Sound of Text WA Keren 2022 [iPhone, TikTok, Anime, BTS & Lainya]

Sound of Text – Everyone who uses Android &iOS-based smart devices will have the Whatsapp app installed. No wonder, if Whatsapp became the most used chat application of everyone around the world until now.

Besides being easy to operate, this popular chat app has a myriad of advanced features that help its users. There are tens to hundreds of interesting features that you can find, one of which is whatsApp’s Sound of Text feature.

Sound of Text WA feature is quite popular among netizens who use WA application, because it can turn text messages into an audio / voice. This feature is the latest feature breakthrough provided by the Developer recently.

You can take advantage of this feature when you want to have unique &cool ringtones to use on incoming message/call notifications in whatsapp app. How to create WA ringtones using the typical sound of “google text” can be said quite easily.

It’s just that there are still many WA users who don’t know how to create one yet. Therefore, in this review we have prepared how to make text into a typical ringtone google text sound using Sound of Text WA.

About Sound of Text

You need to know, text converter site so ringtone sounds are intended for WhatsApp users only. But there are also those who say it can be used for all chat applications, but more often used to make whatsapp ringtones.

Actually, text converter sites so sound is not just Sound of Text Whatsapp only. Previously there was a site with almost the same function that can convert text to MP3 audio.

Services from text converter sites so mp3 audio sound can be enjoyed as much as you want without having to spend money to pay. You can find a selection of sound types from different countries here.

This is one of the reasons Sound of Text WA site is very liked by users of this online chat application. If you can’t wait to try making WA ringtones using the sound of the text of the sentence made, see more as follows.

How to Create WA Ringtones in Sound of Text


Using unique &cool, custom-made ringtones for message notifications and incoming calls in the WhatsApp app becomes its own attraction. Moreover, the sound of notification results from the sentences you make, may be more interesting and special when heard.

Well for those of you who are interested in trying to make it, you should not skip this review that we provide. Because, we have provided several tutorials to make text sound through Sound of Text.

To create a Whatsapp notification using text / sentence you can follow the following tutorial:

  • Please access the official website of the Sound of Text addressed
  • Then fill in the available fields with funny sentences as you wish to be converted into mp3 audio or sound.
  • After that, you can press “Submit”.
  • Wait for the process to succeed.
  • Later the result will appear, click “Play” if you want to listen or click “Download” if you want to download the result in Mp3 format.

That’s the way you can do when you want to try to convert text / sentences to sound using site. Good luck.

Latest WhatsApp Sound of Text List 2022

Since the site went viral and is in high demand by WA users, the developers of the site often update by presenting a variety of sound options.

Among them, there is already a BTS Sound of text, Naruto voice, Javanese language, Male &Woman voice, iPhone sound of text and Baby voice. If you want to try everything, please follow every tutorial that we prepared well.

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1. Sound of Text BTS

Perhaps today, Indonesian people, especially women/ women, idolize Korean Kpop artists, namely BTS. Of course, BTS fans are eager to use the voice of BTS members to be a notification for WA.

This kind of desire can be realized by utilizing Sound of Text BTS. Because, the site prepare a sound selection similar to the members of BTS Kpop from Korea. So, how do I create one? Here’s the full tutorial:

  • Please log in to the site through the browser on your mobile phone.
  • Click the “Voice” menu to select a language, you select “Korean”
  • Then enter the sentence you want to convert into the typical voice of BTS members.
  • If you have, you can directly press the “Submit” option
  • Wait a few seconds for the result to come out and the “Play” and “Download” options appear
  • “Play” option to listen directly to the results, “Download” option to download mp3 audio results or sounds you make.

You can follow the tutorial above, if you want to use whatsapp notifications typical voice Kpop BTS artist.

2. Sound of Text Javanese, Sundanese, Madura

The process of making ringtones using javanese, sundanese or madura language is slightly different from the tutorial at number 1. Because, the site that helps the process of creating it is not a text to spech whatsapp site, but rather a “google translate”

Please note, google translate does not yet support the Download/Download feature. So, the result of converting text to Javanese language can not be downloaded directly. You need to use the help of Tools from third parties, so that the voice of Google Javanese, Sundanese and Madura can be downloaded.

For more details, you can listen and follow carefully every step we give in the following tutorial:

  • First, you enter “Google Translate Javanese, Sundanese or Madura”
  • Enter directly the sentence in Javanese or Sundanese or Madura that you want to convert into voice or Ringtone Mp3.
  • To record the result, you open the URL then press the “MIC Red Color” icon to use the “Record” option
  • Next click the icon “MIC 2” in “Google Translate”
  • Then click “SAVE”

3. Sound of Text Doraemon, Naruto &Spongebob Characters

Google Text’s distinctive voice that you can change by utilizing the next soundoftex site anime sounds such as Doraemon, Naruto, Spongebob or others. But unfortunately, for now the choice of the anime character’s voice is not yet available on the site.

But for anime lovers do not need to worry, we will provide other alternatives that are quite interesting to try. We have prepared how to change the text to sound like the Japanese cartoon anime characters, such as Goku, Vegeta and others.

Please just follow the tutorial below well:

  • Open your phone and access the https://vo.vodes/ site.
  • Then enter in the “DropDown” menu
  • Then click the “Anime &Cartoon” option
  • Choose the type of sound you want to make a WA ringtone / notification, we recommend choosing the sound “Vageta” because the sound type is almost similar to the main tokon anime Naruto.
  • Then create a sentence as you wish, later this sentence will be changed to the typical voice of the anime character Naruto.
  • Please record the results with Tools (online>voice>
  • Press “Speak” when you want to get or listen to the resulting sound.
  • If you want to download the file immediately from the results you created, you can download it via online tools=>voice=>
  • Good luck.

