Kode Bank BSI yang Benar, Kode SWIFT BSI Terbaru 2022

When you want to transfer money to a different bank, you certainly need the destination bank code. Each bank has its own code which has been regulated in such a way by Bank Indonesia. Do you already know the BSI bank code?

Kode Bank BSI yang Benar, Kode SWIFT BSI Terbaru 2022

BSI itself is a newcomer to the Indonesian banking world. No wonder that until now there are still many people who do not know the code. Don’t worry because on this occasion we will explain about the bank code, BSI SWIFT code, including how to transfer.

Get to know BSI

Before discussing the BSI bank code and how to transfer it to the bank account, you should first get acquainted with BSI. Kode Bank BSI yang Benar, Kode SWIFT BSI Terbaru 2022

BSI stands for Bank Syariah Indonesia. If you don’t know, BSI is the result of a merger between 3 Islamic banks that have been operating for quite a long time in Indonesia. The Islamic banks referred to here include:

Kode Bank BSI yang Benar, Kode SWIFT BSI Terbaru 2022
  • Bank Mandiri Syariah
  • Bank Rakyat Indonesia Syariah (BRI Syariah)
  • Bank Negara Indonesia Syariah (BNI Syariah)

The merger of the three banks began on February 1, 2021 and was completed on November 1, 2021. The planning itself has been carried out since 2020. The purpose of the merger of these 3 state-owned Islamic banks is to facilitate their development.Kode Bank BSI yang Benar, Kode SWIFT BSI Terbaru 2022

During the merger process, customers or account holders of Mandiri, BRI, and BNI Syariah are recommended to migrate. If you have migrated, customers will get a new passbook, debit card, and mobile banking account.

Kode Bank BSI yang Benar, Kode SWIFT BSI Terbaru 2022

Islamic bank itself is a bank that uses Islamic law or sharia in carrying out its business activities. The workings and services of Islamic banks are no different from conventional banks. The only difference is the rules used.

BSI Bank Code for Transfer

Each bank has its own unique code. This code is the identity of a bank so it cannot be the same from one bank to another. The bank code consists of a 3 digit number. Kode Bank BSI yang Benar, Kode SWIFT BSI Terbaru 2022

Generally, this bank code is used when someone is about to transfer funds between banks. Either through ATM machines, internet banking, mobile banking, and SMS banking. Therefore, the bank code must be known by everyone who will make interbank transfer transactions.

Kode Bank BSI yang Benar, Kode SWIFT BSI Terbaru 2022

Back to the discussion about the BSI bank code, this bank actually has a code of 451. However, this code does not apply to all customers considering that BSI is the result of a merger of 3 different banks.

Bank code 451 is valid for BSI customers ex Bank Syariah Mandiri account holders. This code can also be used for ex BRI and BNI Syariah customers who have migrated accounts to BSI.

Meanwhile, BSI customers who still use the old account number, both from BNI Syariah and BRI Syariah, can still use the old bank code. Here are the details. Kode Bank BSI yang Benar, Kode SWIFT BSI Terbaru 2022

  • Bank Rakyat Indonesia Syariah (BRIS) customers who have not migrated their accounts to BSI still use code 427. Like the BRIS code before the merger to BSI.
  • The same applies to Bank Negara Indonesia Syariah (BNIS) customers who have not migrated or transferred to a BSI account. The code used is the bank code for BNIS before the merger with BSI, which is 422.

At this point, you certainly don’t need to be confused anymore to choose the correct bank code when transferring to a BSI account. In order to be more certain and there will be no transfer errors, it is better to ask directly to the transfer recipient, whether they have migrated to BSI or not.

Kode Bank BSI yang Benar, Kode SWIFT BSI Terbaru 2022

If the transfer recipient has migrated to BSI, you can immediately use the BSI code, which is 451. If you haven’t migrated, then you must use the old bank code.


After knowing the BSI bank code, now is the time to understand the latest BSI SWIFT code. Previously, did you know what a SWIFT code is? If not, you should first read the full explanation below.

