pixel car racer mod apk

Pixel Car Racer MOD APK v1.2.3 Download (Unlimited Money & Gems)

Pixel Car Racer MOD APK v1.2.3 Download (Unlimited Money & Gems)

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A Retro Arcade Car Racing ultimate video game ignites the streets with a custom speed car. Race against the other players in a retro-style adrenaline rush. Download the pixel car racer MOD APK on your Android devices drive the fantastic cars on the dangerous tracks and race against the other to get the victory. Beautiful pixel art graphics are established in this car racing game with its stunning features and arcade-style gameplay. Get valuable rewards and upgrades of your cars on every victory.

Complex Terrains

There is a huge collection of all the cars players will get in this car racing game. All the cars have their own unique ability and amazing look. World’s best newest pixel-generated cars you can drive in pixel car racer game and fulfill your amazing car racing dream. When you will play the game the first time then you can only choose local cars and participate in local races. And when your rank will high then you will able to use all the amazing cars and also pick the cars from the collection.

pixel car racer mod apk

Race in Pixel World

Get the Car Racing Experience in the pixel world where everything is created in the form of pixels. A tiny dot is a pixel that you can see in the pixel world and the full game depends on the pixels. Your cars, roads, and the whole environment are established with pixels. Players will explore the tracks, deserts, sky, and pixelated land in the pixel car racer mod apk.

The full interface of the game is pixelated for the players including text, items, and resources. The game offers a wide range of vehicles and customization options to create unique racing experiences. If you’re a fan of racing games, you might also enjoy checking out Off The Road, another exciting title that offers off-road exploration and vehicle customization

Challenging Racing Modes

A Challenging racing game that contains various modes for the enhancement of gameplay. There are many game modes in which you can select one and play with excitement. Three modes of this game are below:

Drag Mode: It is the first mode of this game that you can apply at the start of races. With the use of this mode, you can easily defeat your opponents by pressing the power-up booster or gas cylinder. It will increase your car speed and you can also attack each opponent to defeat them.

Cruise Mode: It is the Second mode that allows players to explore the game environment at their speed, without the pressure of competing against other players or completing specified objectives under a set time restriction.

pixel car racer apk

Upgrades your Cars

This game allows the players to upgrade their favorite cars and give the unique look that they want to play the game. You can upgrade all cars through different resources like paint, sticker, tattoos, booster, gas cylinders, and many more for a unique look. All the resources that you need to upgrade your cars are available in this game but some of paid and free. Some items are locked but will be unlocked when you complete the starting levels. In the pixel car parking apk, all the items are free and unlocked and you do not need to wait to complete the levels. Just pick any item and enhance your car design for free.

Features of Pixel Car Racing MOD APK

There are many features in this game for the player’s enjoyment. You can download this game from Play Store in App purchase but we provide a mod apk file of the pixel car racer mod apk game that includes all the unlocked features and is free for all the players. The mod apk is suitable for all Android and tablet devices.

Unlimited Money

You can get unlimited money and purchase all the needed items including the spare parts of cars, etc. Pixel car racer mod apk provides its player with unlimited money and you can buy anything from the items shop with the use of this money. You can unlock amazing cars of high worth through this feature in the game. Otherwise, first, you collect money and buy some items. You could get money in the form of regards and when you achieve victory.

pixel car racer

Unlocked All Cars

Some of the Amazing cars are locked in the original version of the game but if you install a mod file of pixel car racer mod apk then you would be able to use all the vehicles. All the cars are unlocked in this game in which you could choose one and take part in the difficult races. Each of the cars has a unique ability and speed with its stunning features and different sound quality. 

Refining your Cars

The player can also refine their cars to change the spare parts. When you drive cars in races then there are some damages you will face. So, you would refine and repair your cars by changing the spare parts. You can buy all types of spare parts and put them into cars. But, first, buy each spare part that has a different worth and price. If you use local cars in races then add local spare parts otherwise buy expensive spare parts and put them into the cars.

Get Daily Reward

Every player wants to get daily rewards and find something new to play the game and for races. Daily rewards must also include new cars, money, diamonds, free spare parts, new places and tracks, etc. You can also get new upgrade skin for your car. Also get unlimited money, diamonds, virtual boxes, etc.

Classical Pixel Art Graphics

Now, it’s the trend of 3D games but many players like to play classical games. Pixel car racer mod apk is the classical Pixer art racing game. All the graphics remind us to play classical games that contain pixel art graphics. It is also a pixel-generated game and all graphics are generated in pixel forms. A very exciting game for Android car racing lovers. The quality is well defined and amazing which attracts all the players.

Moreover, the User Interface is very smooth and every other player can play this game easily with its simplest controls. Mostly, kids can play this game and can spend their free time racing.

download pixel car racer

Key Features

  • Dyno Tuning
  • Livery Designer
  • Explore various tracks
  • Stunning Graphics
  • Amazing Gameplay
  • Burnouts
  • 150+ Liveries Cars
  • Realistic Engine System
  • Manual Gear Shifting
  • RPG Style Tuning
  • Cloud Saving
  • Ads Free
  • UI Interface

FAQs of Pixel Car Racer MOD APK

Unprecedented Power in Pixel Car Racer, introducing the DODGE CHARGER HELLCAT with the Highest Horsepower to Date.

Compete against players from all around the world in online matches with a capacity of up to eight participants! Alternatively, engage in friendly competition with your pals through four-player split-screen multiplayer mode

There are three difficulty levels: Beginner, Amateur, and Expert.

The Pixel Car Racer Free Diamonds Money Generator will help you generate an unlimited amount of virtual currency, which can then be used to purchase cars and upgrades.


It is an exciting game for the worldwide car enthusiast and racing lover. Explore a wide range of cars and change the spare parts of each car. After Installation, you can log in with your Facebook account directly and play the game as a guest.

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