Viu Premium Mod Apk Download Terbaru 2022 Selamanya

Know that Viu Premium Mod Apk is a type of live streaming video application or for watching Korean drama films. The application is made by a third party that has gone through a modification process, so there is no need to doubt the features and advantages. By using this application you can watch your favorite drama movies for free without ads.

Who doesn’t like Korean drama films, it can be said that almost all millennial generations today like them. The drama genre series that you can watch are also very diverse, ranging from science fiction, romantic comedy, action, horror, to the history of the royal era. Well, you can watch everything only with the Viu Premium Mod Apk application.

Interestingly, in this Mod Apk version, you will be presented with various interesting and premium features. Everything you can access and use for free without being charged at all. So don’t be surprised if many use a modified version of this Viu application instead of the original version. This is a good opportunity for you to take advantage of your spare time at home.

Well, the Viu application also offers a premium or paid version, so you have to make a payment first to be able to subscribe and enjoy all its features. That’s why we provide a modified version so that you get all these premium features for free as much as possible in their use. Later we will share the download link below.

Viu Premium Mod Apk Streaming Application Review

Viu Premium Mod Apk

Live streaming video applications are currently being sought after, because apart from being entertaining, they can also make money through being a host and so on. But so far we think the Viu Premium Mod Apk application is far superior to the others. The application also specifically focuses on Asian content, so it is very suitable for drama viewers.

With the Over The Top platform (OTT) system, the Viu application is able to present various interesting content shows directly to its users on the internet online through its platform. Then the Viu application itself was released right in 2015 in Hong Kong, where at that time there were still few users and still sounded foreign around them.

Starting from the popularity of Korean dramas, whose fans are increasingly booming, then Viu Premium Mod Apk is increasingly in demand in the market. Now many drakor fans use this application, because it has many interesting features and is far superior to the others. You can also download the original version on the Google Play Store service, it’s only limited.

When you use the official version of the Viu application, don’t be surprised too many features are locked, and to be able to open or enjoy it you have to upgrade to a premium subscription version. It’s different with the Mod Apk version which provides interesting, sophisticated features, and everything has been opened automatically since you have successfully installed the application.

Featured Features of Viu Premium Mod Apk App

Well, the Viu Premium Mod Apk application or the results of its modifications are able to present various interesting and latest features that can provide satisfaction for all users. Later we will share the download link below. But before that there are some interesting features that you must know thoroughly, so that later you can enjoy it more every time you use it.

So what are the interesting features of the Viu Premium Mod Apk application? Here we present the explanation below:

1. Premium Unlocked

The first excellent feature is that in this modified version, the Viu application provides premium services that you can enjoy to your heart’s content. There are many premium features that are open, it’s just that not all of the available content is open through watching ads. Therefore, if you are looking for some premium features, please download them later via the link that we will share.

2. Can Watch Favorite Entertainment

There are many types of entertainment content that will accompany you every time you access the application, one of which is your favorite, most popular, or newest Korean drama. You must use the latest version of the Viu application if you really like drakor. Moreover, most Indonesian netizens use the application with the genre of comedy, action, romance, and others.

3. Anti -Advertising

Surely you yourself often find the appearance of advertisements in several similar video live streaming applications, of course very annoying, right? Especially if the ad is in the form of a video that is difficult to remove. But not with this Viu Premium Mod Apk application, because the developer has designed it in such a way, so you won’t be bothered by these ads anymore.

That way you can focus more on watching your favorite shows without any sudden annoying ads appearing. That’s why many drakor fans choose the modified version of the Viu application, because it is really very satisfying and impressive during the use of the application.

4. Have a Mobile Interface

The Viu application has also been around for more than 5 years with the latest innovations that are often launched, one of which is continuous updates. The goal is none other than to provide convenience and application features that are much more attractive than the previous version. Not only that, the display it presents is quite simple but looks interesting.

For you new users, you don’t need to worry when you want to access the application, because this application makes it easy for anyone who wants to use it.

5. Super HD Video Quality

Here you can also determine the quality of the desired video, from low quality to super HD. Interesting right? This is so that the users really feel satisfied when watching the video shows that are taking place, whether it’s a movie or something else. The point is, please specify the desired resolution up to the maximum limit of 1080p.

6. Sub Indonesia

Interestingly, even though this application is made from Hong Kong, it is clear that the language will be different, but in it there is a choice of language as desired. One of them you can add Indonesian and English subtitles. That way we can better understand and understand each plot and storyline according to the language that is mastered.

7. Download Video

Not only Indonesian subtitles are available, each user can also take advantage of the available download features. This means that if you are supported by a super stable internet network, please download some desired videos to watch them at a later time when you are in an area with poor signal. We think this feature is quite helpful and makes it easier for users.

8. Connect to Smart TV

This Smart TV feature allows users to watch streaming video shows much clearer. This means that you can connect it to other devices, whether it’s a laptop, PC. Smart Television, and more. Later you only need to enter the code pair to connect it via a personal hotspot to make it look wider and watch it maximally.

9. No Login Required

Your last excellent feature will be made easy when you want to watch drakor using this Viu Premium Mod Apk application. How not every user is not required to login especially the song to access it. You can automatically connect without the hassle and can enjoy all the premium access for free and to your heart’s content.

