15 Best & Most Popular Android, PC & iPhone (iOS) Horror Games 2022

Horror Games Android, PC &iPhone – Game Horror-At this meeting, we would like to provide a recommendation of selected games with the scariest Game Horror genre throughout 2022. You can choose one of them, if you want to feel an extraordinarily spooky security.

Horror Android &PC games that we reviewed can be played online or offline. All you have to do is choose the Online or Offline one, if you want to get more spooky sensations, you can choose online Game HorrorGame.

Horror is one of the online game genres that has quite a lot of fans, there are even gamers who are willing to spend money just to get the scariest & best Game Horror,

You will be made dag dig dug even to the heart spot, when playing online horror games. Surprisingly, although it makes the heart feel like being taken away, horror genre games are very popular among gamers until now.

For gamers who do not yet know the name of the most extreme and best horror game in 2022, you can find it by following the full review below.

Most Extreme Android Horror Game HD Graphics

Reviewed this, poltekkes has prepared a wide selection of the best games with the theme horror. The Horror games we recommend have HD graphics, so you are comfortable and the spooky sensation will be more able.

If you are impatient and want to download one of the games, you can see the list below.

1. Evil Kun

Game Horror Android Evil Kun

The scariest Game Horror online game in our personal opinion is Evil Kun. Offering a creepy sensation from the developer Keprelias Horor that looks so real.

Very creepy ghost characters are helped by high graphics (HD), making each player’s heart rate feel tight when playing them. If you like the ghost character Valak, you should download Evil Kun as soon as possible.

2. Granny

Granny Horror Game

Granny is one of those horror games that can be played on android and iOs devices. Games by DVloper developers managed to captivate the hearts of horror lovers gamers, proven by the amount of downloader data that has reached 3juta more.

This can be proof that Granny is the scariest Horror game to play. A ghost character who is as if very spooky, largeish with a scary facial expression. Thus, the sensation of Horror is very inherent in Granny games.

3. Horrorfield


Horrorfield is one of the horror games by Skytec Games Inc that needs to be tried. Where, you need to survive in any way from the attacks of all the spooky creatures that are in every old building.

Horrorfield’s advantage is the embedded Multiplayer mode. That way, you can play together with your friends using Multiplayer mode.

But there is a good you play in Solo mode, the level of security that will be experienced is higher and makes the heart feel disengaged every second if playing dimode solo.

4. Scary Hospital


Scary Hospital is a horror game from the developer of Next Generation Gaming with a gameplay looking for a hospital that is so haunted. The hospital has long been uninhabited, making it a place for spooky ghosts.

You are given a mission to adventure in this area of the hospital, surely the presence of spooky ghosts can not be avoided. Moreover, the appearance of ghosts is always sudden, adds a spooky sensation and can make your heart beat fast.

5. Horror Hospital 2


Game Horror with HD graphics next there is Horror Hospital 2, a game by developer Heisen Games must be played if you are a horror lover. As we said, horror hospital games have high graphics full HD which makes the creepy sensation more wow.

Ratting is quite high in playstore, proving that horror hospital 2 game enters the best and scariest horror game ketegory.

The Scariest PC Horror Game Of Light Size

After knowing the list of HD graphics android horror games that we reviewed above, now we will review the most extreme PC horror games with a fairly light file size.

The most creepy &popular Light PC Horror Game can be seen directly as follows:

1. Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 is included in the light-sized PC horror game, this game carries the theme of ZOMBIE in its game. Capcom Productuon Studio as the main developer of Resident Evil 4 game always tries to give interesting &creepy things into the game.

This game tells the story of a former officer who must be able to save his comrades. The initial release of Horror Resident Evil 4 game in 2005, precisely in January 11.

The graphics and audio included in this game are no doubt, when you start playing the game we are sure you will forget the time. Venturing through one place to another, watched over by creepy zombies makes the thrill of horror inevitable.

