Download GB WhatsAPP APK Latest Version 2022

GB WhatsApp Pro Mod Apk – WhatsApp is one of the communication applications that have been used by quite a lot of people, even this app that baisa called WA feels like a mandatory application that must be in a smartphone that we use.

Whatsapp application itself comes with a very simple and simple design, which of course the file size is also very small and light for the smartphone device we use. Both of these things are enough to be the reason why this chat application uses it a lot.

The popularity level of Whatsapp application is not fooling around, which is now the application is hunted by a lot of powerful modders who try to make wa Mod version.

Therefore, there are now a lot of WhatsApp Mod apps that can be used for you. Well one of the MOD WA is named GB WhatsApp Pro Mod Apk this.

GB WA includes WhatsApp Mod application which is quite popular and has a lot of users, that way this application includes the WA Mod version that we will currently rekomended for you.

It is no wonder, which mod GB WA application is equipped with a variety of special features so it will be very profitable when used.

Want to know more about this GB WhatsApp pro mod apk app? If it is true like that please you can check out this review until it runs out, because there will be a lot of interesting information about WA GB as follows.

About GB Whatsapp

GB WhatsApp itself is a modified application of the original Application WhatsApp, in other words this WA GB application is a variant of WhatsApp Mod that has been designed in such a way as to be even more interesting.

Where the creator of this mod version of the application has added various features that will really help you do what can not be done on Whatsapp Original.

Because using WhatsApp Mod app like GB WA, you will feel a new experience that you have never experienced before when using the Original version of WhatsApp.

In addition, another factor that makes this application popular, where the application is shared for free by the developer, Atnfas Hoak. In addition to that now there are a lot of sources that contribute to the dissemination of gb WA.

Another interesting fact about this WhatsApp GB application is that the developer Atnfas Hoak with his team, has stopped the development of the GB WA application.

Although it is true like that, those of you who want to use this WA GB application certainly do not need to worry, you can still use it by downloading the application through download links that have been spread across various websites, because there are other developers who continue the development of this application.

Well now you are lucky because you have visited this article on the site, because in this article we will also share the download link GB WhatsApp which of course you can download for free.

Features of GB Whatsapp Pro Mod

As we explained earlier, where this apk mod application there are a lot of advanced features that you can take advantage of. There are many features that you can’t feel if you use the original WA.

Where various features in this whatsapp mod application will not be found in the original OR original WA, because it is an additional feature specifically for mod versions such as GB WA, WA Aero, YoWhatsapp and many more.

For those of you who have been impatient to see what are the intended features, you can check out the full review that we will give below:

1. Anti Banned

Nowadays almost every wa mod application is embedded with an Anti Banned feature, because of this feature you will be able to feel safe from various things that can threaten the security of our own WA account.

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That way the GB WA app can be said as a No Banned mod application that you can use without thinking about the account will be blocked by the official whatsapp.

But of course we can not guarantee the security if you download the application from outside and not from this website So please you who want to use this Mod GB WA application you can download through the download link below.

2. Update The App

GB WhatsApp is very well known for its system of apk updates that are done regularly. Of course this kind of thing is very rarely found in a modified application, because with regular system updates it means that this application will be spared from various bugs because it is often updated.

In addition we also know another fact, which we know that the application developers who operate the gb wa system are not low-skilled people, but smart people with very capable skills.

3. Scheduled Messages

Another feature in the app is scheduled messages, which allows users to send messages by specifying the time of the message to be sent automatically. That fact makes us know that this application is perfect for running our business.

Karena adanya fitur ini dalam aplikasi gb whatsapp apk pro satu ini, tentu akan mempermudah kalian mengirim sebuah pesan meskipun waktu yang sudah terjadwal untuk mengirim pesan tersebut tidak memungkinkan.

Contohnya begini, kalian ingin mengirimkan sebuah pesan selamat pagi, nah disitu kalian bisa menentukan kalau pesan tersebut ingin kalian kirim di pagi hari meskipun pesan dibuat di malam hari.

4. Membaca Pesan Terhapus

Whoever has deleted the message or retracted the message, you will not succeed if the recipient of the message uses this WA GB, because the user of this wa mod application has been embedded with the read feature of deleted messages.

