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Matok MOD APK Download Free Latest Version for Android 2024

Matok MOD APK Download Free Latest Version for Android 2024

Matok Live


Android 8.0 & Up




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If you are finding the sources to entertain yourself then no much better than matok mod apk. It is a big source of entertainment that provides many options to make everyone happy. Whether you are an entertainment enthusiast or an avid fan of live content, Matok APK offers a seamless and feature-rich platform for Android users to indulge in their favourite streaming content. If you want to make new friends then this application is also suitable for you as it could help to communicate globally. You can download this application free for your android devices with latest features and without ads.

About Matok MOD APK

Matok is a free standalone live broadcasting Application developed by Matok Live technology company. The application has already amassed over 1 million users all over the world. It is particularly popular in countries like Tanzania, Indonesia, and Myanmar, where it is synonymous with high-quality live entertainment. With the Matok mod APK, users can scan a variety of entertainment free of charge. This includes live chat, music, and engaging live shows, which become more and more attractive to users as their content becomes more and more appealing.

The mod apk contains additional features such as unlocked rooms, unlimited coins, and many more. Moreover, the mod version also helps the users to update with the latest feature and version. If you will download the modded matok app from then there is no need to worry about the security issues because our mods are totally safe & secure. Just download, install and enjoy streaming with private and public rooms from worldwide users.

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Key Features

Here, we delve into the key features that make Matok apk stand out in the realm of live broadcasting, communication and much more:

Diverse Live Themes

Matok Live stands out with its commitment to providing users with an extensive selection of more than 10 live themes for getting a diverse and captivating entertainment experience. Each live theme opens up a world of possibilities that allows users to immerse themselves in various realms of entertainment within a single platform.

Participation in Live Parties 

This provides users with an opportunity to join thousands of livestream rooms that have trendy entertainment content. Matok apk permits users to be active participants in various forms of entertainment including singing, chatting with other users, playing video games and even challenging other idols.

Interactive Chatting

This platform allows its users to engage directly with their favourite stars while online. Users can share their thoughts, make text conversations and emotions with celebrities as well as others through written comments, emotional stickers or virtual donation.

Become a New Idol to Earn Money

Matok mod apk presents itself as a stage for those that are talented uniquely. One can become a new idol and show his/her skills to millions of people worldwide. It is an avenue for not only displaying talent but also making money and gaining recognition within the Matok Live community.

. Entertaining Games

The app has a variety of entertaining games apart from live chats. The categories of these games include 3D card game, Disco, Fish Shooting, Quiz and Race. Users will therefore enjoy captivating performances as well as their favourite games at the same time.

Make Friends

Matok offers a unique space for users to connect with each other. Besides enjoying live broadcasts, one can make friends on Matok Live. A vibrant and supportive network is formed by the interactive chat and social features that makes it possible for like-minded people to form bonds.

Apply Filters for Personalized Content

Users can apply filters when searching for content in order to cater to diverse user preferences on this app. Users can personalise their content feeds by selecting specific genres, themes or preferred languages. In this way, a personalized-entertainment experience is ensured.

Find a Life Partner

Matok Live goes beyond conventional live streaming by providing a platform where more than entertainment can be found by users. The application’s community centric approach facilitates making significant connections hence some users have even made life partners through shared experiences and interactions within the platform itself.

 Gifts and Virtual Rewards

It provides an opportunity of expressing appreciation and support using its gift-giving feature which is very convenient. During live broadcasts, users are able to send virtual gifts to their favourite idols and friends as well through Matok. These virtual rewards not only enhance the interactive experience but also serve as a way for users to show their admiration and encouragement.

Virtual Dating Experiences

Matok apk takes the concept of virtual interaction to a new level by offering virtual dating experiences. Users can participate in specially themed live shows that simulate virtual dates, adding a touch of romance and creativity to the overall entertainment package.

MOD Features

These are the additional features that you can get only in matok mod apk. Below is the list of modded features for users to access free.

