Download TikTok Lite Apk Latest Version 2022 [Android and iOS]

TikTok Lite Apk – Tiktok is social media after Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter and so on. Tiktok app offers its users to express their style and face through the features and effects provided.

Recently, Tiktok lite application version of Tiktok PTE Ltd which in this application is an alternative way that is very suitable for users who have unstable internet network connection.

Similar to its name, Tiktok offers a lightweight capacity and can save more memory smartphone and internet kouta that you use.

So it’s not strange anymore if tiktok lite application offers a lighter version and smaller to use in developing countries when the bandwidth is quite low.

Actually, not only Tiktok application that releases the lite version, but Google, Facebook also offers a lite version. Well some other platforms are Facebook Lite, Gmail Go, Youtube Lite, Instagram Lite and various other platforms.

About TikTok Lite

Tiktok Lite app is a short video social media platform accompanied by music. You can choose to share videos within the app according to your individual tastes.

Whether it’s music in the form of dance, freestyle or expression. Users can use the app to imagine very freely and can also publish it with unlimited expressions.Download GB WhatsAPP APK Latest Version 2022

Tiktok Lite offers a special design, where users can create unique and creative short videos easily and quickly.

Not only that, Tiktok developer PTE Ltd also provides options for its users to be able to share videos of content that they make both sent to friends, friends and even the world’s leaders.

Tiktok Lite itself is the successor of its previous application which is one of the regular versions, certainly not without reason this application was launched.

The main reason is that some smartphones with low spec often experience lag or broken on sat using the original TikTok.

After seeing the complaint, the developer tikTok PTE Ltd took the initiative by making a light version.

TikTok App Has Tabs For You

Download TikTok Lite Apk Latest Version 2021 [Android and iOS]

Because they are both produced by Byte Dance, the original Tiktok app and Tiktok Lite have a variety of similarities, one of which is Tab For You which has embedded some unique and interesting short videos.

Users can swipe up to see the next short video that has been uploaded by other users, swipe the screen down to see the content that has been viewed before.

Fyp tab also relies on algorithms so that some of the content that has been shown in accordance with the activities, hobbies and interests of its users.

Then the content you upload can be commented on like the original Tiktok video. You can also download, share or like the content to your friends, friends or friends. The appearance of comments, likes and so on is the same in the right position of the video.

To create a Video For You, users of the original tiktok app and Tiktok Lite just need to click the icon (+) in the bottom center and select the option whether you are recording a video or taking it through the smartphone gallery.

Before uploading, you can add some effects such as music, captions, tags, stickers, covers, templates and so on.

Latest TikTok Lite Features 2022

Download TikTok Lite Apk Latest Version 2021 [Android and iOS]

If you use Tiktok Lite version of the application, there are certainly differences with the regular version issued first. Regarding any features that you can use in this application, then you can see the full list below:

  • You can upload a video with a maximum duration of 1 minute or 60 seconds if it is more than that, it will be truncated.
  • There are so many Filter Effects that you can use for free to embellish the videos you upload.
  • Can add Sound Background which is definitely getting cool and interesting again the video you upload.
  • It has a “Display” that is easy for us to use so that new users can immediately understand about its features.
  • Servers that reach all over the world, so you can share some of your videos to all users in different worlds.
  • It has a For You Page feature or what we commonly call FYP that makes some of your videos make money (rupiah) from advertising.
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Advantages of Using TikTok Lite

Download TikTok Lite Apk Latest Version 2021 [Android and iOS]

As for the advantages that you will get when you use this one Tiktok Lite Apk application:

1. Ukuran Aplikasi Ringan

The main advantage that you will get is that this Tiktok application has a fairly light file size. As we mentioned above, this application has a file size of only 48MB. With this very light file size, you can use this one application on all types of cellphones that have limited RAM.

2. Bisa Menghasilkan Uang

his is an advantage that has direct value, by using the Tiktok Lite Apk application, you will get a lot of money (rupiah).

You can earn a lot of money by watching a video, uploading a video and also using an invitation code.

However, if you want to get a lot of money, then you can use the invitation code that we will share below.

The invitation code that can generate a lot of money points is A93417308124, then you will get 100,000 points on the Tiktok application directly.

Until this article was published, it turns out that the TikTok developer has stopped or deleted the invitation code.

3. Tanpa Lag (Stabil)

If you use a cellphone with a fairly limited memory or use a GSM card that has a weak signal, then you must use this Tiktok Lite application.

Because by using this version of the Tiktok application, you will be able to watch or view short anti-lag videos or can be said to be stable.

That way, you will feel comfortable when watching or viewing videos without fear of lag again. That’s the advantage that you will get!

Therefore, the admin recommends that you use the Tiktok Lite application, because it can save your respective smartphone memory storage.

Download TikTok Lite Apk

For those of you who want to use this Tiktok application, the admin recommends that you use the latest version that the admin shares.

Because by using the new version of Tiktok Lite, then you will not miss the feature updates in this application.

Therefore, it is quite a loss if you do not use tiktok application on this one. Well to get the latest Tiktok Lite Apk application, then please you can get it through the download link that will be shared by the admin below.

But before that, it would be nice to see the information in the latest version of Tiktok application properly and correctly:

Latest Version

Name TikTok Lite
File Size 48M
Support Android 4.1+
Latest Updates July 27th, 2022
Number of Downloads 100.000.000+
Developer TikTok Pte. Ltd..

Please download tiktok Lite Apk app latest version through the link that admin will share the following for all of you, then automatically you will get points directly, the link is here.


If you have downloaded the latest version of Tiktok Lite Apk, you cannot install it. Then please see the guide as below.

How to Install TikTok Lite Apk

The apk file pairing process of course requires the user to enable unknown sources in the settings menu of each android phone, see more below:

  • First of all, please download tiktok lite apk has admin share above.
  • Furthermore, if you want to install the application then you must do unknown resources permissions.
  • Please enter on the Settings menu or the Settings menu.
  • Then, select the Security menu or the Security menu.
  • Next, you can find the Unknown Sources menu.
  • Then click by checking or checking the small box next to the text and activate it.
  • If you have, then you can continue by pressing the Install button.
  • Wait for the Install process to complete.
  • Open and use the TikTok app now.

Basically you have to activate Unknown Sources first and then you can install the Tiktok Lite app that you get from third-party developers.


There are many advantages that you will get if you use tiktok lite application that admins share above.

By downloading the latest version of Tiktok Lite app from this admin site, then you will also get 100,000 points or you use the code that the admin shared above can also get 100,000 points.

Please also invite your friends to use the invitation code that the admin shared above.

Maybe that’s all we can share for all of you about TikTok Lite Apk Latest Version 2022,hopefully useful. Thank you, our respect!

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