snack Video Apk Latest Money Maker 2022 [Very Much Bonus]

Snack Video Apk – Snack Video short video sharing application lately enough to steal the attention of the Indonesian community, where the application can be used to make cash by just watching videos.

The presence of Snack Video is certainly the newest rival tikTok that comes first in our midst by offering the same thing that is a bonus coin that can be exchanged for money.

The use of this application will certainly be very profitable, in addition to being able to entertain of course can be used as a money-making application only with android and iOS mobile devices.

At the beginning of Snack Video, many thought that this application could not give its users money, but over time this money-making app began to gain trust after actually giving its users cash.

The money that can be earned from snack video application is quite a lot, even you can get 1 million rupiah in one day.

But of course, you’ll have to complete all the missions included in the short video sharing app such as watching videos, sharing invitation codes, uploading videos and many more missions.

About Snack Video

Snack Video is a short video sharing app that has been accompanied by music. Users can create short music videos as desired and can share them to various social media such as Facebook, Instagram and so on.

The app itself was released by a Chinese company called Kuaishou Technology. You can get this app for free both on the Google Play Store and app store.

The presence of Snack Video certainly aims to be able to explore the market of short music video sharing applications that were previously dominated by its toughest competitor, TikTok.

You can see a variety of short videos on the app that other users have shared.

Interestingly, this app can be used to earn rupiah coffers by simply completing missions. The missions given by Sanck Video are fairly easy, you just have to watch videos, invite friends, upload videos and so on.

Automatically the developer will give you bonuses in the form of coins. Later the coins can be exchanged for rupiah through digital wallets such as DANA, OVO and so on.

Snack Video Features

Snack Video Apk Latest Money Maker 2021 [Very Much Bonus]

This application has a variety of interesting features embedded in it, please know before you download snack video.

1. Exchange Coins for Money

Interesting features that have video snacks are nothing but coins can be exchanged for cash. The more coins you have, the more money you’ll earn, and vice versa.

Tips to earn more coins is to keep watching videos, updating videos every day, invite friends and complete all missions.

2. Short Music Videos

Tired of monotonous activities? It’s perfect if you’re using the Snack Video app, because it has tons of very interesting videos that users have shared.

You can also create your own short music videos, please express the gestures according to the music you selected earlier.

3. Filters/Effects

When you want to create short music in this money-making app, you can choose from a variety of filters or effects that you can use for free. The use of effects will certainly make the appearance even cooler.

Actually, there are still a lot of other features that this application has, if you are curious about downloading this money-making app right now.

Download Snack Video APK Latest Version 2022

Snack Video Apk Latest Money Maker 2021 [Very Much Bonus]

For those of you who are interested in trying to use Snack Video apk to get a fair amount of rupiah coffers, you can download it via the link below.

If you have successfully downloaded the application, please use it now and earn cash every day.

But first please create an account first, for the way you can see the following.

How to Register an Account at Snack Video

For those of you new users of this app who want to get additional applications, please register an account first. Follow these steps properly and correctly.

  1. First, open the Snack Video app you’ve downloaded.
  2. On the start menu, please click the List menu.
  3. You can have a list of accounts using Facbeook, Mobile Number or Gmail.
  4. Please choose one of them.
  5. If you’re using a mobile number to sign up for your account, then wait a few seconds for the confirmation code to be sent.
  6. Usually the developer will send a confirmation code via SMS or phone call.
  7. Please enter the verification code.
  8. If you have, click Confirm.
  9. You automatically successfully create an account.
  10. Please enter the invitation code 943 688 232

You will automatically get a bonus in the form of coins. Collect as many coins as you can and exchange them for cash.

How to Earn Money on Snack Videos

Of course, to earn a lot of money on the Snack Video app, you are required to have a lot of coins.

Here we will share tips and tricks on how to earn coins on this app easily and quickly.

1. Watch Videos

The easiest way to earn coins on this app is to watch videos. The longer you watch the videos shared by other users, the more coins you get. And vice versa!

2. Invite Friends

To get a large bonus you are required to invite using the invitation code 943 688 232 this one.

If you manage to invite many friends, then the commission can get 2 million rupiah. At least 15 people have been invited to get the commission.

3. Upload Videos

Furthermore, to be able to earn additional coins on this application, of course, you are required to upload videos every day. If you have followers / followers will certainly get a double profit.

4. Enter the Invitation Code

For those of you who have just created a Snack Video account and are looking for an invitation code that has a big bonus, please enter this invitation code 943 688 232.

5. Login Every Day

The last way that can be done to nuyul coin snack video is to login as many days. The developer itself will give an additional coin bonus if the user logs in every day.

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Can Snack Videos Still Earn Money?

Perhaps there are still many of you who question, whether the use of Snack Video application can still get cash?

Of course, this application can be used by all circles to gain profit in it, by collecting as many coins as possible and then exchanged for cash through dana and OVO payments.

Ntah until when the developer will continue to distribute money to its users. Therefore, before this money-sharing event ends please use the application right now.


Of course, the way to earn money in Snack Video has been proven to pay and can be done very easily!

Maybe that’s all can give, hopefully the review can be useful. Wait for more updates from us, thank you. Good luck with it!

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