So even if you pull your message for everyone, but still for GB Whatsapp users the message can still be seen the content of the message and of course know that the message has been deleted.

But there are different sides to this one, where some like this feature and find it very useful, and some don’t like it for some reason either.

5. Message Without Number

This feature allows users of WhatsApp GB application to send a message without knowing the identity of the sender, it will make the recipient of the message does not recognize who has sent the message.

You should use this feature very wisely, and don’t try to use this feature to make contact friends on WhatsApp.

6. Whatsapp Airplane Mode

Usually this airplane mode can be activated in the smartphone settings through the top curtain and applies to all applications or online games. But interestingly in this GB Whatsapp application klaian can activate the airplane mode specifically.

In other words you can disable your WA even if your internet network is still on. So you can activate the Airplane Mode feature specifically for the app.

activating the features in the GB WA app is very easy, because you just have to press the activate button on any existing features and the feature will activate immediately.

7. Free to Choose a Theme

For the question of taste of the display of course varies, maybe some of you like the default look of WhatsApp and some want to change the look. Therefore, in this Mod WA application, there are various themes that you can use.

That way you will not feel bored anymore because the very usual theme of whatsapp, because although the color of this built-in theme is very simple, perhaps because terllau often see makes us feel bored.

So the existence of this feature will certainly spoil your eyes even more when using the application, because you can change the look at will with various types of views that are available.

8. Download STATUS WA
or Snap WA

A status in Whatsapp can usually only be watched or seen, but with this feature you GB Whatsapp users can now download any status wa that others create and appear in your status list.

Even downloading wa status using this mod app is very easy, because you just have to press the button in the app when you want to save the wa status you want to save on the smartphone device you are using.

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9. Free
File Transfer

Maybe in the original whatsapp application you can not send a large number of videos and photos at once, because there is a limit on the size of files and the number that you can send through the whatsapp application is only 30 pictures or photos that you can send.

But different if you use Whatsapp Gb mod apk this one, because you can send pictures or photos up to 100 pictures or photos that you can send, of course you will benefit greatly if you use this application to send various photos and pictures.

In addition to the number of files that you can send through the whatsapp application, which if sending via whatsapp original is only 15 MB, while if using GB Pro Mod you will be able to send files up to 50 MB.

10. Has Many Fonts

Apart from the various features above, in the application GB WA Mod Pro is also covered by a lot of fonts that you can use, so you can type with font styles that are various variants such as Bold, Italic, Colorful and various other font styles.

That way you can choose the font style according to your individual tastes and of course it is certain that the writing you type will be much more interesting so that your intended friend wonders how to write those fonts.

11. Can Be
Used 2 Accounts

Surely everyone has their own interests including the need to have a wa account. For those of you who want to have 2 whatsapp accounts, you can choose to use this WhatsApp mod, because it will be perfect for those of you who want to use 2 wa accounts.

Because with this application you can use more than one wa account in one smartphone, so you do not have to buy a new phone to have 2 wa accounts.

12. Hidden Online Status

Using gb wa application of course you can hide your online status with this feature, where if you enable this feature other people in contact will not be able to see if you are opening whatsapp application.

It will certainly be very profitable because there may be some certain reasons and one of them is not wanting to be disturbed by anyone.

Because if our online status can’t be seen the meaning of those in contact we’ll see that we haven’t opened the WA app so that our contacts are ignored and not bullied.

Download GB Whatsapp Pro Apk

After seeing the various features that are already available in the GB Mod application above, now maybe you can’t wait to use the application anymore. But you need to know this application will not be found in the playstore or appstore.

because this application is not an official application launched on android or iOS. So you can get this application through the websites that provide it. You can search for these websites in the browser application you are using.

But for now you do not have to worry, because here we have also provided a download link GB WhatsApp latest version and the old version that you can download for free.

For those of you who want to download the latest version of wa mod app, you can download it here for free and of course without costing a single penny.

But for those of you who are looking for the old veri of the application, you can also download here to get this old version of wa mod application.

Latest Version

Name GB WhatsApp Apk
Size 39.2MB
Support Android 4.4+
Update Jun 2022
Price Free


However, we highly recommend that you use the latest version of the application, because it is certain that this latest version has made many improvements to the application.

