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Spoof Paytm APK Latest Version 14.6 for Android Free Download – 100% Working Fake Paytm

Spoof Paytm APK Latest Version 14.6 for Android Free Download – 100% Working Fake Paytm

Hitesh Verma


Android 8.0 & Up




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Online banking is very advanced in the growing age and everyone send and receive money through online banking apps and platform but you can prank and tease the others by sending screenshots of fake transaction with realistic details. You can prank with your friends to send the fake screenshots of paytm payments through spoof paytm app.

Paytm is an online banking app for users who do their payment transactions online. Paytm is an Indian payment app but now you can use it to prank your friends and other relatives due to fake transactions. Spoof Paytm APK is the alternate phony version of the original Paytm app that allows users to make free fake screenshots of fake prank Payment with the realistic transaction process. You can prank with your friends to send the fake screenshots through this app. You can download a fake payment apk from aspireapk.com with full of the latest features and unique working.

What is Spoof Paytm APK?

Spoof Paytm APK is an application that mimics the functions of the original Paytm app. It enables users to create fake payment receipts, fake transactions, and fake account balances.  Users can download the APK for free and use it for fun purposes, such as pranking friends. It is primarily used for entertainment and prank purposes, allowing users to play lighthearted tricks on friends.

By promoting the creation of fake screenshots and transactions, Spoof Paytm jeopardizes the trust users place in the genuine Paytm app. It blurs the lines between genuine transactions and fraudulent activities, ultimately eroding the credibility of the platform. You can download the latest version version of this app from this website with updated feature.

How does Spoof Paytm APK work?

After downloading the Spoof Paytm APK, users can install the app on their Android devices. They can then use the app to generate fake payment receipts, simulate transactions, and create screenshots similar to the original Paytm app. The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it convenient for users to prank their friends.

Spoof Paytm is a free fake payment application published by Indian developer “Hitesh Verma” only for fun and pranks. The working procedure of this app is similar to the original Paytm but there is the main difference between Fake and Real. Through this app, you can send fake money with transaction screenshots. Just received the transaction list without any accurate transfer. Then, send the captured screenshot to your friends and fool them. Moreover, it has the template of paytm where you all given details would be add and provide you in realistic way.

fake paytm apk


What is Unique in Spoof  Paytm?

The unique thing about is spoof Paytm apk is that you can make transaction screenshots to send unlimited money. There is no limit to sending money and making a transaction screenshot. Before creating of fake screenshot, you will need to do the fake transaction in a realistic way. Your bank account balance in the spoof Paytm app will be unlimited and send an unlimited amount of money at a time. During the fake transaction, fulfill all the details with the account number, receiver merchant ID, and all data required in the original transaction.

After entering the details, you can see the person’s name for verification and send money in a realistic way but payment has not yet been received. You can make fake screenshots of only the Paytm app instead of the other banking services. If you want fake transactions of different platforms then use the prank payment apk on your mobile phone. It has many options and features instead of this.


In the updated version of 2024, you can access the variety of new features with proper working.

QR Code Scanner

If you visit the market and want to do online payment transactions with Paytm then you can use this app for just a prank. In India, every other retailer has a Paytm QR code that the user can scan and send money. But, you can tease them to scan QR code with a fake spoof Paytm apk and do the fake transaction. It is illegal and you will use it only for pranks and fun instead of scammer.

fake payment app

Unlimited Fake Transaction

There is no limit to doing unlimited transactions through this app. You can send unlimited money with an unlimited number of transactions at a time. In the original app, you can send and receive a limited amount per day but it is unlimited with all the fake payments.

Fake Payment Receipt

You can also send the receipts of the transaction to everyone who does not believe you. The more you transact, as receive the same payment receipts for approval. Every receipt change with names, details, and different amount that you have been transferred. Mostly people use this app on April Fool to make a fool for themselves. 

No Registration Require

You use fake paytm without any registration. No login and signup option is required in this app. Use it on your Android devices without putting any of your personal information. Everyone can use this app without registering their accounts.

Amazing Graphics

The amazing graphics of the spoof Paytm apk engaged the users. The high-quality graphics interface is very attractive and suitable for all Android devices. It provides a similar look to the original Paytm app and no one can guess, that it is a fake app.

Customize Payment Receipts

You can also customize your payment receipts for every transaction. Change the text, amount, name, and everything with your editors in just a few clicks. If Paytm updates the transaction receipts then, spoof Paytm will auto-update and the fake recipes will update with a new receipt.

Free Download

Download Spoof Paytm app free of cost from here with all the latest features and updated transaction receipts. The free version contains ads free user experience and a user user-friendly interface. Install on your smartphones and tablets to begin fooling your friends.

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Easy to Use

If you are a Paytm user then it is easy to use because it is totally similar to the Paytm app. IF you are not aware of Paytm before so usually is not very difficult to use. But, it is not possible, if you are an Android user and do not use any online banking app.

Note: It is an illegal app and use this app for unethical activities harmful to you and against the laws. So, use it for only pranks and fun purposes.


You can’t update this app from the Play Store because Google Play Store does not support illegal apps. Don’t worry, it will update auto.

Running this application on Android does not require a new edition mobile. You can use a fake Paytm apk on any Android 5+ devices.

  • Click on the Download Button and Wait for Seconds.
  • Complete Seconds, click on the Link to Start downloading.
  • Now, Open to Instal on your Android Phones.
  • “Enable” Install Unknown Sources.
  • After Complete Installation, Allow all permissions that are required.
  • Now, Just Use this app for fun and Pranks.

Final Verdicts

The Spoof Paytm app has emerged as a versatile and transformative tool within the realm of digital finance and commerce. With its wide array of features and services, Paytm has significantly contributed to the shift toward fake cashless transactions and the convenience of mobile-based financial management. Every user can use this app and prank with their friends and other people. 

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