  1. Unlocked Rooms
  2. Unlimited Chats
  3. Unlimited Coins
  4. Unlocked All Games
  5. Languages Options For Global Connectivity
  6. Daily Rewards and Gifts
  7. Live Polls and QnA
  8. UI Friendly
  9. Without Ads
  10. Safe & Secure

Tips & Tricks of Using Matok App

Matok Live is a vibrant platform bursting with potential, and while showcasing talents and connecting with communities is fantastic, why not push the boundaries and use it to tap into your creative side? Here are some unconventional tips to make your Matok Live experience truly unique:

1. Theme Nights:

  • Foodie Fridays: Transform your kitchen into a live cooking show! Whip up mouthwatering dishes, share recipes, and interact with viewers as you go. You can even host themed nights, like “Spicy Saturday” or “Desserts Around the World.”
  • Travel Tuesdays: Take viewers on virtual trips! Share pre-recorded travel vlogs or stream live from exciting locations, showcasing hidden gems, local culture, and your travel tips.
  • GameZone Wednesdays: Gather your fellow gamers for live streams filled with friendly competition and camaraderie. Host tournaments, challenges, or simply let viewers tune in for your epic gaming sessions.

2. Interactive Challenges:

  • DIY Masterclass: Put your crafting skills to the test! Host live DIY sessions where viewers can follow along and create something amazing, from tie-dyeing shirts to building miniature models.
  • Talent Show Showdown: Channel your inner Simon Cowell and host a live talent show! Viewers can submit their performances beforehand, and you can hold live auditions, vote-offs, and even award prizes to the winners.
  • Would You Rather?: Get viewers engaged with interactive polls and challenges. Pose quirky “Would You Rather?” questions and see how the votes roll in, sparking fun debates and discussions in the chat.

3. Collaborate and Create:

  • Music Mashups: Join forces with fellow musicians on Matok mod apk! Organise live jam sessions, create impromptu song covers, or even compose music together in real-time, showcasing the power of collaboration.
  • Book Club Buddies: Dive into the world of literature with a live book club! Discuss chapters, share interpretations, and host live readings, fostering a community of bookworms on matok apk.
  • Art Attack: Get creative together! Host live drawing or painting sessions, where viewers can contribute to a collaborative artwork streamed in real-time. Imagine the masterpiece you can create together!


What is Matok Live?

Matok Live is a popular live streaming application, particularly in Indonesia, allowing users to watch and create live streams, chat, video chat, and send virtual gifts.

Is Matok mod free to use?

Yes, the app is free to download and use. It contain all the free mod resources.

What devices is Matok available on?

It is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

How can I make my Matok Live streams more popular?

Just follow these step to make your stream viral:
Create high-quality content: Provide good lighting, sound, and engaging visuals.
Interact with your viewers: Respond to comments, answer questions, and participate in chats.
Be consistent: Stream regularly and build a schedule your viewers can follow.
Promote your streams: Share your Matok mod apk profile on other social media platforms.
Collaborate with other streamers: This can help you reach new audiences.
Be yourself and have fun! Your genuine personality will shine through and attract viewers

Is Matok mod apk appropriate for all ages?

While Matok has a diverse range of content, some streams may contain mature content or suggestive themes. It’s important to use your discretion and parental guidance is recommended for younger users.

Is it Safe to Download Mod Apk from

AspireAPK – Free MOD APK Games and premium Apps Provider. All the items you will download from here are safe and secure. If any issue occurs with games and apps then contact us.


Matok mod apk is a popular live broadcasting application that offers a wide range of entertainment options, including live chat, music, and engaging live shows. It also provides additional features such as unlocked rooms, unlimited coins, and personalized content filters. Users can make new friends, participate in live parties, and even find a life partner through the platform. Overall, Matok apk is a feature-rich and secure application for Android users to enjoy streaming content and connect with others globally.

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