Download RA WhatsApp APK MOD Latest Version 2022

WhatsApp chat app has a relatively limited selection of features, but since it is free to download and uses your data connection instead of cellular minutes or texts, many people choose this over other messaging apps. There are areas where the original WhatsApp doesn’t cut it though; one must use modded whatsapp apk because you can change the theme colors which makes using Whatsaap more fun compared to what its default looks like.

To learn about and get the most out of RA WhatsApp, we recommend you read our article. We explain all there is to know in detail so that nothing gets left behind.

About RA WhatsApp

Ridwan Arifin is a programmer from Indonesia who modified the popular apps WhatsApp with dozens of features. His app has a unique look and includes some great new functionality that make it so attractive to people already familiar with this messaging tool.

WA MOD applications are developed by different modder parties and each one has its own distinctive features. Some of the prominent examples include Whatsapp Plus, FM WhatsApp, GB Whatsapp etc.

Ra WhatsApp Features

Download RA WhatsApp APK MOD Latest Version 2021 [Anti Banned]

The modified version of WhatsApp has many new features which you probably won’t find in the original one. Here are some examples:

  •  You can use emoji while sending messages or documents
  • There is also a feature to block phone numbers so that they cannot send text messages anymore.

1. Unique &Cool Look

Ridwan Arifin, the developer of RA WA application, has developed this app with a purpose in mind: to provide users an attractive and customizable user experience.

The flagship feature is Unique & Cool Look which lets you choose from many different pre-existing themes or create your own custom theme for how it looks on display. If that’s not enough customization options then don’t worry because there are still plenty more!

2. Lock Application

For those of you who don’t want messages or chat read by friends, the App Lock feature in RA WA is a great option. With this, privacy can be maintained safely when using WhatsApp.

3. Transfer Files of Various Sizes

A popular chat app used by all android and iOS users, Whatsapp restricts file sharing. Though the original version of whatsapp allows for 16MB files to be shared at a time, many switch over to RA Whatsapp because it has no such restrictions with large-sized 30MB files being sent/shared freely!

4. Privacy

One of the standout features on RA WA is its Privacy feature, where online status as well as typing can be disabled so that friends who are messaged won’t know it.

All modified versions of whatsapp apps have embedded privacy features which hide users’ private secrets from others.

5. Anti Banned

A new app called RA WA has just been released on the Google Play Store. This new app is said to have an anti-banned feature which means you don’t need to worry about getting your account banned, but it’s still important for users of this application to regularly check if their device system updates are up-to date because that can also affect whether or not you get banned from using WhatsApp.

6. Other Features

Sebanarnya there are a lot of other cool features that have ra whatsapp apk latest version, kalia can see below.

  • Theme view can be customized
  • Has dark mode
  • Able to send 90 photos/images for one send
  • Has airplane mode
  • Able to view images without downloading
  • Able to create a status of up to 250 characters
  • Able to hide last seen
  • Mamppu sounds online status

There are many features of WhatsApp. I am not sure if you heard about it, but here is my short list: group chats and video calls work well on mobile devices; the app supports sending multiple files at once (such as voice memos);

they have a ‘delete for everyone’ feature that allows users to remove embarrassing messages before anybody else sees them; each message contains an option to delete itself after being read by your contact or just hide yourself with read receipts instead of deleting themselves automatically when someone reads them… If this doesn’t sound like enough fun stuff already – there’s more! The latest version comes with even better security options such as end-to-end encryption so now nobody can tap into your private conversations easily anymore. Don’t wait any

Download RA WhatsApp

Download RA WhatsApp APK MOD Latest Version 2021 [Anti Banned]

In an attempt to meet the needs of ra whatsapp apk fans, we have released downloadable links so that you can download it for free.

Name RA WhatsApp
New Version v8.28
Size File 51MB
OS Android 5.0+
Number of Downloads 30+ million
Developer 10/20

How to Install RA WhatsApp MOD Apk

The next step is to install the app on your phone. However, if you’re using an Android device, there are a few steps that need to be taken in order for this process go smoothly.

First of all, make sure that “Unknown Sources” has been enabled on your phone or tablet (Google it). Then download and save the RAWA apk file onto your hard drive; making sure not too rename any files afterwards! Navigate to where you saved these two items by double clicking them together

simultaneously while holding down shift key at same time which should open up windows explorer/browser tab with both links inside folder location shown like screen shot above 1st pic u can see below)and then finally click APK option when prompted .But for the process of installing swamp apk is not as easy as you think, you need to allow unknown source permissions first when you want to install it.

As for how to install RAWA Apk on android you can see as follows:

  • Download RAWA Apk via the link that we have inserted above.
  • Then you do backup chat data and others in whatsapp ori application.
  • After that, you can go to Settings.
  • Then sign in to Security and click Privacy.
  • Next check the Uninstallation from Unknown Source option.
  • If the Unknown Sources option is already enabled, please search for apk files from the RAWA App you downloaded.
  • Sign in in File Manager and select the Download option.
  • Click Install on ra WhatsApp Apk file.

However, there are a few differences between WhatsApp and RA. For example, when creating your profile name on the app you must include “R” at the beginning of it to distinguish yourself from other users who have previously used that particular combination of letters as their username for this platform. In addition to naming conventions, one can set up his/her own customized themes in order to be able receive updates about new features or changes made by programmers without having them appear too frequently within notifications received upon opening the application itself.

Although both applications revolve around receiving text messages through an instant messaging service based off phone numbers rather than email addresses like most chat apps out now they differ slightly with how each functions depending

Is RA WhatsApp Apk Safe to Use?

To know if an MOD application is safe, we must consider the developer of that mod. If a Modder follows and updates their modified applications to follow our Terms & Conditions policy ,they will be fine. However, excessive use can lead to negative or risky consequences such as account termination/suspension (with possible loss). To avoid this fate: always keep your apps up-to date!


Our goal is to provide information about RA WA MOD Apk latest version 2022 only for this reason, we will always update our review when there are newer features or improvements attached. Thank you and good luck!

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