FF Max Apk

FF Max Apk – Want to play Garena Free Fire games with ultra HD graphic quality? Use FF Max on the android or iOS phone that you are using right now.

Garena Free Fire itself is a battle royale game that brings together 50 players simultaneously on an island.

Where players fight each other to get victory or often referred to as Booyah.

In order to feel the sensation of playing Free Fire with graphic quality that looks real, of course you have to use the latest update from Garena called Free Fire Max.

There are lots of differences from free fire max with the original version, especially in terms of graphics where FF Max brings graphic quality with super Ultra HD quality.

For those of you who are interested in trying to use this version, please download the ff max apk below which we will share for free.

Tentang Free Fire Max

FF Max Apk

Garena Free Fire Max is the latest update from Garena that prioritizes graphic quality. The graphics that are carried have Ultra HD quality, so they will make the map display, characters and other animations look more real.

But unfortunately, FF Max has not been released globally, only a beta (trial) version is available which can only be played by certain players who have an activation code from Garena.

So it’s not surprising that not a few Free Fire players are looking for the ff max apk download link with the aim of trying to play the battle royale game with more qualified graphic quality.

You can find exciting and interesting games on Garena Free Fax, you can play solo, duo or squad with a charming graphic display.

However, to be able to play FF ​​Max, of course, you have to use a smartphone with high specifications, because the files in this version are much larger than the original version.

FF Max Apk Features

FF Max Apk

Garena Free Fire Max itself has been equipped with various very advanced features that you will not find in the original version. Then what are the features embedded in it? Let’s see more below.

1. Ultra HD graphics

One of the attractions offered by FF Max Apk is none other than the quality of Ultra HD graphics, which will give an animated look that looks real on each character used.

In addition, the quality of the graphics in terms of maps, s3njat4, emotes and other items will be seen more clearly from every detail. Surely you will be spoiled with the quality of the graphics!

2. Fixed Bugs

In the latest version this time, Garena Free Fire has fixed a number of bugs such as the gloo wall bug, the bug when shooting at the target and so on.

Of course, with the bug fix this time it will make the game much more exciting and fun.

3. Fast Gameplay

The Free Fire Max developer brings faster gameplay than before, where in approximately 10 minutes the player can finish the battle and get Booyah.

4. More Friendly Control

The Garena developers also did not forget to carry much easier and friendly controls, so you can move very easily when shooting, chasing enemies and so on.

5. Latest Map

According to an issue that has been widely circulated among Free Fire YouTubers, it is reported that FF Max features a map display with 3D graphics. If this is true, of course it will be very interesting for us to try!

6. 8x Scope

If in the usual version you can’t use the 8x scope, then using the ff max apk you can do that very easily. However, 8x sope only supports S3njat4 sniper.

7. Latest Items

Interestingly, Free Fire Max has the latest items that are not yet available in the original version, such as the latest emotes, s3njat4, skins and many others.

Actually, there are a lot of features embedded in the latest version of Free Fire Max, such as the latest vehicles that have very cool looks and designs and so on.

Download FF Max Apk Latest Version 2022

After seeing some of the features we mentioned above, are you interested in using FF Max Apk?

But before that, make sure the android phone you are using has high specs. As we mentioned above, Free Fire Max has a fairly large file size.

You can download ff max rampage 8.0 apk here for free. Also make sure the internet network you are using is stable, so that the download doesn’t fail.

Name Garena Free Fire Max
File Size 900MB
New version v8.0
Operating system Android 4.5+
Developer Garena International
Category Games
Price For free

Cara Install FF Max Apk

The process of installing Free Fire max on an android phone of course requires the user to download the OBB file first.