If you feel confused or difficult in following the way we share above, you do not have to hesitate to take difficult steps to us by commenting.

4. Sound of Text Male / Adult Male

For girls who want to have wa notifications with the voice of handsome and cute men, you can make your own with the help of site directly.

Because, the site supports the process of converting text into adult pira sounds. Then, how do I use it? You can follow the full tutorial as follows:

  • Please access the site at
  • Use “Bahasa Indonesia” by selecting it in the “Leguage And Regions” menu bar
  • Select the voice of “Henry” or “Box David” available in the “Voices” menu column
  • Then you can create any sentence that will later be converted into Adult Male “google text” Voice.
  • To try to listen click “Play” if you want to save it directly click “Download”
  • As careful as you try.

5. Sound of Text Women, Girls, Women

If you want to try making ringtones for Whatsapp notifications robot sounds “google text” very natural, maybe buddy needs to apply this tutorial we provide.

Sound of text Women you can create through the site Botika Text To Whatsapp, this site is equipped with advanced technology called “Neural Network”.

In order not to waste any more time, you can follow the tutorial below. In order to immediately make a woman’s voice through botika text to wa:

  • Visit the site first on
  • Instantly create a sentence that you want to convert into a female voice voice in the column “Text To Speech”
  • Please select a type or style of speaking female / girll / girl / girl.
  • Next click “Captca” to prove you’re open “Robot”
  • Wait for the results to appear.
  • Click “Play” dengarkar and click “Download” to download the botika text to speech file for Women’s voice.

6. Sound of Text iPhone (iOS)

If you are using an Android-based smart device, but want to feel using notifications such as whatsapp application on iPhone (iOs). Maybe now you can feel it by utilizing this site.

Because, sound of text wa can make sounds / notifications wa like iPhone, curious how to make it ? Let’s see how to make it like the following tutorial:

  • Start your Android device and visit the site
  • Specify the language you want to use, such as Bahasa Indonesia or English in the “Voice” menu bar
  • You enter directly the sentence “Change Iphone Voice” or other.
  • Then click “Submit”
  • As always, wait for the process to run until it’s complete.
  • Later will appear the results under which there are options “Play” and “Download”

How to Install Sound of Text So Message &Call Notifications on WhatsApp

Sound of Text WA Keren 2021 [iPhone, TikTok, Anime, BTS &others]

If you have followed the reviews until this process, maybe you already know some ways to make text sound through the we described above.

To install it into WhatsApp Ringtones/Notifications, you need to do several steps first. For the first time, you can just follow the tutorial that we will give below.

The process of installing Sound of Text files to be used as Ringtones or Notifications Of Incoming Messages & Calls Whatsapp Application, you can do so by following the steps below:

  • Open the android/iOs smart device you are using.
  • Go to Settings or HP Settings.
  • Find the “Sound And Vibration” menu to enter “MP3 File” from Sound of Text.
  • Select Sound &Vibration and enter the “Ringtone” option
  • Then press “Icon” then select “MP3 File”
  • If the “MP3 File” has been successfully inserted into Whatsapp Ringtones, you can try applying it.
  • Please open the “WhatsApp” app
  • Select the “Three Dots” icon and go to “Settings”
  • Tap the “Notifications” scroll menu until you find the “Notification Tone” option
  • After that, please select “MP3 File” created with Sound of Text.
  • Please set for Incoming Message notifications or WhatsApp App Phone Calls &video.
  • Good luck.

That’s if the steps that need to be done when you want to try using WA notifications using MP3 Files created on Sound of Text.

Follow well and correctly every step we gave in the tutorial above, so that the process of installing Notifications can be successfully done without finding any obstacles.

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The Benefits of WhatsApp Sound of Text

You can get the advantages of site when using it. Different when you want to convert text to sound using other sites.

So, what are the advantages of For those who are curious about the advantages that text converter sites have so this one voice, you can find out by looking at the following summary:

1. User Fiendly Display

The main advantage that site has is that it gives a simple look, so that everyone who uses the site will not find any difficulties.

2. Not Long Process

Most people think if you want to change text to sound, it will take a long time. In fact, the process that the site to convert text to sound is very fast.

You only have to wait about 3 minutes, the results will appear immediately.

3. Voice Character Selection

Another advantage is that it provides dozens of different types of sounds that you can use. Perhaps this is one of the main advantages and becomes the attraction of soundoftext sites in the eyes of WA users.

Actually there are still many other advantages that the site converts sentences into the voice.

For those of you who want to turn WA notifications into self-generated “Google Text” sounds. We have prepared the way briefly but clearly below.

How to Change WhatsApp Ringtones

You just need to do a few steps, then the wa ringtone will be successfully converted into Sound of Text. Here’s a tutorial that you can follow, if you want to change the ringtone in WA:

  • Run your Android &iOs device.
  • Tap WhatsApp app to get started with it.
  • Please tap the “Three Point” icon located in the top corner.
  • Then click the Settings menu.
  • In the Settings menu, you select the Notifications option.
  • Please replace it with the MP3 File you downloaded from

That way, now notifications or ringtones in whatsApp application you already use Sounds made on the site or botika Text to Speech Whatsapp site.1700+ FF Sultan Free Accounts Full Skin Latest 2022 [Asli No Tipu]


Maybe for now, the discussion about WhatsApp Sound of Text is quite up here. But when there are new things about this site, we will update this review soon.

If you want to ask something about the above reviews, please leave the question in the comments field. Thanks and good luck!

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