhatsApp Clone Mod Apk (Wa 2 Akun) Terbaru

Download WhatsApp Clone Mod Apk (Wa 2 Akun) Terbaru – Various needs make users want to use the same WA number through two different devices. If you use the official application, of course this cannot be done. But don’t worry, because the WhatsApp Clone application can help you.

This application can be used to clone one WA account so that it can be used on two different phones. To be able to do this, you need to download and install the application first. With this application, you can more easily access your WA account through any device.Download WhatsApp Clone Mod Apk (Wa 2 Akun) Terbaru 

WhatsApp Clone Review

Download WhatsApp Clone Mod Apk (Wa 2 Akun) Terbaru

WhatsApp Clone is a modified application that can be used to clone WA numbers so that they can be used on different devices. You can use one WA number on two devices at once.

This makes it easy for users to be able to access WA accounts from different devices. This application offers services and features that are not too different from WA in general. Download WhatsApp Clone Mod Apk (Wa 2 Akun) Terbaru

This application was developed by a third party so it is included in the modification category. An application is modified by a third party to have more features than usual. Download WhatsApp Clone Mod Apk (Wa 2 Akun) Terbaru

Although this is illegal, many users need it. This application offers more attractive and accessible features.

Some of the available features such as users can send various types of files to other people without having to log in using their WA account first. Although developed by a third party, this application is updated regularly.

This is done to anticipate possible risks, such as temporarily or permanently freezing the number.

A variety of the latest features are presented in this application to be able to meet user needs more optimally. Users can take advantage of every available feature easily.

This application has been used by many people and is known to have an adequate level of security so you don’t have to worry about getting banned or other risks. That way you can use the application more comfortably.

Main Features of Download WhatsApp Clone Mod Apk (Wa 2 Akun) Terbaru

Download WhatsApp Clone Mod Apk (Wa 2 Akun) Terbaru

The WA Clone application has been equipped with a variety of interesting features that can help users meet their needs. Not only is it able to clone WA numbers, but this application is also equipped with various other features.

These various features are offered to provide convenience and easy access for all users. What are the available features. Check out the following information. Download WhatsApp Clone Mod Apk (Wa 2 Akun) Terbaru

Story Saver

One of the interesting features available in this application is the Story Saver. By using this feature, you can download stories made by other people easily and quickly.

The WA application does provide facilities for its users to share moments through stories. Usually the status can only be seen, but sometimes the information provided is wanted to be stored by others.

By utilizing WA Clone, you can directly save stories without having to install additional applications again. That way you can more freely save stories from anyone you want.

  1. Live Chat

Besides being able to be used to clone WA accounts, this application also provides various interesting features that users can take advantage of. Each feature has its own benefits. Download WhatsApp Clone Mod Apk (Wa 2 Akun) Terbaru

This feature is here to make it easier for users to fulfill their needs optimally. The direct chat feature can be used by users who want to send chat messages without having to save the number of the intended person first.

With this feature, the process of sending chats can be done quickly and easily without having to save the destination number as a contact. How to take advantage of this feature is very easy, you only need to enter the destination number.

Write down the message you want to send then send. Without taking a long time, messages can be automatically sent to the intended number.

Account Cloning

The main feature of this application is to clone a mobile number on a WA account so that it can be used on two devices at once. How to clone a WA account is not difficult, because the WA Clone application is equipped with adequate features. Download WhatsApp Clone Mod Apk (Wa 2 Akun) Terbaru

You could say Account Cloning is an excellent feature provided by this application. By taking advantage of this feature, you can more easily access your WA account from anywhere. To perform the cloning process, the method is not difficult.

You only need a QR Code image from the associated account to then clone it on another device.

Instantly, you can use one account on two different devices. After the account is successfully cloned, you can immediately use it as usual. You can easily check messages from different devices according to your needs.

Advantages of WA Clone Application

The WhatsApp Clone application comes with an excellent feature offering. So that it makes users interested. Not only that, this application also has many advantages when compared to the usual WA application.

Some of these additional features make users feel more comfortable when using them. Here are some of the advantages of the WA Clone application. Download WhatsApp Clone Mod Apk (Wa 2 Akun) Terbaru

  • No need to register a new account because you can use an existing account.
  • Users do not need to log in using their WA account when they want to send messages.
  • Can connect easily to WA Web Fast.
  • Can send photos, videos or other files more easily, which only needs to enter the cellphone number.
  • Can save videos and photos from WA stories. With just one click, you can easily save other people’s stories.
  • The process of sending and downloading files can be faster.
  • Can directly share screenshots that are shared to other social media or messenger applications.
  • Can open a chat directly via WA with an unknown number.

Latest WhatsApp Clone Download Link

WhatsApp Clone is not an official app so you can’t find it on the Play Store. For those of you who are curious about this application and want to try it, you can directly visit the download link provided.

This application will help you use one WA account on two different devices. This application can be safely used and will not cause any effect on the WA account used as long as its use is not excessive.

Before starting the download process, it’s good if you understand the standardization of the required device. By fulfilling this, the application can run more smoothly without any problems. Here’s the information.

Application Name WA Clone
Size 39 MB
Version V5
Compatible OS Android 5+


Link download :


The first step that must be considered to be able to use the WhatsApp Clone application is the download process.