SWIFT code is a standard code format to identify a bank or commonly referred to as a Bank Code Identifier (BIC). This code is used to identify a particular bank. Its nature is unique, just like the bank code that has been described previously. Kode Bank BSI yang Benar, Kode SWIFT BSI Terbaru 2022

Please note that SWIFT itself stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. It is this agency that handles the registration of the SWIFT codes of all banks worldwide.

If the bank code is used for interbank transfers within the country or in Indonesia, this SWIFT code is used when transferring funds between countries. Usually used by people who work abroad and will send money to Indonesia.

Kode Bank BSI yang Benar, Kode SWIFT BSI Terbaru 2022

The SWIFT code format is composed of 8 or 11 characters. A SWIFT code consisting of 8 digits refers to the main office of a bank. Meanwhile, the SWIFT code consisting of 11 digits refers to the branch office of a bank. Here is the SWIFT code format.



  • AAAA: is 4 characters which is the bank code. This code consists of letters only.
  • BB: two letters which is the country code according to ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 . rules
  • CC: Location code composed of codes and numbers. Especially for passive participants will get code 1 in the second character.
  • DDD: Last 3 characters to identify bank branch office. Usually consists of numbers and letters

For the BSI bank itself, the SWIFT code is BSMDIDJA. The SWIFT or BIC code applies to the BSI head office owned by PT Bank Syariah Indonesia Tbk. Until now, BSI itself has not released the SWIFT code for its branch offices.

So, when you are going to transfer money from abroad to a BSI account, the SWIFT code that must be used is BSMDIDJA as mentioned above. Kode Bank BSI yang Benar, Kode SWIFT BSI Terbaru 2022

How to Transfer to BankKode Bank BSI yang Benar, Kode SWIFT BSI Terbaru 2022

After you know the BSI bank code along with its SWIFT code, now is the time to find out how to transfer money to a BSI Bank account. Below will be explained the mechanism of money transfer using an ATM machine in general.

Each bank may have a different ATM machine configuration. So you also need to adjust.

1. Transfer to BSI or Ex Mandiri Syariah

You can practice this first method to transfer to a BSI account (ex BNIS and BRIS who have migrated) or ex Bank Syariah Mandiri. The bank code used is 451. The following are the details of how to transfer.

  1. First, visit the ATM outlet closest to your current position.
  2. Next, enter your debit card or ATM card. Make sure you insert the card into the machine in the right position so that it can be processed.
  3. After the card is loaded into the machine and processed, you will be asked to select a language. So that you don’t get confused when making transactions, you should only use Indonesian. You can also choose English.
  4. Next, enter the PIN in the form of a 6-digit number. Make sure you enter the PIN correctly. You only have 3 chances. If you enter the wrong password 3 times, the debit card will be blocked.
  5. Continue by selecting the Other Transactions menu.
  6. Now select the Transfer option.
  7. Because here will transfer to BSI, then select Transfer to Other Banks.
  8. You will be asked to enter the bank code followed by the account number. So, you have to enter the code 451 followed by the account number. Make sure you enter the correct account number. Don’t be mistaken if you don’t want to transfer to the wrong person.
  9. Click on the True option.
  10. Now you can enter the amount of money to be transferred. Click Correct.
  11. The screen on the ATM machine will show information about the recipient’s name, account number, and the amount of money to be transferred. Make sure that all the data displayed is correct.
  12. If you have confirmed that everything is correct, press the Yes option.
  13. Wait a few moments to process the remittance transaction.
  14. If it is successful, usually the ATM machine will issue a proof of transfer. Keep it as proof of a valid transaction.
  15. If the option appears to make another transaction, select No. Your debit card will be issued from the ATM machine. Take the card and you can leave the ATM booth.

2. Transfer to BSI Ex BNI Syariah


The next tutorial is how to transfer to an ex BNI Syariah account that has not migrated to BSI. The method is more or less the same as described above. Kode Bank BSI yang Benar, Kode SWIFT BSI Terbaru 2022

The difference lies in the bank code that must be entered. So that you understand, you should immediately refer to the explanation below.

