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Mystery Shop FF – Free Fire is the most popular online game in the universe, almost all gamers play this game. Because, FF is very fun to play and there are always interesting things in it.

The thing that survivors or FF players look forward to the most is an event, especially the newest 2022 free fire mystery shop event.

When the latest mystery shop event is presented by Garena, of course every survivor who knows about it will immediately participate in the event. Because, you can have the opportunity to get premium items and skins at low prices.

Almost all premium items in the form of weapon skins, bundles, elite pass vouchers, magic cubes and so on will be given discounts. No half-hearted, you can get discounts of up to 90% in the mystery shop event.

There will be lots of benefits that you can get from participating in the mystery shop free fire event. One of the benefits that you will definitely get is a discount of up to 90% for every purchase of premium items.

This is what makes survivors always look forward to the event. Unfortunately, the mystery shop event is not always presented by Garena every month.

Then, when will the newest FF mystery shop 2022 be presented again? Reportedly, this month, Garena will organize it. For more details, you can follow the full review in this article.

Mystery shop Free Fire is one of the leading events presented by Garena, why do we call it the flagship event? Because, Garena always keeps the schedule for the mystery shop event a secret.

In addition, the mystery shop is a favorite event for players who like to collect premium weapon bundles and skins. Where, you can buy or get premium items much cheaper than the normal price.

Because usually, this event always provides promos / discounts of 50% to 90% for the price of a premium item in the free fire game. So it’s not surprising, most survivors always look forward to the new 2022 free fire mystery shop event.

If you want to get a discount of up to 90% at this event, you don’t need to do certain methods or tricks. Because, it’s your level of luck that determines the size of the discount you get.

If you are curious about the gifts from Garena, which are prepared in the mystery shop event ff August 2022. Don’t worry, we got a leak about the list of prizes. So, you can find out with the summary below.

Mystery Shop Gift List August 2022

Mystery Shop FF

Every survivor who is waiting for the appearance of the mystery shop event in August 2012, not a few of them are curious to know the list of attractive prizes that have been prepared.

Actually, Garena always keeps everything about the mystery shop event a secret, including the list of prizes. But survivors don’t need to worry, we’ve got a little leak about the prizes that will be presented at the event.

Because the mystery shop event is always the main concern of the survivors, so when there is information that is leaked it will immediately spread widely in a short time. Therefore, survivors who don’t know the information on the leaked prizes in the August mystery shop can see it below.

The leaked prizes at the mystery shop free fire event August 2022 are as follows:

  • Eat My Dust
  • Elite Pass
  • Dragon Fang
  • Skin Gloo Wall Hayato
  • Voucher Diamond Royale
  • Voucher Weapon Royale
  • Bundle Purple Shade
  • Corn Box

Not only that, there are still many prizes that you will be able to know directly when participating in the mystery shop ff August 2022. For that, prepare as many diamonds as possible, so you can buy all items & premium weapon skins on Free Fire.

Premium Prize at Mystery Shop FF August 2022

As we said above, all things related to this one ff event must be kept secret by Garena. However, there is one thing that will definitely be prepared in this event, namely premium prizes.

Premium items on Free Fire are usually priced quite expensive, even middle class players can’t necessarily buy them. But with the mystery shop free fire event, you will get cheap prices for premium items such as elite passes.

In addition to the elite pass, it is reported that there will be an incubator bundle and the latest premium weapon skins at the myster shop free fire event in August 2022. But that’s not certain, but we’ll see when the mystery shop event is officially held.

Is it true that there is a new premium gift at the mystery shop august 202? A little information, we have leaked the latest 2022 mystery shop premium prizes including:

  • Tiger Suit
  • Voucher Incubator
  • Bundle Incubator
  • Captain Booyah
  • Bundle Prince Pink
  • Bundle Princess Pink
  • Laura
  • Beaston
  • Limited Booyah
  • Voucher Weapon Royale
  • Bundle Purple Shade
  • Voucher Diamond Royale
  • Bundle Love in The Air
  • Katana Swordsman Legends
  • Cobra Guardian
  • Love Car Box
  • Voucher Elite Pass
  • Bundle White Shadow
  • Name Change Chard
  • Premium Weapon Skin

For now, the leaked premium item prizes that will be prepared at the latest FF mystery shop event in August 2022 are only limited to that. Preferably, from now on you have to prepare quite a lot of diamonds.

So that later, you can buy up all premium items when participating in the event. If there are survivors who haven’t been able to join the mystery shop event, you can listen to how to join the mystery shop free fire event below.

How to Join the Mystery Shop Event August 2022

When the August 2022 mystery shop event is officially held, you just follow it. So that you can have the opportunity to get a big discount given by Garena in the event.

To help survivors who have not been able to take part in the latest 2022 mystery shop event. We will provide a complete tutorial, for survivors who do not understand can immediately follow / apply it.

As for how to take part in the mystery shop FF August 2022 event as follows:

  • Prepare a quota on your cellphone.
  • Run the Free Fire game to get started.
  • Please login with your FF Sultan account.
  • If you are already in the Lobby, you can select the Event icon.
  • Select the News menu.
  • Then enter the Event Mystery Shop menu.
  • Gacha instructions have been provided, please follow the instructions carefully so you can get a discount of up to 90%.
  • Click Claim / Take discount earned.
  • Then you can directly shop at the mystery shop event by using the discount obtained.

At the beginning of our discussion, we said, the size of the discount that you will get depends on the luck factor you have. But still, big or small the amount of discount you get will be very profitable for you.

Mystery Shop FF August 2022 Officially Released?

Questions like the one above are often asked by survivors, if you are a player who asks “when will the mystery shop free fire event be held” the answer is not certain.

However, there is a lot of information that says that the Mystery Shop FF Event will be held this month, namely August 2022. As for the date, we can’t be sure.

According to our observations from previous years, Garena always organizes a mystery shop event on August 17th.

It is very likely that this year, Garena will officially present a mystery shop event on August 17, 2022.

How to Get Free Fire Mystery Shop Info

To ensure the exciting news among survivors about the upcoming mystery shop event ff August 2022. You can check the truth of the rumors that are currently hot among survivors by following the official account belonging to Garena Free Fire Indonesia.

When there will be a new event on free fire, Garena usually provides confirmation of its certainty on all their official social media accounts. Like the @freefirebgid instagram account, Facebook account and Youtube channel.

So, you have to follow all the official social media accounts owned by Garena Free Fire Indonesia. So, you can find out all information about the Free Fire game including the Latest Mystery Shop 2022 Event.


That was the answer to the question “When is the FF Mystery Shop Anymore?” Hopefully all the information provided in the review above can provide the answers you want to get.

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