15 Money Making Games Directly to Account, DANA & PayPal 2022

Money Making Games / Game Penghasil Uang.In an increasingly sophisticated digital age, gaming can not only be done using a PC or laptop device, just by using a smartphone you can already play it.

There are many genres of games that can certainly be obtained for free or for a fee on the Play Store and iPhone.

Now playing games not only to be a means of entertainment or to circulate eliminate boredom, you can use it to make money.

There are a lot of money-making games that you can play right now, of course this becomes a fresh wind for those of you who like to play games every day.

In order to earn money on a game that is being played, of course users are required to complete missions or be required to win the game.

Generally money-making games that are now popular in Indonesian society are slot games.

If you can’t wait to find out the Money Making Game directly to dana account or PayPal and proven to pay, please see the following recommendations.

Money Making Games Directly to Account

If you have the skill to play a game, please try playing the money-making game directly to the following account.

1. Mobile Premier League (MPL)

The first money-making game you can play is MPL (Mobile Premier Leage). This game may be familiar to theteling, because Mobile Premier League is already very popular, especially in Indonesia.

There are a lot of game options in the game such as MPL Fantasy, Pool, Fruit Dart, Fruit Dart, Bloxmash, Chess, Archery, Fruit Slice and many others.

You can collect diamonds in the game by having to win in each game.

The diamond can be exchanged for cash through Link Aja, GoPay, Telkomsel, XL, Axis and so on.

2. Lucky Popstar 2020

Lucky Popstar 2020 is a money-making game that’s proven to pay. This game can be obtained for free on the Play Store.

Lucky Popstar game itself carries a classic themed puzzle genre that is very fun to play. You can complete all the challenges that the game provides in order to get diamonds.

The diamond can later be exchanged for cash. But of course to get diamonds on lucky popstar 2020 is not as easy as turning your palm, you are required to invite friends first to get a big bonus.

3. Play Gamer

The money-making game directly to your next account is Play Gamer which you can download gartis on the Play Store.

Play Gamer itself offers its users to be able to complete all missions in the game, later will get points.

Collect as many points as possible, then redeem them in digital wallets such as OVO, DANA and so on.

Tips in order to get a lot of pawns on play gamer games, you are required to share the invitation code to various social media such as Facebook, Instagram and so on.

4. Lucky Eggs – Win Big Rewards

Next there’s Lucku Eggs – Win Big Rewards, which you can play to earn money. Gameplay carried by this game is quite easy, you just need to combine eggs with other eggs of the same color.

If you successfully complete the task, you’ll automatically earn points. These points can be used to buy other eggs in order to get a bonus with a considerable amount.

But to get double points is to watch the ads in the game. If you have a large number of coins, please withdraw them to your E-Wallet.

5. Hago

The most popular game some time ago, Hago is now transformed into a money-making game that can be used for free on both android and iPhone phones.

Nowadays there are a lot of interesting games embedded in Hago. Interestingly, you can play the game with friends, friends and friends.

However, in order to earn money on the game, users are required to use an additional application called Lucky Miner.

Please play Hago game on Lucky Miner app so you can get the benefits in it.

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Direct Money Making Game to DANA

As for those of you who are looking for money-making games directly to DANA, you can see the best of the following aspireapk.com :Download X8 Speeder Old Version APK Without Ads 

1. Island King

15 Money Making Games Directly to Account, DANA &PayPal 2021

The first recommendation for money-making games goes directly to the fund and proven pay is Island King developed by Forever9 Games.

In order to earn money in the game, of course, users are required to collect as many coins as possible, the most coins are obtained from lucky spins, destroy enemy pulua and so on.

The more coins you get, the more money you’ll receive. Payment methods that can be made for withdrawals are DANA digital wallets and other E-Wallets.

2. TopRich

15 Money Making Games Directly to Account, DANA &PayPal 2021

Furthermore TopRich which is a money-making game directly pays to DANA. This game has a puzzle genre, where users are required to combine images of vehicles in the form of cars to be the same.

But to be able to complete the mission of course you have to have a special startegi at the beginning of buying a car vehicle.

