Nekopoi Care Download Apk Terbaru, Nonton Anime Gratis Full

 Lots of Indonesian people like Japanese-style cartoons called anime. Yes, this one film is generally taken from a typical Japanese comic or novel called manga. For anime fans, of course you are curious about the Nekopoi application, right?

Yes, this one application has indeed become one of the most favored “places” by anime fans. Because this application presents all your needs and desires in the field of Japanese cartoon film. Nekopoi Care Download Apk Terbaru, Nonton Anime Gratis Full

There are so many genres that you can watch alone or with friends who also like it. Whatever it is, everything is available there and you just have to choose which one. Therefore, this place is often dubbed the paradise for anime lovers in Indonesia.

However, in fact there are still many people who do not know this one application. Yes, many of them come from beginner anime lovers so they don’t know about this famous application. Therefore, we will discuss it here, precisely below:

Latest Nekopoi Review

Nekopoi Care Download Apk Terbaru, Nonton Anime Gratis Full

First of all, let’s start with a review of this application first… Nekopoi is an application that provides a lot of Japanese cartoons or what is commonly called anime. The films that are released are always up-to-date so that everyone who uses them doesn’t get bored.

This application itself is an application that is light enough to be installed on a cellphone. Yes, the size of this application is even only 15 MB! However, this application can only be used for Android type 4.5 and above. So, if your Android is not enough, don’t download it because it won’t run.

But, it seems that if you look at the conditions of this era, these Anime fans must already have an Android with a higher type. This application presents all the movies that you can watch according to the genre you like.

How to use it is also very easy, just download and can be used immediately. It’s just that, because this application comes from a third party, you can’t look for it on official sites or institutions like Google PlayStore. Therefore, HP will definitely ask for approval later.

This application has been downloaded millions of times because of the high enthusiasm of the community for anime. No wonder when you download the application you have to wait a bit longer. However, the long wait will be paid off with the 

Advantages of Nekopoi Care Download Apk Terbaru, Nonton Anime Gratis Full

Nekopoi Care Download Apk Terbaru, Nonton Anime Gratis Full

After knowing how the review above is for sure you will be curious about what advantages are offered by Nekopoi? Take it easy, below there are a myriad of advantages that you can get easily.

Nekopoi Care Download Apk Terbaru, Nonton Anime Gratis Full

1. Can Prevent You from Annoying Ads

Unlike applications that provide other anime films, Nekopoi has the advantage that it can eliminate ads. Yes, the name of the application is now using ads as a means of making money.

However, this application is different. This application does not present any ads to earn money. They give everything for free. However, this application actually distributes videos illegally.

By watching here, of course, you don’t appreciate the work of the anime maker. This application is specially developed by a third party and all videos included in it are without the permission of the owner. Nekopoi Care Download Apk Terbaru, Nonton Anime Gratis Full

So, at any time this application may disappear without any news. Because, the artist to make the anime itself does not get royalties. Therefore it is very vulnerable to be reported and removed by Google.

So, even if there are no annoying ads, you still have to be aware of the sudden disappearance of this application. Nekopoi Care Download Apk Terbaru, Nonton Anime Gratis Full

2. No need to use a VPN, you can access everything

VPN is a tool that is often used by the public in accessing sites that are prohibited from operating in Indonesia. Very lucky that this application can still be run today.

Yes, this Nekopoi application can still roam on Google so you can download it anytime and anywhere. You don’t need to use a VPN or any tools, everything can be used very simply.

Please note that in order to use your own VPN, there are those that require your cellphone to be rooted, thereby making your warranty claim lost. Unlike using an application without a VPN, you don’t need to root so that it remains safe.

In fact, without a VPN, this kind of application also requires users to root, so that they inevitably have to lose their cellphone warranty. So, if your cellphone has problems due to production, then you can’t get a warranty. You have to do everything yourself.

3. The quality is HD that is pleasing to the eye

Even though the Nekopoi application is illegal, don’t ask about the quality. This application provides Full HD image quality which is sure to spoil the eye. With the best quality, you can enjoy the whole story easily and comfortably.

Unlike other sites or applications that are equally illegal. Many anime lovers turn here because they don’t feel comfortable watching it. How come? The quality served is so poor that it makes the eyes uncomfortable. Nekopoi Care Download Apk Terbaru, Nonton Anime Gratis Full

Yes, if there is an application that actually provides better quality, why bother with the bad one, right? This application really spoils the eyes so that not a few download it.

The most important thing is that you have a smooth internet connection. If your internet is not smooth then the image quality will be the same. The picture will automatically deteriorate or stop waiting for the internet connection.

4. Free without paying a penny

This Nekopoi application is an application that can be downloaded without paying the slightest fee. Yes, to access the millions of anime you love, you don’t have to pay a penny. You can be satisfied watching anime more efficiently.

This application is perfect for those of you who want to watch various types of anime but with a minimal budget. But, it would be better if you have more money to still use legal applications.

This way, you won’t lose any money. It’s just that if you want to watch, of course you have to use an internet connection. Well, if you use a data quota, then the money you have to spend is to buy it.

