10 Best, Popular and Latest HD Android Games 2022 Must Try!

Hd Android Games / Game HD Android.Now there are many types of android or iOS smartphones that can play online games with super HD graphics. For that, now you can play various heavy games without the need for a PC device.

You need to know, the highest specifications of Android devices for now have used snapdragon 888 processor until there is already Exynos 2100.

In addition, Android smarphones already exist that support RAM up to 12 GB, when compared to Laptop devices can be said to be almost rival. In fact, one of the smartphones has embedded Storage with high speed as well as Fast Charging battery.

There are also sophisticated smartphone vendors provide special features for gamers in one of its series. The advantages of gamers feature on android devices, making it easier for every gamers when playing games with super HD graphics.

Speaking of HD android games &iOs, we would like to provide a reliable recommendation. So, you can find out some super HD online games for Android and iOs.

List of Best and Latest Hd Android Games 2022

Reviewed this, we will provide a list of the best hd android games for now. However, the order we provided does not prove that the first game is better than the final order.

So that your time is not wasted too much, let’s take a look directly at the following collection of super HD graphics online games.

1. eFootball PES 2022 best Game HD Android

10 Best, Popular and Latest HD Android Games 2021 Must Try!

If you often play soccer games using PC / Laptop, PS4 or others, maybe you play FIFA 2020 soccer games for sure. However, for those who don’t have a PC / Laptop to play FIFA 2020, you can play eFootball PES 2022.

eFootball PES 2022 was developed by Konami for all android &iOs users. The graphics of this ball game proved to be the best in 2022, no doubt that eFootball PES 2022 is very popular.

Kalin will be presented with various modes / types of games, each game mode prepared different rewards or rewards. You have to collect digital currencies, so you can buy or transfer players.

2. Call of Duty Mobile (CODM)

10 Best, Popular and Latest HD Android Games 2021 Must Try!

Speaking of the best HD android games, of course this online game is very reliable. Yaps, Call of Duty Mobile or commonly called gamers with CODM is very popular.

This online fps (First Person Shooter) game can be played on smarphone or PC. Codm’s graphics have nothing to rival.

When playing CODM maybe you feel like you are really doing a real decent war. This is due to the presence of Full HD graphics.

In Call of Duty, you can play in Multiplayer mode or Battle Royale mode. If you choose Multiplayer mode, there are Frontline, Deatmatch, Zombie and others as its game.

For more details, download Call of Duty Mobile through playstore or through the link we provide this review.

3. LifeAfter

10 Best, Popular and Latest HD Android Games 2021 Must Try!

If you’ve ever played Last Day on Earth on PC/Laptop, you’ll probably easily master LifeAfter games. Because, LifeAfter is one of the best HD android games that has similarities to Last Day on Earth.

NetEase as the main developer of LifeAfter game, provides hd graphics quality inside. Gameplay is incorporated with a combination of Zombie worlds, making the game more thrilling.

You have to be able to survive the zombie attacks that roam, defeat every zombie, collect weapons and money so you can build a safe place to shelter like home.

The advantage of LifeAfter game, you can play with other players. Thus, it is easier to build a safe rest / settlement and full of weapons and groceries together.

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4. PUBG Mobile

10 Best, Popular and Latest HD Android Games 2021 Must Try!

PUBG Mobile is an online game by Tencent that is very popular and in demand by gamers today. So, PUBG game can’t be left alone.

The gameplay is very fun and not boring, as well as the graphics are very, very epic or HD. Make PUBG a super HD online game that can be played on android smartphones &iOs.

There is a selection of game modes presented by Tencent, you can choose the Battle Rolaye mode, Team DeathMacth (TDM) and others as its. If you choose Battle Royale mode, you can play Solo, Duo and Squad.

Playing PUBG Mobile has only one goal: to reach Chicken Dinner. Unfortunately, it needs the best weapons and high enough playing skills, if you want to succeed chicken dinner.

5. Genshin Impact

10 Best, Popular and Latest HD Android Games 2021 Must Try!

The best HD online game that can be played on your smartphone is Genshin Impact. Carrying the Action RPG genre with super sharp graphics, makes gamers really like it.

Just for information, actually genshin impact is not just for android only. Because, this game has been on PS4 consoles, PC / Laptop devices and iOs since 2020 precisely in September.

You will play a wanderer with a mission to find the lost brother. During the journey, you’ll meet other players who can help you complete missions.

6. Real Racing

10 Best, Popular and Latest HD Android Games 2021 Must Try!

Do you like to play racing games? If you like, maybe Real Racing games can be relied on. Electronics Arts (EA) as the main developer of Real Racing uses the best HD graphics for its games.

With HD graphics, the races you run will be more fun and real. Real Racing can get the adrenaline rush of each player, because of the view driver feature and other interesting features.

Besides having dozens of features, you’ll be given a choice of supercars and hypercars. The look of branded cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mclaren is as real as it is real.

7. F1 Mobile

10 Best, Popular and Latest HD Android Games 2021 Must Try!

As you know, if the latest F1 games are devoted to high-spec PC/Laptop devices. This is so that you do not experience Lag or otherwise while playing.

Naturally, F1 for PC games have a very high graphics quality and have a fairly complex gameplay. Therefore, you need a PC / Laptop with high specifications.

Do you already know if the F1 game has an android version? Codemaster’s F1 Mobile is made for smartphone devices. The included graphics are no less great, F1 Mobile is the best HD graphics.

If you’re interested? Please download F1 Mobile through playstore or through this review link.

8. Asphalt 9 Legends

10 Best, Popular and Latest HD Android Games 2021 Must Try!

Your next adrenaline-pumping online racing game is Asphalt 9 Legends. If you want to play racing games and do it like in the real world, maybe Asphalt 9 Legends can make it happen.

Because, the developers of Asphalt 9 Legends provide super HD graphics quality. With the best HD graphics, everything in the game looks like it’s real.

There are approximately 80 types of racing cars, one of which you can use. Once the money/coins have been collected resulting from the race mission, you can use it to modify the car to be faster and cooler.

9. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

10 Best, Popular and Latest HD Android Games 2021 Must Try!

Furthermore, the best HD android game is Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons which brings the adventure genre with a very sad narrative story and will certainly make the experience interesting.

The game has a level design and there are a huge selection of puzzles that are one of the highlights of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

Although this game was originally only playable through PC, but now there is an android version whose graphics quality is no less cool. However it is a pity this game has a price of Rp 40,000 on the Play Store.

10. Marvel Super War

10 Best, Popular and Latest HD Android Games 2021 Must Try!

The best Android HD game we last reviewed was Marvel Super War. This online game was developed by Marvel developers who carry the MOBA genre with the best HD graphics.

5v5 games that are so interesting as well as using superhero characters, make this the best HD game you must have.

You can choose the superheroes Iron Man, Hulk, Ant-man, Thor and others to use during battle. Please get Marvel Super War game for free here.


That’s the list of the best HD android games 2022 that you need to play, all online games that we reviewed above have HD graphics & sharp. So, your eyes will be pampered even if you play all day.

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