4 Cara Cek Pemakaian Kuota Indihome (Wifi/Internet) Sendiri

How to check Indihome quota usage can be done in several ways. In this article, you will find out how to check so that you can make better use of this internet service. In addition, you will also find some related tips.4 Cara Cek Pemakaian Kuota Indihome (Wifi/Internet) Sendiri

Knowing the rest of the indihome internet or knowing the rest of the FUP is very important. Because if it meets the minimum usage limit, it will usually experience a decrease in speed by itself. Even the decrease in speed can be very maximal

That’s why keeping the speed stable while still using the existing internet must be considered. So, you will not use the internet excessively so that your use can be stable from start to finish in one period.

Indihome Service Coverage

4 Cara Cek Pemakaian Kuota Indihome (Wifi/Internet) Sendiri

One of the most widely used broadband internet service providers in Indonesia is indihome. This service was previously named Telkom Speedy because it is managed and developed by PT Telkom, which is still part of the BUMN. 4 Cara Cek Pemakaian Kuota Indihome (Wifi/Internet) Sendiri

After penetrating the internet to many areas in Indonesia. Finally, there was a rebranding so that the name changed to indihome until now. Furthermore, the services provided are also more varied and tailored to user needs.

Indihome service coverage is spread across many areas of Indonesia. You could say this service has been able to reach several rural or remote areas so that people can use the internet more easily and don’t need to go to the city center.

The service, which has reached all regions, is an important concern for the government, considering that Indonesia is still far behind some other countries. The presence of the internet and digital services in several remote and evenly distributed areas will increase human resources in Indonesia.

So it is not surprising that services from this earth have reached many areas, even those that previously did not have internet access at all. Moreover, the price of this internet service is arguably not too high so that it can be adjusted to the needs.4 Cara Cek Pemakaian Kuota Indihome (Wifi/Internet) Sendiri

Indihome’s Fair Usage Limit (FUP

4 Cara Cek Pemakaian Kuota Indihome (Wifi/Internet) Sendiri

One thing that must be considered carefully if you want to use internet services from indihome is the existence of an FUP or often said to be a fair usage limit. This fair usage limit must exist so that the service can be maintained properly. 4 Cara Cek Pemakaian Kuota Indihome (Wifi/Internet) Sendiri

When choosing a particular package, usually the speed offered will be the same as what has been promoted. If it has been used up to several hundred GB, it will usually adjust the speed because it has reached the minimum usage limit.

The first minimum usage limit is a 25% reduction in speed. This means that the speed compared to the initial speed is only 75% left. For example, the initial speed that is owned is 20 Mbps. Because it has decreased its speed to 15 Mbps.

Indihome applies twice the fair use limit or FUP. After meeting the first fair usage limit and finally reaching the second fair usage limit, the speed reduction will be carried out so that only 40% is left.

This means that if the selected initial speed or bend is 20 Mbps. Speed ​​will only be left about 8 Mbps. If you look at this comparison, of course, the speed will decrease so that it cannot be adjusted to your needs.

4 Cara Cek Pemakaian Kuota Indihome (Wifi/Internet) Sendiri

Jenis FUP Indihome

The type of indihome FUP varies from one package to another. That’s why before buying or choosing a package, it’s a good idea to see the list of FUPs below.

Package Type FUP 1 FUP 2
20 Mbps 500 GB (15 Mbps) 800 GB (8 Mbps)
30 Mbps 700 GB (22,5Mbps) 1200 GB (12 Mbps)
40 Mbps 900 GB (30 Mbps) 1600 GB (16 Mbps)
50 Mbps 1200 GB (37,5 Mbps) 2000 GB (20 Mbps)
100 Mbps 2000 GB (50 Mbps)

By looking at the type of package above, it can be seen if the lowest temperature is 500 GB. Meanwhile, the highest is 2000 GB. From this limit you can adjust for yourself which package to take. 4 Cara Cek Pemakaian Kuota Indihome (Wifi/Internet) Sendiri

Say you are going to take a package that is used to make a cafe or hangout. Because wi-fi will be used by many people, the type of speed or bandwidth chosen must be greater.

That way the speed can be adjusted and the fair usage limit is still high. Avoid choosing a smaller package because the speed will decrease very sharply and it seems like it can’t be used anymore.

How to 4 Cara Cek Pemakaian Kuota Indihome (Wifi/Internet) Sendiri

There are at least four ways that can be done to find out the usage of indihome quota. To find out how to check indihome quota usage, see below. 4 Cara Cek Pemakaian Kuota Indihome (Wifi/Internet) Sendiri

1. Using My Indihome

The first way that can be done to check indihome quota is to use the My Indihome application. To be able to use the application, see in full below.

  • If you do not have this application on your phone, it is recommended to do the download process first by using the Play Store when using Android and the App Store when using an iPhone. 4 Cara Cek Pemakaian Kuota Indihome (Wifi/Internet) Sendiri
  • After downloading you can login if you already have a previous account or register if you don’t have an account before.
  • After the login process you will enter the main page or home .
  • To see the amount or remaining of the quota you have, you can access the Internet and then View Details .
  • There you will see the details of the quota that has been used in one period.

2. Use the Indihome Site

Another alternative that can be done to carry out the process of checking data quota is to use the site from indihome itself. To check, follow these steps.

  • Try to enter first into the indihome site.
  • If you already have a previous account, you can directly login using your username and password. 4 Cara Cek Pemakaian Kuota Indihome (Wifi/Internet) Sendiri
  • If you don’t have it, you can do the registration process first.
  • Once you have successfully logged in and entered the main page , you will immediately see the name of the member and also the details of the internet that has been used.
  • Remaining FUP or fair limit usage will be available there.