2. Layers Of Fear

Layers Of Fear

Released in 2016 by developer Bloober Team, Layers of fear managed to captivate the hearts of Horror lovers gamers. Horror games with First Person Perspective (FPP) gameplay can only be played through other PS PCs & consoles.

Told a painter who has a mental disorder, has a strong desire to reveal the mystery of an empty house is ununimuned and so haunted.

It has long been uninhabited by humans, making all the rooms in the empty house become messy and unkempt. Thus, the nuances of Horror are very attached to the house.

In the layers of rear game, you will often get Jump Scare. So, prepare a strong heart before you play it. If you have a weak heart, we recommend never playing this PC horror game.

You are given a mission to reveal past events experienced by family members of this house. So, the cause of death of each family member can be revealed.

3. DreadOut


In the middle of 2014, digital happiness developers whose members are the original Anak Bangsa Indonesia (WNI). Officially launched a PC graphics HD horror game called DreadOut.

Tells the story of a high school student named Linda and 4 friends traveling for school assignments accompanied by a teacher. Arriving at an old bridge with a state of concern, they all came down to make sure of it.

At the end of the bridge is a Mysterious Old Town, they all together penetrate thick fog to reach the old city. But unfortunately, linda’s two friends suddenly disappear mysteriously engulfed in thick fog.

Linda and her other friends also look for Dony And Yayan, they managed to find her in front of an Old School. That’s a quick review of a horror game made by the nation’s children called DreadOut.

Creepy sensations and make dagdigdug in your heart become fast, making DreadOut game so in demand by gamers who like creepy Horror games.

4. Daymare 1998

Daymare 1998

In early 2019 invader studio developers inaugurated their Third Person Shooter / TPS horror game named Daymare 1998. Until now, daymare 1998 is still the best choice for horror action games.

The gameplay tells the story of a company that makes dangerous chemical weapons. Hexacore’s company managed to make its weapons, but unfortunately a dangerous chemical weapon was accidentally launched into a populated city.

The inhabitants of the city who were exposed to chemical weapons from the company Hexacore, slowly turned sea into bloodthirsty Zombies. Now, the city becomes the city of zombies with a creepy atmosphere.

In the light pc horror game Daymare 1998, you play the role of a member of H.A.D.E.S who is demoted by Hexacore company to research and prevent the spread of zombie virus in the city.

Including HD Graphics and advanced audio, the fun and creepy levels of Daymore 1998 feel like you’re inside.

5. Outlast 2

Outlast 2

Outlast 2 game is one of horror-themed games in PC devices that is quite popular, it has been proven because now it has been widely played by gamers and used as content in the youtube platform.

Comes with a very dark look makes this game more gripping and brings a very creepy atmosphere for the players, with the genre of Survival Horror this game has its own appeal and can make the players gemeteran.

Outlast 2 has a very fun gameplay, where you won’t be able to do anything but run and hide with a very dark game theme. Where you will be pursued by hunters who are chasing and looking for you. So you have to be able to run and hide from the hunters.

This game is very fun to play, especially the atmosphere that is very gripping with the image quality of HD Games, making you get carried away into the atmosphere of the game so that you will feel what your character is feeling.

Best and Most Popular iPhone or iOS Horror Games

iPhone or iOS Horror Game Set

Because nowadays iPhone smartphone users are also increasing, there may be some of you who want to play horror-themed games in the iPhone smartphoe you use.

Actually there are a lot of Horror games that you can play on your iPhone or iOS device, but here we will try to recommend some of the Best Horror games on iPhone or iOS. Please see the following?:

  • Murder Mystery Machine
  • Inmost
  • The Get Out Kids
  • Neo Cab
  • The Bradwell Conspiracy

For those of you who want to experience spooky games on iPhone devices, please try some of the game recommendations we mentioned above.


Maybe that’s the recommendation as well as a review of the Best Android Horror Games &PC Hd Graphics creepiest. For horror lovers gamers, finding the best horror games is something special.

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