Download FM WhatsApp [FM WA] APK Latest Version 2022

When you want to enjoy the advanced features of WhatsApp on your Android, FMWhatsApp is a great option. It has so many unique and useful features that Whatsapp doesn’t have – including customization options for colors/themes, security settings etc… Fouad Mokdad as the main developer always updates it so its safe from Banned!

Most of the netizens argue if FM WhatsApp can rival other popular whatsapp mods like GB Whatsapp. Both whatapps are quite popular among android/iOS users around the world, including Indonesia.
The average user of whatsApp original has switched to using wa mod apk because its features are more complete than the original version; no wonder then that download link for FMWhatsApp is much sought after by advanced smartphone users.

About FM WhatsApp

An updated version of the original Whatsapp application, FM WhatsApp is among one of the most popular online chat apps on smartphones. Created by modder Fouad Mokdad, this app provides convenience for its users when communicating through chats on their devices.

With FMWhatsApp, you can get various benefits that the original WhatsApp does not provide.
The Original WhatsApp provides a lot of restrictions when it comes to features and uses. When using this Whatsapp mod application, what we recommend is for you to download FMWA through our review where its latest version will be provided in order for your account with still remain undetected by whatsapp servers while enjoying all these new app’s functionalities such as:

1) Hide last seen feature turned on automatically;
2) Bypass ban (if there is any); and many others!

This review will show you the advantages of using FMWhatsApp. We recommend that you use this version because it does not get banned easily and has a lot of useful features for your convenience.

The FM Whatsapp application has many powerful features, but the file size is quite small at 51MB. This makes it very appealing for users with old or low-powered devices that can’t handle large files.

Fm WhatsApp Features

Download FM WhatsApp [FM WA] <a href=

There are many features in FMWA that make it more popular than other apps. For example, group members can be removed or blocked through the chat window itself without going to privacy settings and then doing “more”>blocking option.

Another interesting feature is voice note sharing with any person using WA MOD which will prove useful for all users including business people who use modded version of Whatsapp as an alternative to regular WhatsApp app because they can share their notes on a particular topic like market updates etc..

1. Theme Options

Whatsapp has been around for a long time, but the look hasn’t changed since its beginning. The original whatsapp app is boring and doesn’t have any interesting features like all of these cool mods available with FM WA Apk! There are thousands (or maybe even tens) to choose from when it comes to free themes provided in this mod apk which can be used at anytime you want.

If you already use the FM Whatsapp application, but do not yet know how to change its appearance. Maybe this tutorial will help! Here are some easy steps on changing your theme:

Download the FMWA application and run it. In a new tab, go to “FM Setting” menu where you can change different features of your Android device such as themes.

Click on one of them that you want to apply or select other options from this list if there isn’t any theme option in the drop down menu for ‘Thema’. Once applied, press finish before closing out all tabs.”

2. Anti Delete Messages

There are two ways to read deleted messages on Facebook Messenger. One is by enabling the “Undelete” feature while the other one involves an app that helps you do so.

How can I access a message someone has already deleted? There are several options, but here’s how it works with FMWA:

  • Click FMWA Pro to start using it.
  • After that, press the “three point” icon in the top corner of the view.
  • There are several menu options, you can click the menu “FM Setting”
  • Then go in the menu “Privacy &Security”
  • Next scroll until you see the option “Anti Delete Message”
  • Please activate the options directly.
  • Selsai.

3. Check Blue When Replying

Whatsapp users know the function of a blue tick: when you receive and read messages, it will appear. This is different if you use FMWA Pro because there won’t be a check mark until after your reply. So even if someone opens or reads your message before replying to it, they still can’t see the blue-tick notification on their end.

4. Hide Check Two

So, even if the message has been sent and received but you have not opened your application then it will show that there is a new message. It’s called ‘hide tick two’ in FM WA to do this amazing task!

5. Typing in Hide

With FM Whatsapp Pro, you can hide the status of typing messages. If this feature is enabled, other users won’t be able to see when message are being typed out!

6. Other Advanced Features

Actually there are still a lot of advanced features embedded in FMWhatsapp, you can see below.

  • Can view hidden status
  • Can do chat without save number
  • Can download friend-created statuses
  • Can pin chat
  • Can lock private chats
  • There is an interesting selection of fonts
  • Change the shape of emoticons
  • Able to filter calls
  • Falsify date, month and yearof last view
  • Able to send large files
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Download FM Whatsapp Apk Latest Version 2022

If you read until here, maybe you know some of the advanced features that FMWA offers. What we’ve shown is only a fraction – there are still dozens more to explore!

If this sounds like your cup of tea and want to find out all the other goodies, download FM Whatsapp Pro from our link below:

Name FM WhatsApp
Size File 51MB
New Version V16.80.0
Latest Update August 2022
Price Free of charge

To download FMWA Pro on your Android device, click this link. Once you’ve installed the app, open it and check to see if all of your data is intact.

How to Install FM WhatsApp

In order to download and install the wa mod apk, follow every step in our tutorial.

  • Please find the download link FMWA Apk latest version above.
  • If you have found a link and successfully obtained the application, please enable the Unknown Source permission.
  • The trick is easy, go to the Settings hp android / iOs used.
  • Please search for “Security” or “Security” menu
  • Scrol to find the “Unknown Source” option
  • Check the small box next to the “Installation from Unknown Source” option
  • Permissions are activated, now search for FMWA Apk File in “File Manager” menu
  • Search the “Download” or “Downloads” option
  • If you are already at your home, click “File” and select “INSTALL”
  • Wait a few minutes for the process to complete.

So basically, you need to give permission in the “Unknown Sources” option when you want to start the installation process of FMWA Apk Pro. If it is not activated, you will most likely not be able to install the application.

Tips to Avoid Banned Accounts

To avoid being banned by WhatsApp, be sure to use the latest version of FMWhatsApp and update as soon as it becomes available.

End of Word

If you have a question about WhatsApp, leave it in the comments and we’ll answer as soon as possible!

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