The higher the coins you get from completing missions in the TopRich game, the more chance you have the chance to earn a lot of money.

Tips for earning coins on the game is to invite friends, buy cars and so on.

3. Funluck

Funlock is a DANA balance money-making game that in recent weeks has become a hot topic among Indonesians.

This is because Funlock offers a very easy mission, where the user only needs to open the chest and automatically get coins.

In order to earn coins with a fantastic amount in the game is to invite friends. Please share your referral code friends as well as social media apps.

The more coins you can collect, the more money you can pocket.

4. ClipClap

15 Money Making Games Directly to Account, DANA &PayPal 2021

The next proven fund balance generating game is ClipClap, you can download this app for free on the Play Store.

Users only need to collect as many coins as possible by rotating spins, watching videos, taking quizzes and other missions that must be completed as well.

Later you can withdraw the coins through digital payments such as DANA, OVO, GoPay and many others.

5. Mager

15 Money Making Games Directly to Account, DANA &PayPal 2021

The last recommendation for money-making games is Mager. Although the name is not good to hear, but this game you can play to make additional snack money you know.

This application can certainly be obtained for free on the Play Store, the use is fairly simple where you are required to play the game and get a wink.

In each victory you will be given a bonus in the form of diamonds, diamonds that can later be exchanged money or credit through DANA, OVO and others.

In order to get double diamonds, please share your invitation code and invite friends to play this game.

Money Making Game Penghasil Uang Directly to PayPal

As for those of you who are more interested in playing money-making games directly to PayPal, please look at the best recommendations and prove to pay the following.

1. Money App

15 Money Making Games Directly to Account, DANA &PayPal 2021

Money-making games directly pay to PayPal is a Money App that can be obtained for free on the Google Play Store. This game has been downloaded by more than 1 million users with a pretty good rating.

In order to earn money in the game, of course, you have to complete all the missions, later the developer will give bonuses in the form of coins.

Collect as many coins as possible then exchange them for PayPal balance. There are also several ways that can be done to earn coins on the money app such as logging in every day, fill out surveys, download applications and so on.

The minimum amount of coins that can be exchanged or withdrawn to PayPal balance is 5,000 or the equivalent of 5 PayPal.

2. Make Money

15 Money Making Games Directly to Account, DANA &PayPal 2021

Furthermore, there is Make Money that can be used to get PayPal balance, but unfortunately this application can only be obtained on the App Store or iPhone phone users.

The way the game works is very similar to Money App, where both require the user to complete all the missions included.

One of the missions is that you are required to fill out a survey, automatically get coins and can be exchanged for PayPal.

3. Lucky Time

15 Money Making Games Directly to Account, DANA &PayPal 2021

Lucky Time is a money-making game that is proven to pay PayPal balance, you can try using this game for free on the Play Store.

There are tons of interesting missions that you can complete quite easily to earn money such as turning the wheel, breaking the egg or rubbing cards.

You can collect as many coins as you can from completing the mission, and exchange them for PayPal. Every 10 million coins is worth 10 thousand rupiah.

4. Merge Boat

15 Money Making Games Directly to Account, DANA &PayPal 2021

The next PayPal money-making game that you should try is Merge Boat which is a boat assembler game.

Users are only required to combine boats with each other, then they will get points that can be withdrawn with a balance of PayPal.

Not only that, to get additional points you can do it by invite friends, watch ads and so on.

The minimum amount of coins that can be withdrawn or exchanged is 263,000 equivalent to 5$ PayPal.

5. Lucky Money

15 Money Making Games Directly to Account, DANA &PayPal 2021

Lastly there is Lucky Money which is a PayPal reliable balance money making game. The use of this game does not need to require high skill, where the user is only required to rub the image then automatically will get points.

The developer gives you a chance 60 times every day to rub the image. Of course, it will provide a great opportunity to earn a lot of money.

However, to withdraw the balance PayPal you have at least a balance on the game of 100 dollars.

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Please choose one of the Money Making Games that we share above and get the benefits!

So that we can share on this occasion, hopefully the review can be useful. Don’t forget to keep an eye on poltekkes.is every day because there will always be the latest and other interesting information. Thank you, good luck.

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