Download FF Mod Apk Unlimited Diamond & Auto Headshot Latest 2022

FF Mod Apk – Free Fire itself is a game that is currently the most popular and best-selling game no. 1 on the Play Store, with the statement certainly allows this game to be claimed as the best game no. 1 in Indonesia even in the World.

The popularity of Free Fire games is not fooling around, because everything has been proven from the number of people who now download and play the game on the smartphone device they use.

In addition, if you pay attention to the ratings obtained from users for this game, the majority give reviews and ratings that are very good for this game. So that way this game deserves to be the no. 1 game in the play store.

Comes with a size that is not too big makes this game also increasingly more and more players, which from the specifications of high-end smartphones even the lower class can download this game and play the game.

Sakin the popularity of Free Fire games, whenever things related to this game even become popular. For example, such as the Latest FF Redeem Code, FF Max Apk and official Event from Garena for Free Fire game, it does not take long for the event to be the talk of many people, especially the players of the game.

Now that is being hunted by the players of Free Fire game is a Mod version for the game, which by using mods of course the players will be more facilitated in getting something they want such as premium items in the game and various other things including victory.

Free Fire Mod version has been present for a long time and already has many versions from the old version to the latest version. As already explained every related to the game will become popular as well as this FF MOD APK.

Yep Free Fire Mod version is baisa called FF MOD APK,and the name is already widely known especially by users of free fire games. However there may be some new users who still do not know about the existence of the apk, for that let’s take a look at this article until it is completed as follows.

About FF Mod Apk

FF Mod Apk is an application created by a third party from the beginning of a regular Free Fire game that is modified by adding various advanced features in it and arranged in such a way by the modder.

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There are many features embedded in a Mod FF application that you can certainly feel like features for free skins, auto headshot, unlimited diamonds, and many other features that will certainly benefit users of this FF MOD.

The existence of such features is no surprise if this Mod Apk game becomes very popular among free fire game lovers, because the features just mentioned above are needed and sought after by almost all Free Fire game players.

Maybe right now you are also one of the people who are looking for this mod ff apk because you want to use such a very profitable feature, if it is true that you are already logged in on the right site that is because in this site precisely in this article we will provide a download link for you.

But before you download this ff mod apk, you should first know more about the features available in the apk in order to deepen your knowledge about this mod version of free fire game. Well for that let’s take a look directly at the various advanced features that have been embedded in this mod version as follows:

Features of FF Mod Apk
Latest 2022


As we have said above that this apk is a game that has been modified with added various advanced features and so on, for those of you who target with various features in this free fire mod apk, here is the full explanation:

1. Unlimited Diamond

The first is that in FF Mod itself there is an Unlimited Diamond feature, which is highly sought after by survivors because we can buy various items and others in the Free Fire game itself with diamonds that will never run out.

2. Auto Headshot

In addition to the interest to buy, in this apk there are also things needed to win the game game Free Fire aka get booyah. The Auto Headshot feature will make it easier to kill the enemy in front because it allows the shot to hit the head aka the headshot.

3. Unlock All Characters

Using Free Fire Apk Mod you don’t have to worry anymore and get confused in character selection, because you can choose any character or anyone you like and with karaktek skills that match your playing style. Because of this feature you are now free to choose a character because each character is already unlocked for free.

4. Break Through the Wall

In addition to auto headshot as a complement to win battles in the survival arena, in FF MOD there is also a Translucent Wall feature. It’s certain that this feature will be very useful if you use it while in battle, especially the active Auto Headshot feature.

5. Auto Immune

This Auto Immune feature allows you not to die with gunfire, whatever s3njat4 the enemy uses to shoot you, then you will be immune and resistant to bullets. So that way you will definitely be easier in getting booyah because the character used can not die.

6. Medkit While Running

You who are used to playing Free Fire games of course already know if at the time of filling up blood or using a little you have to be still without moving until the process is done. But if you use this mod version, do not move a little, while running also you can still use a little medkit to fill the blood or health point.

7. Unlock Skin

One of the main features of this mod app is Unlock Skin, because with this feature you can choose from a variety of Free Fire skins or bundles that are available for free. Where all the skins in the game are open and you can use tampa buy them with diamonds.

8. Teleport

This feature is a feature that is fairly new, because previously this feature is still not available and recently existed. But maybe for those of you who have been using ff mod for a long time must think that this feature has been around for a long time.

Actually what this feature means is still new if we compare with various other features that have been embedded in this mod apk. Now the usefulness of this feature itself is that it can make you move from one place to another very easily and quickly.

9. Antenna View

This feature is very functional and already popular because a lot of people review this feature in their youtube content, where using the Antena View feature can know the presence of enemies very well despite the long distance or hiding.

Because on the body of the enemy character or the character we use there is an antenna towering upwards so that we can know other players who are hiding.

Now that’s some of the features that you can get by using Free Fore Mod. After seeing the benefits that will be obtained from the various advanced features above, maybe now you can’t wait to use the application. For that please continue to listen until completion.

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Download FF Mod Apk

For those of you who are currently impatient to use the FF Mod Apk because you see various features that will facilitate in winning the game, you can directly download the apk file through the download link that we have prepared below.

Name FF Mod Apk
Version Latest
Size 84MB
Category Games
Price Free of charge


How to Install
FF Mod Apk Latest

For those of you who want to use this modified version of the game, you are required to install or install the apk of the game first. Well since the game you downloaded from outside the Play Store, therefore you must follow the complete guide below to install the mod game.

  1. Download FF Mod Apk with obb first.
  2. Extract and copy obb files that are inside ff mod.
  3. Install the apk file.
  4. Move the obb file on the internal memory.
  5. Play games with a variety of interesting features.

Automatically the features in the mod version previously described above are active and you can use them. So you don’t have to manually activate it to use the various features included in this mod version of Free Fire.

Is Using FF Mod Apk Safe?

This is very important for the sobar poltekkes know, because what needs to be considered is about a security. Basically, Free Fire games also have a security system that is even fairly strict. There’s been a lot of banned lists that Garena did for accounts that cheated in the Free Fire game.

Moreover, in Free Fire game every player can report other players who commit fraud in the game through a form that has been provided by the developer. This makes it impossible for us to use or cheat in games such as using cheats for personal gain.

So you should stop cheating poltekkes buddy and hone your skill skills in playing Free Fire games until you can continue to win the game easily because the skill is qualified not because of cheats or cheats that will result in banned and other sanctions.

of Word

For now it seems that’s all the information we can provide related to FF Mod Apk. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you and provide more knowledge related to this game. See you again in the discussion of the next articles, thank you.

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