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Secme APK Free Download (IPTV App) For Android 2024

Secme APK Free Download (IPTV App) For Android 2024



Android 4.0 & Up




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Secme APK is famous Turkish social IPTV Application for Android users. Download the latest version and watch live IPTV and M3U playlists. Users can watch live Movies, TV shows, and sports with the new m3u playlist. The newest social media app provides access to users to upload their own created videos and get followers. Communicate with others and comment on the uploaded videos of different authors and channels. Secme apk is designed for social media streaming where the users can watch content with a vast collection of libraries on their Android devices.

About Secme App

Secme is the Turkish word that means “Selected Me” a multifunctional social media app developed by the Turkish entrepreneur Secme. It has rapidly gained a global user base, attracting millions of users from diverse backgrounds. You can select your favorite content through this app because it has a diverse collection of content by different users and authors. Mostly people create their accounts and upload videos of many kinds for the public. You can do both of the work, create your account, and watch live IPTV and M3UPlaylist. Download the secme apk from this website and spend your free time in entertainment activities.

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Key Features 

Profile Creation

SecMe App offers users a versatile profile creation feature, allowing individuals to craft personalized profiles with details such as name, profile picture, and a bio. This enables users to express their personality and professional identity within the app. The customizable profiles contribute to a more engaging and tailored social and networking experience.

Friend/Follower System

Facilitating professional connections, it incorporates a robust friend/follower system. Users can connect with colleagues, industry peers, and like-minded professionals, fostering a network that enhances collaboration and knowledge sharing. This system allows users to follow key figures, stay updated on industry trends, and expand their professional network.


SecMe Apk integrates a secure messaging system to facilitate real-time communication among users. Through text, multimedia messages, and group chats, individuals can engage in private discussions, share professional insights, and collaborate effectively. This feature enhances communication within the professional community.

News Feed

The app’s news feed offers a curated display of updates, posts, and activities from professional connections, industry influencers, and relevant communities. This continuous stream of content keeps users informed about the latest developments within their professional network, fostering a dynamic and interactive platform for knowledge exchange.

Photo and Video Sharing

Users can share relevant photos and videos seamlessly within the App, contributing to a visually rich and professional platform. Supporting various media formats, this feature enables users to visually showcase their work, projects, and professional achievements.


This application introduces a stories feature tailored for professional updates. Users can share temporary updates in the form of photos or videos, providing a snapshot of their workday, projects, or industry insights. Stories add a dynamic element to users’ professional timelines, fostering a more interactive and engaging content-sharing experience.


To keep professionals engaged and informed, SecMe sends notifications for various activities, including new connection requests, messages, and relevant updates. These real-time alerts ensure that users stay connected and promptly respond to professional interactions within the app.

Privacy Settings

Prioritizing professional privacy, SecMe App incorporates customizable privacy settings. Users have control over who can view their professional content, manage connection requests, and adjust other privacy preferences, creating a secure and personalized professional environment.


The app’s explore/discover feature empowers users to find new connections, industry trends, and relevant communities based on their professional interests. Users can explore trending topics, discover industry influencers, and broaden their professional network, enhancing their overall experience within the app.

Live Streaming

SecMe supports live streaming, allowing professionals to broadcast live content related to their expertise, projects, or industry insights. This real-time interaction feature adds a dynamic and immersive element, enabling professionals to share experiences and engage with their audience in a professional context.


Users can create or join professional groups and communities within the App, forming spaces for industry-specific discussions, collaboration, and networking. These communities allow professionals to connect, share insights, and contribute to a more vibrant professional ecosystem.


The app facilitates the creation and discovery of professional events, both online and offline. Users can access event details, RSVP, and stay updated on industry-related information. This feature enhances professional engagement by providing a platform for organizing and participating in various industry-related activities.

Games and Apps Integration

It integrates industry-specific tools and apps to enhance the professional experience. Users can access relevant apps, tools, and resources within the app ecosystem, adding an extra layer of efficiency and productivity to their professional interactions.

Search and Hashtags

Users can search for specific professionals, industry content, or hashtags within the app, enhancing content discoverability. Hashtags further contribute to trending industry topics and discussions, allowing professionals to explore and engage with a wide range of relevant content.

Analytics (for business and content creators)

For businesses and content creators within the professional realm, SecMe offers analytics tools to track performance metrics. Users can analyze engagement, reach, and other key metrics, allowing them to optimize their professional strategy and improve their overall presence within the app. This feature empowers professionals to make data-driven decisions and enhance their impact in their respective industries.

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M3U Playlist just refers to the media file that contains plain text content with a .m3u extension. It includes a Playlist for music, creating background playback, Internet, and setting up the radio and tv channels. Manually, you can customize the playlist that you want.

Yes, you can watch live free online IPTV through this app on your Android devices. It supports all the IPTV networks and must also Turkish platform.


In conclusion, Secme APK is a Turkish social media app that allows users to watch live IPTV and M3U playlists, upload their own videos, and connect with others through comments and messaging. It offers a range of features such as profile creation, friend/follower system, messaging, news feed, photo and video sharing, stories, notifications, privacy settings, explore/discover, live streaming, groups/communities, events, games and apps integration, search and hashtags, and analytics for businesses and content creators. Overall, Secme provides a comprehensive and engaging social media experience for Android users.

With a variety of features to improve your online social experience, Secme apk is a flexible and user-friendly social networking app. Secme has grown in popularity among users all around the world thanks to its dedication to user privacy, global community, and continuous updates. It has all of your needs covered, whether you want to connect with friends and family, meet new people, share your life through tales, or look at popular material.

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