If so, please install the OBB file on your android phone that is used. If you don’t know how, you can see more details below:

  1. First, download the free fire max apk that we have shared on the link above.
  2. Then download the OBB file which can be found on the internet.
  3. After that, please extract the OBB file using the ZArchiver application which can be downloaded on the Play Store for free.
  4. Next, move the OBB file to the stronge-android-data-com.dts.freefireth internal folder .
  5. Rename the com.dts.freefireth folder to com.dts.freefireth1 .
  6. Don’t forget to save first, then reopen the OBB file folder.
  7. Please change it back to the initial settings by changing the name of the com.dts.freefireth1 folder to com.dts.freefireth .
  8. If everything has been done properly and correctly, please open the ff max apk that you downloaded earlier.
  9. Play Garena Free Fire Max with Ultra HD graphics quality.
  10. Done and good luck.

We recommend following step by step correctly, so that the OBB file can be installed properly.

If the installation of the OBB file is done incorrectly, you can’t play FF ​​Max Apk automatically.

Advantages of Using Free Fire Max

The use of Garena Free Fire Max Rampage will certainly benefit you, especially those who want beautiful graphic quality.

Here are some of the full benefits that you will get on FF Max Apk:

  • Has ultra HD graphic quality
  • Have a variety of the latest items
  • Fixed a number of bugs
  • New map with 3D design
  • Much faster gameplay
  • Very friendly control menu

That’s more or less the advantage you can get. Please play now Free Fire Max on both Android and iPhone/iOS phones.

Differences FF Max Apk with the Original Version

If we talk about the differences between Free Fire Max and the original version, of course, both of them have very prominent differences, especially from the quality of the graphics that each carries.

As we mentioned above, FF Max apk carries very cool graphic quality equipped with advanced Ultra HD technology. Here are some of the differences in full:

Free Fire Max Free Fire Original
Has ultra HD graphics Standard Graphics
3D Folder View Map Standar
The file size is quite large Small files
Mode FPP Standard Mode

The FPP mode that is owned by Garena Free Fire Max will make the gameplay look more real, both when doing battle or when driving a car or motorbike.

Specifications Required To Play FF ​​Max

By having a file that is large enough, of course its use requires upper-middle class cellphone specifications. The following are more or less the specifications needed for an android phone to play FF ​​Max Apk:

  • Have a minimum Android operating system 4.5+ or more
  • The android phone used at least has 3GB of RAM
  • Minimum android processor already using Ocra Core 1.5Ghz
  • Have at least 3GB of free storage (free memory)

It would be even better if you use a cellphone that exceeds the specifications above, this is to ensure that when playing the Free Fire Max game it doesn’t break or not respond.

Gameplay Free Fire Max Rampage 8.0

Actually, the gameplay on the FF Max Apk is still the same as the original version which can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store.

Where you will be parachuted from an airplane and can choose a place to land in accordance with the wishes that have been previously determined.

On the island you will fight with 50 players, including yourself. Before doing battle, of course, players look for item equipment such as weapons, bullets, helmets, vests and others.

If the item equipment is sufficient, please make a move to find hidden enemies. Take shots precisely and accurately in order to kill the enemy.

Try to survive until the end of the game so you can get the victory in the battle royale game, Booyah!

You can play Garena FF Max solo, two people (duo) or with 4 people at once (squad). You can choose depending on your individual taste.

But to make it easier to get Booyah, we recommend playing with the squad! Set the best possible strategy and don’t forget to communicate with other players.

You will get exciting, interesting and fun games on Garena Free Fire Max Ultra HD graphics.

Overcoming Can’t Login to FF Max Apk

For those of you who have difficulty logging into ff max apk, don’t worry, first, please follow some tips from poltekkes.id:

  • Update free fire max to the latest version
  • Enter the activation code correctly
  • Use a VPN application

When using the VPN application, please set it to the Vietnam and Malaysia servers and then connect. If so, please try logging in again to the Garena Free Fire Max that you have installed.


Garena Free Fire Max Rampage 8.0 has a much more exciting game, plus the graphics quality is very cool, so it will make you feel at home playing this battle royale game.

Maybe that’s all we can share about the FF Max Apk Latest Version 2022, hopefully it can be useful. Thank you, greetings Booyah from us!

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