Best and Latest FF Auto Headshot Sensitivity 2022 [After Update]

Sensitivitas FF Auto Headshot – Playing Garena Free Fire game is certainly a lot of fun, especially being able to get Booyah!

But of course, to get Booyah in Free Fire game is not as easy as turning your palm, you must have skill both when doing shots or in making other movements.

One of the factors that can help to get a win or Booyah on garena game developer is none other than FF Sensitivity settings.

You’ll need to adjust the sensitivity menu settings as best you can, depending on the convenience of each one for all controls to be controlled easily.

Currently there are a lot of settings sensitivity ff auto headshot that you can follow from Pro Player and Youtuber Free Fire such as Ruok FF, FDW Frontal Gaming and many others.

You also have to adjust the sensitivity settings of free fire depending on the android phone you are using, because each android phone has different settings.

On this occasion we will share the sensitivity of FF belongs to pro playr and can be used on all android phones, see more below.

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About FF Sensitivity

Sensitivity in Free Fire games is a settings menu that can be used for Look Around, Red Dot Sight, 2x Scope, 4x Scope, AWM Scope and Look Around settings.

Users can adjust the settings according to their individual tastes in order to conduct kontorl very easily both when running, shooting, driving and making other movements.

Of course, setting the best ff sensitivity will really help you in doing all the movements, including auto headshot shots.

Therefore, please try the FF Auto Headshot Sensitivity that we will share below and feel the benefits!

Best Sensitivitas FF Auto Headshot 2022

Although the use of ff auto headshot sensitivity does not guarantee 100% to get Booyah, it can at least help you to better play gama Free Fire.

Here you have collected some settings sensitivity menu free fire auto headshot best after the update, please see now below!

1. FF Ruok Sensitivity

First, we will share Rouk FF’s free fire auto headshot sensitivity settings. Rouk is a Thai Free Fire Youtuber who often shares content about this battle royale game.

His ability to play free fire games is no doubt, so many survivors idolize him. Here’s the setting after the latest update!

Look Around 65
Red Dot Sight 85
2x Scope 75
4x Scope 65
AWM Scope 50
View Nearby 65

2. FDW FF Sensitivity

Still from a Free Fire Youtuber named FDW or better known as Frontal Gaming has auto headshot sensitivity as follows. If you are interested please follow it well.

Look Around 50
Red Dot Sight 80
2x Scope 70
4x Scope 80
AWM Scope 50
View Nearby 55

3. FF BNL Sensitivity

BNL FF is a content creator who often reviews free fire games. His ability to play this bettle royale game is very capable, it is evidenced by the global top use of s3njat4 M1014.

Of course, this is what makes many survivors curious about the sensitivity of the auto headshot that they use after the latest update. Please you can see it below!

Lihat Sekeliling 60
Red Dot Sight 70
2x Scope 50
4x Scope 50
AWM Scope 30
View Nearby 55

4. Xiaomi HP FF Sensitivity

Each type of smartphone used to play Free Fire games certainly has different sensitivity settings. Below we have shared the sensitivity of auto headshot for you Xiaomi mobile users of all types.

Look Around 97
Red Dot Sight 99
2x Scope 83
4x Scope 87
AWM Scope 100
View Nearby 50

5. Realme HP FF Sensitivity

As for those of you HP Realmi users who are looking for recommendations on the best ff sensitivity settings and auto headshot, please can look at the table below, then follow each setting correctly.

Look Around 90
Red Dot Sight 85
2x Scope 80
4x Scope 80
AWM Scope 50
View Nearby 65
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6. Oppo HP FF Sensitivity

Furthermore, we will also share the sensitivity settings of free fire for you Oppo smartphone users. The settings below can support all types of HP Oppo ranging from the latest version to the old version.

Look Around 98
Red Dot Sight 90
2x Scope 94
4x Scope 91
AWM Scope 20
View Nearby 25

7. HP Vivo FF Sensitivity

Garena Free Fire game can certainly be played on all smartphones, one of which is HP Vivo which is currently on the rise in the market.

You can try using the following free fire auto headshot sensitivity for Vivo no DPI auto Booyah phones!

Lihat Sekeliling 97
Red Dot Sight 80
2x Scope 89
4x Scope 92
AWM Scope 15
Lihat Sekitar 10

8. Sensitivitas FF HP Samsung

Maybe not a few survivors are looking for the best sensitivity menu settings for Samsung phones to make it easier to shoot enemies on target / auto headshot. Please see the settings as follows.

Lihat Sekeliling 93
Red Dot Sight 100
2x Scope 90
4x Scope 96
AWM Scope 96
Lihat Sekitar 55

9. Sensitivitas FF HP Asus

We also do not forget to share the sensitivity of free fire that can be used for Asus smartphones of all the following types.

Look Around 80
Red Dot Sight 85
2x Scope 80
4x Scope 80
AWM Scope 50
View Nearby 65

10. HP Infinix FF Sensitivity

Lastly, for those of you Infinix mobile users who are looking for sensitivity settings ff auto headshot no DPI after the update, you can see the settings like this.

Look Around 100
Red Dot Sight 4
2x Scope 100
4x Scope 100
AWM Scope 50
View Nearby 50

Free Fire Sensitivity Menu Function

As we have mentioned above, the free fire sensitivtas menu has 6 features including Look Around, Red Dot Sight, 2x Scope, 4x Scope, AWM Scope and Look Around.How to Get The Latest Original Free FF Diamond 2022 [Anti Banned]

Of course, each menu has its own uses and functions. Here we briefly explain:

  1. Look Around: Swipe down, up, right or left to see the musung around.
  2. Red Dot Sight: Slide the screen during the shoot but not using Scope
  3. 2x Scope: Slide the screen during the shoot using 2x Scope
  4. 4x Scope: Slide the screen during the shoot using 4x Scope
  5. AWM Scope: Slide the screen during shooting using s3njat4 sniper/AWM.
  6. Look Around: Swipe the screen to make it easier to know the enemies around

How to Set Free Fire Sensitivity Menu

For those of you Free Fire novice players who do not know the location of the sensitivity menu, please see the steps below:

  1. First, login to your free fire ID account.
  2. On the looby menu, please click the Settings menu.
  3. Please scrool down until you find sensitivity menu.
  4. Open the menu and adjust the settings.
  5. If you have, please save.
  6. You have automatically used the latest free fire sensitivity settings.

How easy is it, isn’t it? We recommend to set the menu according to your convenience, because each player has the best free fire sensitivity settings according to the version.

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End of Word

You can choose one of the settings of the FF Auto Headshot Sensitivity menu after the update we shared above, do not forget to match the smartphone you use to play the Free Fire game.

So that we can share on this occasion, hopefully it can be useful. Thank you and good luck, greetings Booyah!

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