Idle Heroes Tier List Updated[January, 2022]

Idle Heroes is a game that has been exalted as the best game ever developed, and this is because it gives you the opportunity to play without batting any eye. In this gaming guide we are discussing all about idle heroes tier list that includes different factions, lore, units and the many other things. It will help you understand how to play the game correctly.

Idle Heroes

Because theIdle Heroes game is about to enter F2P, we’ve arranged all the heroes in the best order according to their skills and roles. Now it’s easier than ever – even for new players – to understand their heroes’ particulars and they can pick suitable heroes more easily.

Idle Heroes Tier List 2022


There are five ranked heroes in S-Tier, the highest tier of heroes. These heroes are classified by their stats and abilities. The Outliner class provides vision for other types of classes with low visibility, such as Assassin class, who specialize in dealing constant damage with general attacks.

Some classes who have high survivability come from the Defender class that has protective skills. In total there are 5 ranked hero types — Attacker, Support, Defender, Breaker, and Outliner — each with its own strengths and weaknesses so you can get the advantage by choosing wisely when composing your team!


A-tier heroes are powerful. The performance of these heroes is less than S and A tiers. There are many heroes in this list. Some of those heroes are attackers. Some of them are support characters., Thus, their primary function is to attack enemy units and their secondary function is to damage and slow down their enemy,

Nevertheless, there are some attacking characters who are immune from being damaged by the enemy like Lennox .Some support characters can revive the deads like Yuri or protect the allied group from morale loss such as Krixi. The most powerful character among them is Valhein as he has high Hp ,AoE DMG (Damage Per Second). So, it is important to collect these A-Tier Heroes chosen by gamers like you to complete the game easily !


If you’re looking for heroes to add to your Assembly – then it becomes vital that you ensure they don’t drain your resources! The active heroes list has been organized in order of their usefulness. This list is full of attackers who can deal high (recurrent) damage to enemy heroes. The support Idle Heroes boost the active attack of the attacker. Heroes whose names begin with ‘B’ are as follows: Aida, Amuvor and Faith Blade.


In order to become better at the game, you’ll need to strengthen your team with new heroes. New and old identities are available in the Shop to exchange for Gold or Crystals (gemstones used for summoning new heroes).

Heroes can be arranged into teams of up to five members (in other words, your party) so that you can battle through battles! Your opponents may vary depending on who you’re fighting for, but all the same the objective stays consistent: defeat all of them before they take down one of yours. In 5★ Featured Summon events like “Power Unleashed,” you might even come across enemy teams from other worlds which stand toe-to-toe with some of your favorite heroes. Would they make your own A or S-Tier list? Find out by challenging them today!


These are below-average heroes. The stats of the bonus of these characters are not very good. This means they can play a minimal role at best during the game. In fact, only four heroes fall under this tier – two being attackers, and two support heroes. Their damage to the enemy is extremely low as well; this is why you should exercise caution when considering using these characters in battle.


F-Tier heroes are considered the worst of the worst. While it may seem like a distant thought as you begin playing, eventually you will come to understand that choosing certain heroes during your battles or taking them into important events is a very bad idea. There is no support hero here so we can guarantee to you that these are NOT viable picks for those of you who wish to be successful with them. Avoiding these heroes with extreme prejudice will ensure you have better odds at succeeding! F-Tier consists of Corpsedemon, Kamath, and Oberon.


In the above article, we discussed heroes. We discussed more than 200 available idle heroes and their capabilities. The S-Tier heroes are the best performing heroes among all others. The A-Tier and B-Tier are also the best heroes. C-section Tier heroes are below average performers. The performance of D-Tier and F-Tier is inconsistent with many misplays occurring out of these 2 tiers.

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