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X8 Sandbox – Love playing online games? Moreover, the game is Mobile Legends, Free Fire or Higgs Domino , you must really like it. But sometimes you find lag problems while playing, so you feel annoyed and end the game.

But don’t worry, now an application has emerged that can solve the problem of lag or slowness in an online game. The name of the application is X8 Sandbox which serves to speed up the gameplay of an online game.

In addition to the main function of speeding up gameplay, you can also use this application to cheat/cheat when playing higgs domino games and other online games. That said, this application is almost the same as X8 Speeder or Game Guardian.

For those of you who have a hobby of playing online games, we recommend installing the X8 Sandbox application on Android, iOS or PC. So, the game-playing activities that you always do will never experience lag problems.

In this review, we have included the download link for the Apk for free. In addition, we will also review the application in detail, so that you understand more about X8 Sandbox, see the full review.

About X8 Sandbox

X8 Sandbox

X8 Sandbox is an application from a third party specially made for all gamers. Where, you can immediately enjoy the advantages of the application in the form of accelerating the speed of an online game.

That way, you can more easily and quickly complete a game in one of the games being played. If you are a Higgs Domino Island player, this application is very useful for you to win every Higgs Domino game.

Another advantage that you can get from this application is that it does not require a root system when installing it. You can also find cheat options in it, are you interested?

The way the Sandbox application works is simple, but you need to use a 2GB/32GB RAM smartphone. Because, the file size of the application is quite large. Because, in it there are dozens of advanced features and every feature must be useful, here’s a list of features.

X8 Sandbox features

You can use all the features presented by the X8 Sandbox application for free, whether it’s to be applied in the Higgs Domino game or other online games that already support this application.

For those who haven’t downloaded the x8 sandbox apk for Android, iOS or PC, of ​​course you don’t know the features of the application. But don’t worry, we’ve summarized it below.

1. Speed Hack

As at the beginning of the discussion, the X8 Sandbox application has the main feature of Speed ​​Hack. That is, this feature can speed up the speed of playing an online game like Higgs Domino.

How to activate the feature is quite simple, you just need to enter in Settings and then activate the feature directly so you can use it immediately.

2. Picture in Picture ( PIP )

One of the advanced features embedded in this application is the PIP or Picture In Picture feature. When you activate this feature, you can see the online games that are being played even if you open other applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Youtube.

3. Resolution

Furthermore, there is an advanced feature in the form of Resolution, you will get full HD image quality when activating this feature. The resolution options also vary, you can choose what you want without having to pay.

4. No Ads

Almost all app modders have embedded the No Ads feature in their apps. Including the Sandbox application, you can find the No Ads feature in it.

That way, you will be more comfortable when using the application. Because, all types of ad ads will be blocked automatically by the application, if you have activated the no ads/no ads feature.

5. No Root

If you have downloaded the X8 sandbox apk, how to install it can be done directly without a root system first. Because, this application has been equipped with advanced features in the form of No Root, so it will be very easy to use.

6. No Account Register

Each application definitely requires a registration process or account creation first, so you can start using it. But in this application you don’t need to do it.

After installing the application, you can immediately use it without the need to register or register an account first.

7. Anti Banned

In the modern era, which application is not equipped with an anti-ban feature? Almost all of them have embedded this feature in it, including the X8 Sandbox Higgs Domino application.

Maybe this is the main factor that this application is very popular, because it has an anti-ban feature embedded. So, users don’t worry about their account getting banned.

Download X8 Sandbox Apk Android , iOS dan PC

If you already know the set of features of the sandbox application that we have summarized above, maybe you are starting to get interested and want to download the application immediately. But keep in mind, this application has a fairly large file size, so prepare a 2GB/32GB RAM cellphone first.

For more details, please read the information brought by the X8 Sandbox APK Higgs Domino application below:

Name X8 Sandbox
File Size 346MB
New version v.
Operating system Android 5.0+
Category Application
Price For free

Cara Install X8 Sandbox Higgs Domino

If you have successfully downloaded the application, you can immediately carry out the installation process. So that you can use the X8 Sandbox application immediately and enjoy all the advanced features for free.

But before that, you need to give permission in an option in the settings of the android device used. In order to facilitate the x8 sandbox installation process, you just follow the following tutorial:

  • Download X8 Sandbox Apk first.
  • Then go to Settings .
  • Go in File Manager to find the APK file you just downloaded.
  • Click the APK FILE then select INSTALL .
  • If the Unknown Source notification appears, it’s a sign that you haven’t given permission to that option.
  • The way to give permission is quite easy, you just need to tick the small box in the notification.
  • You can continue the installation process and wait for it to finish.
  • Good luck.

Follow each step that we present above in order, so that the x8 sandbox domino application can be successfully installed on your smartphone. For how to use it, we have also prepared a tutorial. You can see it below.

How to Use X8 Sandbox Apk

You can’t use the x8 sandbox application properly? Therefore, we will provide the complete steps. So, for those of you who are using this application for the first time, you may immediately understand with the following tutorial from us:

  • Open the android device that you are using.
  • Run the application by tapping the logo.
  • The first step, you can choose the online game you want to play through the x8 sandbox. How to click the ADD APPS menu.
  • Online games that are on your cellphone will be displayed automatically in this application.
  • Determine the online games that will be added to the application, so that you can speed up the game play. For example, higgs domino.
  • Then press the OPEN option.
  • The process will run, please just wait for it to finish.
  • Now, play the game and set the speed to your liking.

If you encounter problems such as the application ERROR or cannot be opened, the most likely cause is that the smart device you are using does not support this application. Please update to the latest android version.

Is X8 Sandbox Apk Safe?

Not a few users ask questions like this, is the application safe to use? Even though the application is equipped with an anti-ban feature, we recommend that you always be careful when using it.

Tips to avoid getting banned, you must always update the application to the latest version. That’s the single most powerful way to prevent the risk of being banned.


Hopefully the X8 Sandbox Apk Higgs Domino Review that we provide can be understood & understood well by loyal readers of poltekkes.id. Bye and thank you!

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