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Blue KIK v15.41 APK Free Download Premium For Android

Blue KIK v15.41 APK Free Download Premium For Android



Android 8.0 & Up




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Kik is a popular social messaging app with premium features and a monthly subscription. Blue Kik APK is the modified version of the Kik app with all the accessible premium features and a lifetime free subscription. Chat with your friends and anyone in the world through the Blue Kik app with the latest features. If you are bored then you can also add your friends and every other person in the group chat and share conversations with each other. 

Blue Kik mod apk also enables users to integrate with their social media platform and you can chat through this app with unique features. It is the alternative to a messenger app with more exciting features for the user. If you do not want to integrate with social media then use the random chat option. It will connect you globally with other users. There are millions of downloads of the Kik app so many profiles have been created and you can talk with them and start a conversation on your mobile phone. 

blue kik apk

What is Blue Kik APK?

Blue Kik is the new instant messenger app that enhances your messaging experience to a new level. The communication app helps users to make new friends worldwide. Conversation with your friends through text, chats, emojis, videos audio calls, etc. You can also share images and videos with each other. The APK file of the Kik app provides you with a new level of colorful communication in the digital world. Download Blue Kik APK from this website with free premium and unlocked features.

No worry about the security of this app. It will ensure your security and also be safe from malware and ransomware. We checked it with the antiviruses and used it on our Android devices. It got many positive reviews from the users but some bugs that we fixed. 

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Fake Camera Detector

The fake camera detector feature is also available in the Blue Kik premium app. It is designed to enhance security and privacy during video calls with other persons. It potentially detects if someone is using a virtual camera feed or a prerecorded video as their camera input during video calls or similar interactions. It will detect the fake camera and give you a notification. It is an interesting feature only in the blue kik apk for Android users.

Think Bot Detector

The amazing feature of this app allows the users to detect think boats. It also potentially refers to a tool within the app designed to identify or filter out messages or content that indicate trolling, misinformation, or disruptive behavior of the text sender. It detects the message text, emojis, and the writing behavior of the sender and provides you with the thinking of another person through the boat.

Disable Auto DM Option

When a user joins a new group the app could display a prompt notifying the user that automatic welcome messages are enabled by default. The user could be given the choice to either receive automatic DMs or disable them for that particular group. This choice could be presented as an option during the onboarding process or within the group settings. To accommodate different preferences, the Blue Kik apk might provide users with a way to enable or disable automatic DMs on a group-by-group basis.

Create Groups for Chatting

You can also create groups where you can make admin and add your friends for group conversation. Create unlimited groups in the blue kik apk for fun, business, and sharing information. People can create business groups in the Blue Kik apk and share all their business-related data easily with full security and privacy. , you can add 1000 members to each group. Share videos, audio, and all kinds of files in the groups.

blue kik mod apk

Customize your Profile

Customize your profile and make a professional to enter all information about you. During sign-up, you will enter full details including name, image, email, and business. All the details will show on your profile in the community and could hide some details you want. Every community member can see your profile publicly others keep it private.

Key Features of Blue Kik Apk

Here are the key features that enhance the entertainment and fun for the users. Additional features of blue kik mod apk introduced for the users, just make fun and chill while using this communication app.

Photos & Videos Sharing

Users of the Blue Kik premium app can share unlimited photos and videos with the chatters. There is no limit to sharing large video files. You can share the largest videos and unlimited photos in the form of PDFs and simply through this app. Some people also use this app for movie sharing from one to another.

Black & White Themes

It supports both white and black themes. These are the two theme options that you can use according to your needs. At night, you can apply the black theme and at day, apply the white theme. These themes are also known as dark and light themes. You have two options which apply to your choice.

Anonymous Chat

You can chat anonymously with the other users and send messages in the groups anonymously. In Anonymous, your profile can’t show on your message and no one knows about the sender. Show only anonymous instead of your profile. Share any items publicly without revealing your identity. 

Auto Responder

Autoresponder is a very useful feature of this app that allows the users to respond auto to every message when they are offline. If you are busy it will auto respond to every person who messages you. Just write the random text in the autoresponder text section (I’m busy right now, but Will contact you Soon). Your message will be sent to every person who will message you when you are unavailable.

Unlimited Font Styles

Blue Kik Apk has unlimited and amazing font styles for text chatting. It is the valuable key feature of this app to enhance your text style and improve your messaging experience. Select your favorite font styles and send attractive text messages. You can also Italic and Bold your text before sending it through this app.

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Unlimited Emojis and Sticker

During the chatting emojis and stickers are very important because these will help you to share your thoughts and thinking that you can’t write. Emojis represent emotions, objects, concepts, and many more. Unlimited Emojis of different objects and emotions, you can send in groups and friends in private chats. To send an emoji or sticker, you could tap on the desired emoji or sticker in the panel and it would be added to the text input field. 

User Interface

The simple UI interface of this app attracts the users to use this app. The intuitive user-friendly interface with the ancient colors and font styles will increase the user experience. The main screen of the app might display a list of recent chats and group conversations. Each chat entry could include the profile picture or avatar of the contact or group along with their name or group name. Unread messages could be indicated with a badge or a bold font.


Blue Kik is the modded version of the original app but is safe, secure, and reliable for all Android devices. It has been tested by different trusted resources and is also safe from malware.

Yes, the Blue Kik app is suitable for IOS devices. You can use it on your Apple iPhones with free premium features. All feature works 100% on Apple devices.

Click on the download button and wait for the stop timer. After completing the timer, click on the download option to start downloading on your Android/iOS devices.

You can install the Blue Kik app on your PC and laptop through Android emulators. 

No, there is no risk of getting banned from the official sources. You can use it without any restriction.


Blue Kik APK is a modified version of the Kik app that offers premium features and a lifetime free subscription, allowing users to chat with friends and make new connections globally. It also includes features such as a fake camera detector, think bot detector, and the ability to customize profiles. The app is safe to use and can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices.

Blue Kik APK is a modified version of the Kik app that offers premium features and a lifetime free subscription, allowing users to chat with friends and make new connections globally. It also includes features such as a fake camera detector, think bot detector, and the ability to customize profiles. The app is safe to use and can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices.

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