If this process is not carried out properly then the downloaded file may not work properly. How to download this application, is very easy and can be applied by anyone. Here are the steps. Download WhatsApp Clone Mod Apk (Wa 2 Akun) Terbaru

  • Visit the download link that has been provided.
  • You will be directed to a web page that provides application files.
  • Click download to start the download process. Download WhatsApp Clone Mod Apk (Wa 2 Akun) Terbaru
  • Make sure you are connected to a stable internet so that the download process can run smoothly.
  • Also make sure the storage space on the device is suitable so that the application can be installed easily.
  • You can check the progress of the download through the available menu.
  • After the download process is successful, check the file by going to the File Manager menu and selecting the Download folder.
  • Usually the latest applications that have just been downloaded are at the very top.

WA Clone Application Installation Guide

After successfully downloading the application file, the next step that must be well understood is the installation process. To be able to install applications that come from third parties, you need to enable granting permission first.

If not, then the application cannot be installed on the device. How to activate installation permissions is not difficult, you can follow the steps below. Download WhatsApp Clone Mod Apk (Wa 2 Akun) Terbaru

  • Make sure the apk file has been successfully downloaded and is saved on the device.
  • Go to File Manager. Select the downloads folder. Then look for the apk file for the WA Clone application.
  • After making sure the application files are owned, you can enter the settings menu to grant installation permissions.
  • Enter the Settings menu. Select security and privacy. In the Unknown Source section, please put a check mark.
  • tBy doing this step, you will automatically give permission to install apps from unknown sources

How to Download the WA Clone Application

  • Go back to the download folder where the apk file for the application is stored.
  • Click the application icon to start the installation process. Wait until the process is complete.
  • After the application is successfully installed, you can immediately take advantage of all the available features freely.Download WhatsApp Clone Mod Apk (Wa 2 Akun) Terbaru

Steps to Use the WA Clone Direct Chat F eature

WA Clone offers a variety of features that can provide convenience for users, one of which can be utilized is Direct Chat. By using this feature, you can start chatting with strangers without having to login or re-register for WA.

You could say you don’t need to be logged in to start a conversation. How to take advantage of this feature, see the following method.

  • Open the WA Clone application that is already installed on the device.
  • On the main page, you can see several menu options for features that can be used. Select the Direct Chat section to take advantage of the feature. Download WhatsApp Clone Mod Apk (Wa 2 Akun) Terbaru
  • Just enter the phone number you want to start a chat with.
  • When accessing the Direct Chat feature, an inscription will appear, namely Open Chat for WhatsApp.
  • When the text appears, you can directly enter the number you want to address in the provided column.
  • After filling in the desired destination number, click the WhatsApp Direct Chat button.
  • The application will process your wish. Wait a few minutes for the new chat page to open.
  • After the chat is open, you can immediately send the message as you wish.

How to Take Advantage of the Main Features of WA Clone

The WA Clone application has the main feature of cloning WA accounts so that you can access one account on two different devices. That way you don’t have to bother anymore to log in and out when you want to get access.

This application provides more flexible access so that users can take advantage of it optimally. There is no need to worry about the working system because the cloning process is guaranteed to be safe.

This can happen because this application uses WhatsApp Fast Web as a portal for cloning the associated account. How to use the main features of the WA Clone application is not difficult, you can follow the instructions below. Download WhatsApp Clone Mod Apk (Wa 2 Akun) Terbaru

  • Open the WA Clone application that has been successfully installed on the device.
  • Pay attention to the menu at the very top of the application. There are several menu options that can be used. Select the WA Clone feature to perform the cloning process on your WA account.
  • A QR Code image will appear that serves to provide access to other devices so that they can get the related WA account.
  • Use another device to transfer the QR Code. Make sure the other device has the original WA application installed, not the cloned one.
  • Open the QR Code scanner service available on the cellphone. Then point the camera at the QR Code image available on the other device (which has WA Clone installed) to start the scanning process.
  • Wait until the QR Code scanning process has been completed.
  • If the scanning process has been successfully carried out, a chat panel will appear.
  • When the chat panel appears, you can immediately start the chat as you wish. In addition to taking advantage of the cloning feature, you can also use a variety of other available features.

Is the WA Clone Application Safe?

WhatsApp Clone is an application that is quite popular and much needed by users. Before using the application, of course, you must know the quality of its security in order to avoid various impacts that may occur.

This application is developed by a third party so it is an unofficial application. This is what makes you unable to find the WA Clone application on the Google Play Store. Although this application has been modified, the level of security can be guaranteed. Download WhatsApp Clone Mod Apk (Wa 2 Akun) Terbaru

Many users have tried it. But one thing that must be considered is the system of use. Make sure you have a clear reason when using this application.

This needs to be determined so that the use of the application can be more directed. Do not use this application too often, because it can pose a risk.

Tips for Preventing the Impact of Using WA Clone

The WA Clone application is not an official tool that can be found on the Google Play Store, so it is considered illegal.

You can get this modified application from outside sources so it has the risk of permanently blocking your account by WhatsApp. For that, you need to pay attention to the following tips to reduce the risk of your account getting banned.

  • Never send chats excessively and continuously on one destination number when using the Direct Chat feature. This can be considered annoying and can result in blocking the number.
  • Use features that are only available on the app, don’t use anything else.
  • Do not send report messages or feedback on the application.
  • Avoid using the WA Clone application too often. It is recommended that you only use the app when you need it.
  • Don’t be too active when using the WA Clone application.
  • Don’t check the Keep Me Signed In option. So the account is not logged in automatically.
  • Do not use the WA Clone application for a long period of time. Just install the application when you want to use it and uninstall it again when finished.
  • Use the WA Clone application just enough, don’t overdo it.

The WhatsApp Clone application is indeed able to provide many advantages and ease of access for all users. However, since this app is unofficial, you should still be careful when using it. This needs to be done to minimize the risks that may occur.


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