How to Install GB Whatsapp Pro Apk

To be able to use whatsApp GB Pro Apk application of course you do not just download the application and then immediately can be used of course not like that. Where you need to install the application on the smartphone you use first.

Well since the application you downloaded is not from the Play Store, for that there is a different step with you installing the application from within the play store. If you want to know about it let’s take a look at the following complete guide:

  • First download the above apk file first.
  • If you have please open the settings menu of your respective smartphones.
  • Go to the Security menu.
  • Then select or Check Unknown Source.
  • Then you continue by searching for the files that you downloaded.
  • If you find it please click the file to start installing.
  • Wait a few moments while the installation process is running.
  • Done, and now you can use the app.
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If the app is already installed, you can directly use the application and you just have to log in using the mobile number you use just like you entered on WhatsApp Original. You don’t have to worry because the security system is very secure and there are many who prove it.

How to Use
GB Whatsapp Latest Version

Actually using this application is fairly easy, because every feature you want to activate is just a tap, but lately also appears related to the use of some features that are still not known by the user. For that please see the following penjalasan:

1. Disable WhatsApp
GB Internet Data

As already said above, which in the application there is a special airplane mode feature and it is certainly different from the Airplane Mode feature from a smartphone directly.

Well for those of you who still do not know how to enable airplane mode in this wa mod application, so only GB APK is not connected to the internet while other applications are still connected. For how you can enable the DND feature and more details please pay attention to the tutorial below:

  • Open GB WA Apk.
  • Just click menu and click Wifi Icon above.
  • Click the OK button.
  • Then the feature will work automatically.

That way now your whatsapp will not be active until you disable the DND feature again. Please try if you need it for a reason.

2. Change WhatsApp
FONT or GB Font

Not a few of those who already use this GB Whatsapp application can not take advantage of the various interesting fonts that are already available for free. For that here we will also give a tutorial how to change the font or font in this WA Mod application as follows:

  • Open the pre-installed WhatsApp GB app.
  • Click the three-dot-symbol menu in the top right corner.
  • Click GB Settings Menu.
  • Select Change App Font.
  • A wide selection of Fonts appears, and please select the one you want to use.
  • If you’ve already chosen click Load Font.
  • Finish.

That way you already use a different font from others in doing chat on whatsapp app.

3. Change the
GB WhatsApp Theme

In addition, there are also a lot of theme options in this GB WA application, so if you feel bored with the usual theme display of wa original, you can change it with various themes such as Naruto, Boruto, Hello Kitty, One Piece, Mikkey Tokyo Manji, Doraemon and various other japanese anime.

But for those of you who still do not know how to change the theme in this wa mod application, you can follow the following tutorial:

  • First as usual open the wa mod app.
  • Click menu with the three dots symbol at the top of the screen.
  • Select the GB Settings menu.
  • After that you select the theme and download the Themes you want to use.
  • Apply Tap to use the Theme.

Actually activating the various features available in the GB WA application is very easy, because you just enter the menu and then go to the GB Settings option, after that select the feature you want to activate.

How to Update GB WhatsApp Pro Without Banned

To be able to enjoy every feature of GB WhatsApp pro mod apk of course you have to update aka update the version to the latest version. Well for how to update to the latest version, please you can follow the complete guide below:

  1. Open the GB WA you installed earlier.
  2. Enter the GB Settings menu.
  3. Select it and click Update.
  4. After that, click Check For Update.
  5. If there is an update to the latest version please directly download the latest version.
  6. Finish.

In addition to enjoying the various features that have been improved, by downloading the latest version of course there will be some bugs in the previous version that have also been fixed, so you will be more comfortable using this latest version of GB WhatsApp Pro.Download X8 Speeder Apk Latest Version 2022 Without Ads

End of Word

For now it seems that this information article about GB WhatsApp is enough to get here, because it seems that the discussion related to the application is very complete and there is nothing to discuss anymore.

But if you still feel incomplete and think there is something disturbing, and want us to also discuss it in this article, please input criticism and suggestions by leaving a trace in the comments field that has been prepared below.

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