3. Using SMS

If you don’t want to use the two methods mentioned above. You can still check by using SMS. So even if the check is done on an old cellphone, it can still run well.

To check using SMS, it’s a good idea to follow the steps below. 4 Cara Cek Pemakaian Kuota Indihome (Wifi/Internet) Sendiri

  • Open the SMS menu on your Android phone or iPhone.
  • After that you can type the format below before sending it to 98108 .

ISP <space> IH <space> Area Code + IndiHome Phone Number

  • After the form is filled in correctly, it can be sent immediately.
  • In a few moments there will be a reply containing the quota that has been used.

Because using SMS of course there will be operator fees that will be deducted. Make sure the number you use already has sufficient credit, a minimum of IDR 5,000 because there will be a discount of IDR 350 for 1 transaction.4 Cara Cek Pemakaian Kuota Indihome (Wifi/Internet) Sendiri

4. Use the Manual Method 

How to read the last can be done manually. You can find out how much internet is used in one period by using an internet application. By using this application, you will find out how much data is used in a certain period of time.

This method will make it easier for you to do monitoring even for daily monitoring. So you will know approximately how much internet is used in 1 day or in 1 week. If in one day you have used too much, you can immediately make savings.

If you want to use this method, it is recommended to use the internet alone. This means that it cannot be used with other people because if it is used with other people, internet calculations will not be accurate.

Why FUP Runs Out Fast?

Sometimes a person does not realize if the internet speed they are using has decreased. They always complain and assume that the internet offered by indihome does not have high speed and often drops.

Even though they could have exceeded the FUP limit so that the speed was reduced quite significantly. To find out why the fair use limit often runs out, consider the following points.

1. Used by many people

The first reason why the internet has decreased in speed is that it is used by many people. However, the internet that is used excessively will reach the limit of fair use more quickly.

That’s why limit internet users at home. When using indihome make sure only a few people know the password. In addition, make sure that only selected people know and make reasonable use of it.

Sometimes someone likes to share internet connection with other people. There’s what they can do to slow down. This decrease in speed can run quite maximally so that it can interfere with work or student activities.

2. Use Low Plan

Some people often experience errors in choosing the type of package. They choose the type of package that is not suitable for their very large needs. Let’s say they choose a package with a speed or bandwidth of only 20 Mbps.

Whereas the internet network will be used for businesses such as opening a cafe or running other businesses. If you use the wrong package, the speed will easily decrease because it is used excessively. Even less than 1 week has reached FUP 2.

Before choosing an internet package on indihome, first make sure what type of business you are running. If it is used for home needs, even the lowest speed will not be a problem.

3. Frequent Downloads

One thing that is often done and not realized is frequent downloads. Especially when you download you choose a file with a very large size. The possibility to achieve FUP is very large.

That’s why it’s better to think in advance when downloading large files. If it’s just once in a while, it probably won’t be a problem. But if it’s too much, it can be dangerous especially for use in the office.

Make sure to set a limit before downloading. If not then in a few days it could be gone. Finally, the accuracy has decreased so that you will not be comfortable in using a computer or cellphone.

4. Break in

The last thing to be aware of is the presence of people deliberately breaking into the internet. Nowadays, there are lots of people who deliberately break into the process because they don’t want to pay internet fees. So they used a sneaky way.

When carrying out a burglary process, usually internet owners will not know whether their data will be stolen. So, there is a possibility that they will not know so that suddenly the internet speed will decrease by itself.

To find this out, usually someone must carry out a routine checking process. If there is something detrimental, it can be directly reported to the relevant parties such as operators from Telkom so that they can be followed up immediately.

Keeping the Connection Stable

To keep the connection owned by indihome remains stable. You have to do a few things below.

1. Restricting Downloads

You have to limit the download first if you want to make the speed of indihome change stable. This download limitation can be done for 1 day or for one week. In one week you only limit about 100 GB for use.

As long as that period has not reached 100 GB, it will not be a problem if you want to download various types of files. If it is more than that, it is recommended to make savings or just use it for browsing.

2. Sharing Network

You must be able to share the network that is used at home or at work. For example in one packet will be divided into 2 networks with different speeds. Because using these different speeds you can maximize the speed for the private network.

Even if other people use the same network, but logging in using a different account will not affect the internet used. So this method is very suitable for use in the office so that everyone can make good use of the internet.

3. Periodic Checks

Perform the checking process periodically by using the method of checking indihome quota usage which has been discussed above. By using this method, you can do the checking process every day and find out how many GB have been used in one day.

This periodic check will make it easier for you to save. So from the beginning to the end of the indihome internet speed period will remain the same and not change at all.

4. Choose a Bigger Package

Last but not least, you must be able to choose the package correctly. This means that the purchase of a package is not adjusted to the number of users, but also to the habits of everyone, whether they often download or not.

If everyone has the habit of downloading or streaming, it is likely that their internet will easily experience a decrease in speed. So have to buy internet with higher speed.

Currently indihome has several internet or bandwidth packages that can be tailored to your needs. You can choose the bandwidth to be used according to the table that has been written above.

How to check Indihome quota usage has been discussed in the review above. The point is in the checking process there are several things that must be considered. One of them is to know the participant number and already have an account on indihome.

In addition, you also have to pay attention to several important things, such as how to make the process of saving data. By making these savings you don’t have to worry if there is a decrease in speed. If you don’t want to bother with FUP, you can choose a bigger racket.


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