Download WhatsApp Plus (WA Plus) Mod Apk Latest Version 2022

WA Plus is a modded variant of WhatsApp that has many more features than the original. It provides some extra customization options and privacy controls for users on Android or iOS devices who want to have an alternative chat application. To learn about all these great addition, check out this Poltekkes article which discusses them in detail…

WA Plus APK is a modified version of the popular social networking app, WA. It has many attractive features that are loved by netizens.

Recently there have been talks about how people love Modified Apps because they give you more control over your online experience and provide additional useful tools for users to make their lives better in some way or another . If one wants to read up on what our thoughts regarding these apps please continue following this review until it’s complete!

About WhatsApp Plus

Whatsapp plus is one of the latest modifications that comes with some unique features. For example, it has a download feature for statuses and wide selection of emojis to choose from! Millennials are captivated by these perks so whatsapp+ keeps them hooked on their phones.

Features of WhtasApp Plus

Whatsapp plus is the same as WA MOD in general but has more features. This application can compete with the original version of Whatsapp!

1. Thema > Custom Thema Options

Whatsapp plus is a chat app that allows you to choose various themes for your chats. You can use them so you don’t get bored of the same old look in Whatsapp application!

2. Emoji Options

The next feature of wa plus is the Emoji Feature with various types. There are many emoji that you can get for free, after installing the app and it has a lot more than in its original version which makes this MOD ideal for teens as well as adults.

3. Download / Unduh Status Orang Lain

With Whatsapp Plus, you no longer have to bother with the process of saving someone’s status since one feature is automatically activated. This then saves your friend or person in contact on your phone and allows you to download their WhatsApp statuses anytime without hassle!

4. Status Online 

Users who want to stay undisturbed will love this feature. They can remain invisible even if they are using WhatsApp, and their friends won’t know that they’re online!

5. Transfer File

WhatsApp, a popular messaging application that allows users to send texts and photos in real time, does have one drawback: it only has a 16MB transfer limit. Some people are now using WhatsApp Plus instead because of its larger file size allowance.

Download Whatsapp Plus Apk Terbaru 2022

In order to understand the other features in a modified Whatsapp, you should download it right away. The only way is through downloading its original apk from us because Google Store and Appstore will not have them anymore.

There are many people who want to use the app, so we have prepared it for you.

APK Name WhatsApp Plus MOD
Developer HeyMods
Size File 48.45MB
OS Andorid 5.0+

How to Install Whatsapp App Plus Mod Apk

In order to install the apps we share, you must first download a special program that allows these applications from an external source.

But you do not have to worry, we have already figured out how to install whatsapp plus MOD on android in full as follows:

  • Download WhatsApp Plus MOD Apk first via the link we share in the review.
  • After that, go in the Android phone Settings used.
  • Then look for the Security option and select the Unknoown Source menu.
  • Please tick a small box to enable the option.
  • Next you look for the file you just downloaded in the File Manager menu.
  • Please click INSTALL if you have found the Apk File.
  • Wait while the installation prosses are running.
  • Done and now the application is installed alias installed.

You need to know, when you want to own and use whatsapp plus application, you should first check the RAM capacity of your smart device.

Because, this WA MOD application only supports android devices with RAM capacity above 2GB and has a minimum storage space of 4GB.

How to Use WhatsApp Plus MOD App

Have you downloaded Whatsapp Plus Pro or Premium app on your android device? After successfully installing the application, there are some HP settings that you need to change first before using it. How do I use wa plus pro premium? Read below for a full review of this super awesome messaging application.
• Have installed whatsapp plus pro or premium  application and want to know how to start using them
• There are few things about “how-to” with WhatsApp+Pro App; we’ll provide complete overview here!

Privacy &Security

When you are new to whatsapp plus pro, the first thing you need to pay attention is privacy and security settings. You should change these things as soon as possible because if a person with bad intentions gets access through your account they will be able spy on all of your messages without being caught.

Therefore, you need to set wa plus Privacy &Security settings first before using it. The setting method is quite simple, you just need to follow the following tutorial:

  • Press the three-line icon positioned in the top corner.
  • Select the Plus Settings option.
  • Then click Privacy &Security settings.
  • After that there will appear some settings and instructions to set it.
  • Please learn one by one the settings.

WhatsApp Plus Display Settings

How to set the display settings in whatsapp mod apk premium /pro app is actually very easy to do. Since we are being kind, we will give the full tutorial as follows:

  • UNIVERSAL Settings: Is an interface setting, you can definitely set it to your own liking.
  • THEME Settings: Whatsapp Plus prepares various themes, you can install one of the existing themes and can be custom as you like.
  • Chat Screen : Please set the chat screen as interesting as possible, so that you are always comfortable when chatting with others.

Is Whatsapp Plus Apk Safe to Use ?

We think apps and games from outside the playstore/app store are very risky to use. It’s because they don’t have a reliable security system, so it can be dangerous for users.

We are not liable for any damage that may occur, but luckily there have been no complaints about the app so far.


That’s if our review with the core discussion about Download Whatsapp Plus MOD Apk. If you want to ask, please leave a comment in this column!

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