  1. Before starting to transfer, you should prepare a few things first. Here are some things to prepare:
  • Make sure you have a debit card that is still active and can be used.
  • There is sufficient balance to make a transfer.
  • The ex BNI Syariah account number that will be the transfer destination.
  1. If you have prepared all the things mentioned above, now is the time to visit the nearest ATM machine.
  2. Arriving at the ATM, make sure that the machine is functioning properly and is not experiencing an error.
  3. Insert the debit card into the machine in the correct position, i.e. the chip is facing the top and is inserted first.
  4. Wait a moment because the ATM machine may take a few seconds to process the card you insert.
  5. If the screen shows language options, you can choose Indonesian or English. Just choose the language you are most familiar with. In this tutorial, the Indonesian language is used.
  6. Next, you will see several main menus. If there is a transfer menu, select it. If not, then select Other Transactions and then select Transfer.
  7. Next, select the Transfer to Another Bank option.
  8. You will be immediately asked to enter the destination account number preceded by the bank code. Based on the explanation above, the code that must be entered for ex BNI Syariah is 422.
  9. Enter the destination account number behind the bank code 422.
  10. Double-check the account number to make sure it’s correct. If it is correct, click on the Correct option.
  11. On the next page, you will be asked to enter the amount of money to be transferred. Don’t enter the wrong nominal so you don’t bother yourself or the recipient.
  12. Click OK again after entering the nominal money.
  13. Now it’s time to check the transfer information displayed by the screen on the ATM machine. There is some information such as the name of the account holder and the amount to be sent.
  14. If you have confirmed that everything is correct, click on the Yes button.
  15. Transfer transactions will be processed immediately. After this, your balance will be reduced and sent to the beneficiary’s account.
  16. After the transfer process is complete, some ATM machines will immediately issue a transfer receipt. Others offer machine users to print or not.
  17. If it’s finished, you can immediately end the transaction and take the debit card back from the ATM machine.

3. Transfer to BSI Ex BRI Syariah


The last tutorial that will be shared in this article is how to transfer to an ex-BRI Syariah BSI account that has not had time to migrate to a new BSI account. So, the bank code used here is 427, not 451.

Immediately, this is the tutorial for transferring to BSI ex BRI Syariah using an ATM machine.

  1. Just like the previous tutorial, the first step is to visit the nearest ATM outlet. You can use an ATM machine that matches your bank or use another bank’s ATM that has the ATM Bersama logo.
  2. Arriving at the ATM, insert a debit card and you are required to select a language. There are two common options, namely Indonesian and English.
  3. Next, just select Other Transactions and select Transfer.
  4. Select the Transfer to Other Bank option because here you will transfer to a BSI (ex BRIS) account.
  5. Just enter the bank code (427) followed by a few digits of the BRIS account owned by the transferee. Make sure you enter the correct account so that the process can continue.
  6. Select the True option.
  7. Now is the time to enter the amount of money to be transferred. Select the True option again.
  8. The ATM will display transfer information that you can check again to make sure it’s correct. If everything is correct starting from the account number, beneficiary name, and the amount to be transferred, select the Yes option.
  9. The transfer process will be processed immediately. If successful, a message will appear on the screen that the transaction was successful. Some ATM machines will also print proof of transfer automatically.
  10. Select the No option when there is a question “Do you want to make another transaction?”. The card will be issued from the ATM machine and you can immediately take it.

Besides being able to make transfers using an ATM machine as above, you can also make transfers more easily using mobile banking. With the mobile banking application, you don’t need to know the bank code because you only need to choose the destination bank in the list provided.

How much is the Admin Transfer fee to BSI?

When you make a transfer transaction to another bank, most banks will charge an admin fee. The amount varies, but the most common is IDR 6,500 per transfer.

Some banks, especially digital banks, waive interbank transfer fees with several terms and conditions. For example, the total balance in the account is at least IDR 1,000,000 for the last month.

By the end of this article, you must have understood the BSI bank code along with the code for ex-BRI Syariah and BNI Syariah accounts. You have also understood how to transfer to a BSI account. So, now there is no need to hesitate anymore to try it yourself.

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