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Prank Payment APK Download v20.2 Free MOD For Android

Prank Payment APK Download v20.2 Free MOD For Android

Divakar Mourya


Android 8.0 & Up




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You must have seen many fake payment screenshots but you don’t know how these screenshots are created. Fake payment screenshots are very common these days and it might be that a friend of yours sent you a fake screenshot. From now you can also take this kind of screenshot on your mobile and prank your friends. Prank payment apk is a free fake payment screenshot maker for Android devices. You can create and capture anykind of payment transaction screenshot and send to your friends to tease them. 

Fake Prank payment apk is an Android application developed by Divakar Mourya for pranks. You can generate fake transaction receipts from any bank account, wallets and local transaction networks. It also allows the users to enhance the screenshots with some customizations and look real. Due to its realistic look, pranks any person and makes them. Use this app only for pranks instead of illegal activities. We are not responsible if you are involved in illegal payment transactions. 

prank paymnet apk

Note: It is not our Official App. And using this application for unethical and illegal purposes involves crime. So, cooperate with you and just use this app for fun and pranks.

How to Generate Fake Payment Receipts?

It is not a difficult task to generate fake payment receipts through the prank payment app. First of all, install and run the app on your mobile phone. You will see different payment gateway options such as Google Pay, Paytm, Paypal, Amazon Pay, Gpay phone pay, etc. You have to select the option you want to take a screenshot. We have speciall offer for indian is that they can create free fake payment receipts of paytm tha would be possible through spoof paytm apk.

After that, you need to add your number (It depends on which method you select) and the number of the person you want to send this screenshot to. After entering both things, add the amount that you want to make a receipt. Then, it will auto-generate the fake transaction of your provided details and you can also customize the screenshots to enhance them.

Features of Prank Payment APK

Unlimited Receipts

You can create unlimited numbers of receipts of fake payment transactions from the prank payment mod apk. There is no limit to using it to generate fake receipts. The totally free app and create free receipts to download and capture on your mobile storage and share them with your friends and family.

Edit Your Receipt

After generating the receipts, you can enhance them by editing them. You can change the information and payment method from any transaction receipts. You can make unlimited changes that you want and give a realistic look.

prank payment app

Different Payment Platform

There are many payment platforms that you can use in this app to create receipts. The platforms you can use such as GooglePay, AmazonPay, PhonePay, ApplePay, Paytm, and some necessary bank accounts. All the Platforms are not official this application replaces your details in the copiest receipts and provides you output.

Create Fake Account

Prank Payment apk application requires details for registration. But, you can create a fake account through fake details. It is not verified that you provided details such as email. Put any information to create fake accounts and capture the screenshots for pranks.

Simple UI

The App interface is user-friendly and every user can create fake receipts capture screenshots on their devices and share them for tease and prank. The App controls and structure are not advanced, but simple design with a user-friendly interface.

FAQs provides its users to download all the free premium apps. The apps you will download from here are totally free to use.

You can use this application worldwide but are able to create only Indian fake payment scripts because it was developed by an Indian developer and added all the Indian payment platforms.

It is a legal application but using it for illegal purposes is a crime. If you use a prank payment apk only for fun and pranks then it is legal to use.

Final Verdicts

Prank Payment is a free offline fake payment transaction receipts maker for those people who want to tease their friends and family members to share realistic fake payment screenshots of different payment platforms. It is an Ads free app and provides you with safety for your Android devices. Let’s download and prank with your friends.

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