Doraemon X APK MOD v1.0.8 Free Download For Android

Doraemon X APK MOD v1.0.8 Free Download For Android
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Have you seen the Japanese Doraemon cartoon? If you watched then you will be excited when I tell you about Doraemon x apk. And how would you feel if I told you that you too can be a part of it? And with it, you can use all the Doraemon gadgets you like through the Doraemon X mod apk. Doraemon X is a 2D video game for Android users based on the story of the Doraemon animated series.

It is a popular Android game that contains numerous levels and all the characters of the series. Special Kids can play this gorgeous game with fun and enjoyment. You can download the latest edition of the game from our websites free of cost with all the modded and premium features to enhance the gameplay experience.

Story & Gameplay of Doraemon X APK

A robot cat comes to the future at the Nobita house through a time travel drawer. The robotic cat is Doraemon and nobita is the main character of the game. They both make friends and live a wonderful life. Doraemon has millions of magical and amazing gadgets that he took from the future. Nobita was amazing to see the gadget and each of them has its unique ability. He change the life of nobita and turned it into a magical world where he can able to use all the gadgets.

In the Doraemon X apk, you will able to use all the gadgets and complete the missions. The game contains numerous levels and each level has its own gameplay. Some levels involve you in the adventures and magical world and some only have the puzzles and casual game. And you will also explore mysterious levels which increase the fun and enjoyment of gameplay.

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Face difficult and easy challenges while playing the games. Like other games, you do not have weapons and other tools to play the game but also use the Doraemon gadgets which are the big sources to complete missions.

Most Doraemon series viewers want to play these games on their desired smartphones and tablets. Actually, it is a role-playing game and you will play the game as a Nobita and face daily challenges in the levels as the real story of the series. While playing, you will meet with Gian, Cuneo, Shizuka, and other school friends and be able to complete some levels with their help of them. Usually, the story and gameplay are based on the real series story.

Famous Game Characters

Doraemon x apk has all the famous characters such as Nobita, Gian, Cuneo, Shizuka, and Nobita’s mom and dad. When you play a game then you can take the role of Nobita. You can also take the role of other characters but games contain different prices. It is a multi-game where you can play to make a genius, brave, older, and beautiful girl because these are all the qualities in Nobita’s friends. Some levels of Doraemon x apk you can’t complete without the support of your friends.

Play Mini Games

It provides an amazing gameplay experience but sometimes games feel bored while playing. To solve this game, the Doraemon X mod apk introduces the mini-game features which contain many games belonging to different categories such as action, arcade, puzzle, casual, and many more. The most popular games are Ludo, snooker, fire boy, worms zone, smokebox, snake, etc.

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Mini-games provide the payers to get extra realism and excitement and you can slowplay these games offline. In online mode, you can play with your friends and worldwide players. Most players play online ludo and snooker in this game. These games are the big sources to earn in-game money and gift. You can earn money and spend it to purchase extra items and gadgets. Some gadgets are paid for in this game that you can use to purchase them. 

Character Natak Puzzles

The main objective of this game is to solve the character natak puzzles. There are many mysterious puzzles you need to solve in this game to achieve your goal and complete levels. You can use different gadgets and would get help the friends to solve this.

Moreover, you will visit the different places through anywhere door. It is a magical door that takes your anywhere in the world just suggest the desired place name. Puzzle mysteries you will find from anywhere in the world. This feature is more reliable and exciting for all users. It offers a side journey for fundamental adventure.

Features of Doraemon x APK

It is the APK Game which contains additional features and amazing graphics. The style of this game is not boring rather it is just like the original series. All the graphics and art styles are the same as the series. It is suitable for all Android devices and does not require root devices. Doraemon x apk mod features are fantastic that ensure entertainment for every player. 

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Unlocked Characters

While playing the game you can select any character for your main players. In the Doraemon X mod apk, all the characters are unlocked and you can pick one of your favorites instead of nobita. Different characters have unique abilities and thinkings that will help you to solve puzzles. Suneo for smartness, Gian for bravery, and Shizuka for business. Otherwise, you should need to pay money to unlock these characters.

Unlimited Gadgets

The heart and soul of the Doraemon X game lie within the whimsical gadgets that bring wonder and magic to everyday life. In the original version, players can use gadgets in limited numbers. Sometimes, your game required gadgets locked in many levels and you can’t use them. But, If you play Doraemon x apk then you will able to use all the gadgets according to your need. There is no limit to using all gadgets whenever all the gadgets are unlocked.

Explore Various Places

Gamers must be able to explore the world’s best places while playing Doraemon x apk. It is a realistic game where Doraemon has a door that transfers from one place to another in just a few seconds without any travel. The other thing is you can go to the future where Doraemon came and visit the cities and explore new technology and ideas. 

Vivid Graphics and Realistic Interface

The game has visual vivid graphics and a realistic interface that allows the players to play the stunning game with realistic 2D animation. This game is the actual copy of original Doraemon manga series. Graphics, UI Interface, and all the desired places match the original content. Rather, all levels are based on the Doraemon series.

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Earn Money by Side Mission

If you need money then you have the option to complete the side missions and earn money by them. You can also earn money by playing mini-games which are the more enjoyable part of this game. Otherwise, Doraemon x apk provides you the unlimited money features, and spend any money without earning. This feature is only in the mod apk file that you will download from it.

FAQs of Doraemon X APK

You can play Doraemon x apk on both Android and IOS Devices. The APK File that you will download from our website is also suitable for IOS Devices.

Actually it is developed of kids under more then 12. It does not contain any harmful activity and content.


Embark on a laughter-filled journey like never before with Doraemon X APK. This captivating mobile game promises a delightful adventure with its lively graphics, immersive gameplay, and beloved characters. Whether you’re a Doraemon enthusiast or a gaming aficionado, this experience is a must-have. Step into a world where futuristic gadgets meet side-splitting humor, and where challenges await your clever solutions. Let Doraemon X APK transport you to a realm where friendship and fun prevail. With the future shining brightly and Doraemon as your companion, the possibilities are limitless. Embrace the virtual gadgets, and let the games begin!