Download the latest Viu Premium Mod Apk application link 2022

For those of you who are interested in the modified version of the Viu Premium Mod Apk application, here we will share the download link. Also make sure the device you are going to use really supports, or at least a version above 4.0 Android. This is so that the process of using the application runs smoothly without bugs, errors, or other obstacles.

Application Name Viu Premium Mod Apk
Developer Vuclip Mobile Video
App Size 22MB
Version V1.1.2
OS Minimum Android 5.0+
Price Free

Also make sure you download the application file via the link we shared above, because it is a safe and trustworthy link. As for if you don’t use the link, then please search on the internet because there are so many available. With a note on a reliable and safe source.

Now, if you pay attention, there are lots of manipulative download links that are intentionally made for specific purposes, so what we are worried about is that the files are infiltrated by a type of malware virus that can damage the system performance of the device itself. Although not all Mod Apk applications are dangerous, it’s just that security is very important to pay attention to.

Here’s How to Install Viu Premium Mod Apk

Since the Viu Premium Mod Apk application is modified, the installation process also has slight differences from the applications you usually download via the device’s Play Store. You must first give permission and activate the unknown source. That way the application of this type of modification can later be installed on the device.

For more details, please follow the steps regarding how to install the Mod Apk version of the Viu application on the device, as follows:

  • The first step is to make sure you have actually succeeded in downloading the Viu Premium Mod Apk application by using the download link that we have shared above.
  • If so, make sure you don’t open it first.
  • Please go to the Settings menu available on each device.
  • Then look for the Privacy / Security menu.
  • Next, please check the Unknown Sources text for the activation process or give permission related to the application that you will install on the device.
  • After that find the downloaded file in the File Manager.
  • Click the application and Install.
  • Wait for the process until it says successful.
  • Good luck.

How easy is the application installation process not? We recommend that you follow all the steps in order as we described above. If later there is only one step that is not appropriate, then it is likely that the application will not be perfect when you use it. That way you have to re-download and reinstall the app on your device.

But first, please uninstall the application that failed to install earlier to avoid spam files that can burden the performance of a device.

Differences Viu Premium Mod Apk Application and Original Version

Well, even though the Viu Premium Mod Apk has been modified in such a way with the addition of the latest features that seem interesting and far superior, of course this application is also inseparable from all its shortcomings. Because no matter how sophisticated the type of application, it always has two sides, advantages and disadvantages. By knowing the difference, you can take it into consideration later.

What’s more so far we ourselves have not found an application that is truly at the point of perfection. So do not be surprised even though the modifications still have drawbacks. In more detail, we will convey the differences between each version, as follows:

Viu Premium Original

  • Unable to Download Movies – In the original version this Viu application does not provide download access to its users. As for if you want to download it to device storage it is not free and there are specific ways.

For example, you have to use a downloader application, or you have to be willing to make a payment to be able to subscribe and have free access.

  • There are still ads – you will still find ads for themselves as long as you use the official version, because ads are one of the income fields that will be obtained by the developer. So don’t be surprised if you still find various ad appearances, such as video forms, and others.

If you want to get rid of it, you have to upgrade to the premium version or use a modified version.

  • Access Paid Premium Features – The use of the Play Store version of the Viu application will not be as free as the modified version. This means that the premium features in it cannot be easily accessed by you. If you want it, like it or not, you have to top up, whether weekly, monthly, or yearly. That way, the premium features will be unlocked.
  • Available on the Play Store – If you are interested in the original version, you don’t need to bother looking for the download link, because it is already available on the Play Store of each device. You just type the name of the application, it will automatically appear on the screen surface.

Viu Premium Mod Apk

  • Can Download Movies to Devices – Interestingly, in this Mod Apk version, each user is given access to download various content they want without the hassle.
  • Ad-Free – You will no longer be bothered by the appearance of ads while using Viu Premium Mod Apk, because the application has been modified in such a way for the convenience of its users.
  • Free Premium Features – All the premium features available in the modified version of the Viu app are unlocked from the moment you successfully install them on your device. This means that you no longer need to top up and the like to be able to unlock these premium features.
  • Special Links – It’s just that if you later want to install the application on your device, you must first look for the download link from a valid and trusted source. That’s why we share the download link above so you don’t have to bother looking for it.
  • Risky – Finally, the use of this Mod Apk type application is actually very risky, whether it is banned, attacked by malware, and others. But if you are at the right source, of course, nothing dangerous will happen.

Now you know the difference between each version, right? Whether it’s the original version or the modified version, all of them have their respective advantages and disadvantages. But if you want satisfaction and fun with a different impression while watching live streaming, then Viu Premium Mod Apk is the solution.


  • Does Viu Premium Mod Apk work?

So far the Mod Apk version of the Viu Premium application is safe, meaning that there have been no reports of problems during the use of the application.

  • How many specifications are needed for Android?

This application is ideal for middle-class Android users, and the specs they need are only around 1 GB of RAM with Android versions above 5.0.

  • Is Viu Premium Free?

Yes, the Viu Premium Mod Apk application is free to use for anyone, and users can enjoy free and free access to premium features.

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