11 Game Perang Android & PC Gratis Online dan Offline Terbaik 2022

Best Android and PC War Games / Game Perang Terbaik  Playstore is a repository of online games of various types / genres, a genre of a game that is favored among gamers for now war genre either online or offline.

You need to know, firstly, First Person Shooting (FPS) games can only be played through PC devices. However, since the modern era almost all FPS war games can be played via Android/iOS.

If you are a user of android &iOS devices, please find a variety of android war games offline and online in the Playstore. The genres are also varied, ranging from FPS to Battle Royale has been prepared for free.

This review is reserved for those of you who love the best offline &online war games for android devices and PCs.

Therefore, we recommend that you follow this review to the end, so that you can find the most fun android and PC war games when played.

Best Android Online War Games

First, we will recommend a selection of android online war games to play. Please see the list of games as follows.

1. Clash of Clans

11 Best Free Online and Offline Android &PC War Games 2021

For those of you who like to play online games since long ago, may have heard or played a game called Clash Of Clans. Yaps, this game was very popular in the days before the appearance of Free Fire and Mobile Legends.

Clash of Clans itself is a strategy war game that can be said to be the best game in the genre. The game begins by creating a new clan that must be established into a formidable clan.

You have to be able to guard the clan that is being built from enemy clan attacks, use the workers you have to build clans. When you have a strong enough warrior, you can attack the enemy clan in order to get coins or digital currency used by clans of clans.

2. Modern Combat 5

11 Best Free Online and Offline Android &PC War Games 2021

Next android online war game recommendations there is Modern Combat 5. Which gamers do not know this game? Modern Combat 5 has 2m users in the world, so the data downloader modern combat 5 has reached 2juta.

Modern Combat 5 is one of the FPS / First Person Shooter games that has proven to be fun. If you like FPS Online Games, Modern Combat 5 is a must-download.

In this game game provides 8 classes to choose from, each class of course has a different game. You only choose one of them according to your playing skills.

3. War Robots

11 Best Free Online and Offline Android &PC War Games 2021

War games are now the choice of most gamers today. Only with android phone that can be taken everywhere, you can play war games anywhere and even if you want.

One of the games that you can play through your android device is War Robots. The level of fun of this game is almost the same as that of Modern Combat 5.

War Robots is an online war game featuring advanced robot games. There are over 24 battles, each with different powers each stage.

The weapon skins you can find in War Robots are quite numerous, there are about 20 types of weapon skins that you can use during battles. If you are interested, please download War Robots here.

4. World War Heroes: WW2 FPS

11 Best Free Online and Offline Android &PC War Games 2021

The next best android war game you can try is World War Heroes: WW2 FPS. This game can be obtained for free on the Play Store.

World War Heroes: WW2 FPS itself is quite a popular realm among smartphone users, this is evidenced by having a total download number of more than 50 million users.

But unfortunately this game has a large enough file size of 707MB, so its use requires an upper middle class android phone.

While the gameplay of this game has certainly been very exciting, where you will be brought to the dissocation of the second world war by using legendary equipment from Germany, US and so on.

5. Top War: Battle Game

11 Best Free Online and Offline Android &PC War Games 2021

You can also play Top War: Battle Game which is a war game with a pretty unique character.

This game is quite different from the typical android FPS game, where Top War: Battle Game carries a gameplay that is not too thrilling.

All you have to do is compose the formation as best you can in order to become the most powerful commander. This game has been downloaded by more than 10 million users on Google Play Store, if you are interested in using it, please download it now.

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Best PC Online War Games

Well for gamers who love PC war games onlin, we will give you a selection of the games below.

1. PUBG Mobile

11 Best Free Online and Offline Android &PC War Games 2021

We are sure, all gamers in the country and the world are familiar with PUBG Mobile online games.

Initially, PUBG can only be played through PC/Computer devices, often running time and technological developments that are so advanced. So, now PUBG can not only be played on PC, but android phones can also play it.

So it’s no wonder that PUBG has long been referred to as the best PC war game. We will not explain PUBG games in detail here, because all gamers must already know it.

Most importantly, we recommend PUBG Mobile as the best PC game to date. If you don’t have the game yet, please download PUBG here.

2. Call Of Duty

11 Best Free Online and Offline Android &PC War Games 2021

Call of Duty is in the category of the best PC online war games that need to be played. Especially at times like this, where we can’t go anywhere and should always be at home. Therefore, if you are bored because you are at home, play Call of Duty immediately.

Call Of Duty is an FPS online game that all gamers are interested in, interesting things you can get by playing this PC game. If you don’t believe it, just download COD and play it right away!

3. Battlefield V

11 Best Free Online and Offline Android &PC War Games 2021

Online Game developed by EA DICE developer named Battlefiel V is one of the best PC online war games and is very popular among gamers around the world.

There are different modes that you can use, each one will give you a different kind of fun. Single Mode and Multiplayer Mode are game modes that you can choose from.

And the mode that player battlefield V often chooses is the Battle Royale mode. You will be met by 64 other players in the battle arena, if interested please download Battlefield Vsnow as well.

Android Offline War Game Perang Terbaik

As for those of you who are looking for Offline War Games on Android or PC, please see the best recommendations from poltekkes.id as follows.

1. Tiny Troopers 2 : Special Ops

11 Best Free Online and Offline Android &PC War Games 2021

Tiny Troopers 2 is an offline war game that is quite interesting for you to play. As you play this game, you have to be able to defeat every enemy you play with.

Game oflline tiny troopers has also received a positive response on google Playstore. It’s a shame if you like to play war genre games, but haven’t downloaded Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops.

The file size of this game is not too big, so the HP used will not ngelag or heat quickly. That said, the graphics included are very specific as well as good audio.

If you are interested in the game, please get it by downloading the offline war game here.

2. Brothers in Arms 3

11 Best Free Online and Offline Android &PC War Games 2021

Most gamers of the country may never have played this android game. Brothers in Arms 3 is a game developed by gameloft developers.

Reportedly, games developed by Gameloft can be played without the need for internet quota or can be called offline war games android.

The game included in Borthers in Arms 3 carries the era of the second war. Maybe you who heard this immediately imagine how exciting it is to play this war game.

The role you’re going to play is as an American Soldier. Where, you must be able to defeat every enemy found, so as to successfully guard and defend the country with victory.

In addition, you can choose the game mode you want to play. There is RAID mode and Campaign mode.

3. Star Warfare 2 : Payback

11 Best Free Online and Offline Android &PC War Games 2021

For those of you who are novice gamers, maybe this android offline war game should be played. Star Warfare 2 : Payback is an android offline war game with enemies of aliens in the form of cockroaches &scorpions.

The way mainya is simple, finish off all the aliens you find until you don’t have any left. Otherwise, the aliens will split themselves and become numerous. Of course you need to add stamina if that happens.

This game is perfect for those of you who are saturated. If you are interested, you can download Star Warface 2 : Payback right now.

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Please select one of the Best Online and Offline War Games android, PC and Laptop 2022 that we recommend above. The level of fun you will get in each war game is certainly different.

To prove it, you can try one by one the war games that we provide. Have a good play!

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