But, if you use free WIFI, you won’t be charged for watching as much as you like. You can watch as much as you want every day. Nekopoi Care Download Apk Terbaru, Nonton Anime Gratis Full

5. It looks simple and easy to use

Please note that this Nekopoi application has a very nice and simple interface. This application makes anyone can use it very easily. All symbols have been made to be easy to understand even for beginners. Nekopoi Care Download Apk Terbaru, Nonton Anime Gratis Full

All writings are also  very clear and simple so you can understand them easily. This application only displays the important buttons.

There is a Home button, easy-to-use navigation buttons, as well as information on the banner that makes it easier for you to understand the purpose of this application. With this application, you can identify which anime you have watched and which have not.

So, if you are still a beginner, you will not be confused and can immediately use it. Especially those who use today’s children, who are certainly easier to understand the latest information and knowledge.Nekopoi Care Download Apk Terbaru, Nonton Anime Gratis Full

6. Safe from Viruses that Interfere with Devices and System Software

Because this application is illegal, many ask whether this application is safe from viruses? As we all know that viruses always accompany illegal applications. This makes anyone worried.

But, for this application you can be calmer. This application can be downloaded easily and for free without carrying any viruses. But keep in mind that to download it you must use a trusted site.

However, getting a trusted site is not easy. Therefore, it is better if you also install an antivirus on the device. In this way, the antivirus application will detect if a virus has entered and immediately remove it.

However, as long as you choose the right site, there is no need to use this one additional application. With this, you will be safer from virus attacks.

7. Downloading It Is Very Easy

The application used to watch anime on this one can be downloaded very easily. How not, you just follow the link that will be shared below. Then you just have to install it and you can use it right away.

How to download it has been presented below so you can follow it easily. Without a long time because this application is not large in size. You can immediately enjoy the application in less than 10 minutes.

But keep in mind that you have to make sure that the internet connection you are using is in good condition before downloading it. If it is confirmed then the download process will be super fast.

If the internet connection at your home is not fast then the process will take longer. However, the download process is still equally easy. The only difference is the time that must be used to download this application.

The features of the application that you can get

Not only that, you can also experience the features that will surely convince you to use this application. And here are some of the features you should know:

1. Can Watch Anime Online or Offline

The first feature of this application that you can feel the benefits of is being able to watch anime either online or offline. Yes, you can watch anime using an internet connection directly or commonly called streaming.

This method requires you to use a smooth internet network. Otherwise, your viewing moment will be interrupted. Images will easily degrade or even have to pause.

Well, if you don’t have a good internet network, you can download it first. If it’s downloaded perfectly then you can watch it another time. Even without using any connection.

You just need to find the video in the application which is in the save menu and you can watch it. When finished, you can delete it so that the performance of the application does not become heavy because it has saved files with a size large enough.

2. New Anime Movies Every Day

As someone who loves anime, of course, you want to get the latest movies every day. This application has finally realized the wishes of this fan. This app brings new anime movies every day.

All episodes also appear when it’s time to air. There is no pending word in broadcasting anime films in this one application. You will still be updated with the latest movies.

All episodes that aired that day in Japan will also be broadcast here. So, even in Indonesia, you will still follow what stories are popular in Japan. Of course this is the most interesting feature among anime fans. Nekopoi Care Download Apk Terbaru, Nonton Anime Gratis Full

Sometimes even movies that haven’t been released on the official app are already there. So, instead of downloading expensive and slow apps, many people prefer fast and free apps like this one.

3. There are Indonesian subtitles available that make it easier for you to understand

As an anime fan, you certainly know that many sites have shown the film but have no subtitles. This often annoys me because the film has been eagerly awaited but for several days there is no subtitle.

Even though you are already curious and finally annoyed yourself. However, it is different if you use this application. As has been said above that this application deftly displays the latest movies or episodes. Nekopoi Care Download Apk Terbaru, Nonton Anime Gratis Full

However, not only is the show agile, but the subtitles are also available and are in Indonesian. Therefore, this application is much loved by anime fans in Indonesia.

You don’t need to be curious about the movie or series you’re following for days. After airing in Japan, this film or series will be immediately translated and shown.

Download Nekopoi Care Download Apk Terbaru, Nonton Anime Gratis Full 

Have you started to be interested in this one application? If you are interested and your device meets the requirements, you can download it immediately. Yes, as we know that downloading it is very easy because you just have to click on it below:

Nekopoi Care Download Apk Terbaru, Nonton Anime Gratis Full

Make sure you have enough storage on your cellphone to make this application run smoothly. If it’s not running smoothly, try removing the trash or cache on the cellphone and don’t let the storage run out. If less will cause the performance of the application to decrease.

How to Install Nekopoi Apk

After knowing what Nekopoi is, then you also have to know how to install it. Yes, again this is a third party application so it does not have access permission to enter your device. Nekopoi Care Download Apk Terbaru, Nonton Anime Gratis Full

But don’t worry, this time we will discuss how to install the application. In essence, the method is as follows:

  • First, make sure your download process is complete
  • Then, go to settings
  • Find additional settings options or security settings
  • If there is, just click the Security/Privacy button
  • Make sure you enter permissions, slide the lever until it is colored towards Unknown Sources
    • Go to File Manager or go to Search for the file you downloaded.
    • Click the application and click Install
    • Wait for the installation process for free
    • If it’s finished you can play it very exciting for sure.

    After listening to this explanation about Nekopoi, are you also interested in having it? However, because this application is illegal we are not responsible for what happens next.


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