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Social Spy WhatsApp – Developments for social media applications are indeed very fast, accompanied by technological developments for android & iOs devices. For example, the Whatsapp application, this one social media application is so sophisticated and popular throughout the world.

Everyone has been confirmed to use the WA application to carry out daily activities, communicate with girlfriends, friends, family and distant relatives. In addition, the Whatsapp application is also very helpful for those of you who are doing business & business.

Day by day, the developer is always trying to bring new features such as funny & cool stickers. That way, the chat activities that you do will be more colorful and fun, due to the new stickers that are included.

But you need to be careful, because now there are lots of whatsapp tapping applications that can steal data in your WA account. The WhatsApp tapping application that is currently popular among the public is Social Spy WhatsApp.

But, are you familiar with the WhatsApp social spy tool? If you haven’t and want to know everything about the tool application, you can follow the reviews that we will provide below.

About Social Spy WhatsApp

social spy whatsapp

Social Spy Whatsapp is one of the website-based online tools that can be accessed by all users. The main function of the spy wa tool is none other than tapping other people’s whatsapp applications.

When using the tool, you can peek at all the activities of other people in the WA application that he has. Starting from the content of messages / chat, audio & video call history without the owner realizing it.

The social spy wa tool is so popular at this time, users often use this tool to wiretap WA friends, girlfriends, family without having to borrow their cellphone devices.

Interestingly, you can enjoy the social spy wa tool for free, so don’t be surprised if this website-based tool is very popular and in demand by internet users.

This tool is also arguably the best whatsapp tapping application in 2022. If you want to tap the girlfriend / wife & husband wa application, please download one of the best whatsapp tapping applications at this time.

Social Spy WhtsApp Classes

The meaning of hacking or hacking does have a very broad meaning, one of the main points of the meaning of hacking is knowing the information owned by another device/person. All the things that are the target of hacking can be easily collected.

For example, wanting to know all the information on the sitarget device, information about transactions, and wanting to retrieve login data for the accounts contained on the device.

The hacking process that is often used or applied by the public is wiretapping. When you succeed in tapping someone’s social media account, of course you can know all the information in it.

The information that you can know without realizing the chooser of the WhatsApp account is:

  • History Chat/Pesan
  • Image Files
  • Audio files such as Voice Note / VN and so on.
  • Video Files are Public or Private.
  • Audio Call History or Video Call.
  • All Contacts.
  • And there is much other information that you can know.

All information and any data that is in the WhatsApp account that has been tapped, you will know everything without missing any information. Unfortunately, how to hack someone else’s whatsapp is difficult to do.

We all know that WhatsApp is a well-known social media application with the most users until now. So, you can’t underestimate the level of security.

Of course, the WhatsApp application developer provides super tight security for his applications. Even so, all applications certainly have their own shortcomings and weaknesses.

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Social Spy WhastApp – The Best Online WA Spy Apps 2022

If you want to get the most effective and accurate wa tapping application, maybe the WhatsApp social spy tool can be relied on. You all can have a tool that helps wiretapping the wa application for free.

To get the WhatsApp social spy tool is not difficult, you can find it by visiting the official website of the tool. That way, you can have it for free and can immediately use it.

How to use the whatsapp social spy tool to tap someone’s wa application is fairly simple & simple. So that users can immediately understand how it works, we will provide a complete tutorial below.

How to Use Social Spy WhatApp Tool

As we just said, how to tap wa with the WhatsApp social spy tool is not difficult. But it’s a good idea for you to follow each of the steps listed below.

So, the process or activity of tapping other people’s WhatsApp can be done without experiencing any problems. For more details, please refer to the following tutorial:

  • Prepare a smart device that is already connected to a connection/network such as WiFi or Internet Quota.
  • Then select one of the browsers on your device, such as Chrome or Mozilla.
  • Please access the official website of the WhatsApp Social Spy Tool.
  • The address is .
  • You will be taken directly to the main page of the website.
  • Enter the cellphone number you want to tap in the Enter Phone Number field.
  • Then press the Submit option at the bottom.
  • Wait a few moments until the process is successful.
  • The Verification process appears, you need to continue by pressing the Verify Through Survey option.
  • Determine the type of survey that fits your criteria.
  • Enter your complete personal data.
  • You must complete all the surveys that are ordered.
  • If you have completed the survey, the WhatsApp Social Spy tool will immediately display all information from the target WA.
  • Good luck.

That’s how you work when you want to tap someone through the WhatsApp social spy tool. Follow each step, so that the tapping process can be carried out successfully.

Constraints When Using WhatsApp Social Spy

You need to pay attention, if you want to use this wa tapping tool. We recommend that you know a few things about the weaknesses and obstacles when using Social Spy Whatsapp.

The level of success that you will get from this tool is quite small, strangely enough application users still like it. There are several obstacles that you may get when operating it.

So that not a few users fail to get all the information in the target’s WhatsApp application. You can also take advantage of a feature of the Whatsapp application, namely barcodes, obstacles usually appear during the survey process that you do.

If there is a wrong step during the survey process, problems will immediately appear and the wiretapping process can fail. That’s why, you really have to take the survey given.

Weaknesses of WhatsApp Social Spy Tool

The SocialSpy WhatsApp tool has several weaknesses, including:

1. Survey page failed to open

The first weakness is that the survey page often fails to open, users always complain about this problem. If the survey page cannot be opened, of course you cannot continue the process of tapping other people’s Whatsapp applications.

Then, how to solve it? As for how to overcome obstacles such as the survey page not appearing, we can’t provide a solution yet. But, you can try repeating the process from the beginning, if it still persists then you try refreshing the device you are using.

2. AntiVirus Device Error

If you have entered the target WA number, then followed all the surveys given and pressed the Submit option. However, you still fail to be able to tap it, maybe you need to turn off the Antivirus option.

Please go to Settings / Settings of your android & iOs device, then just disable your device’s antivirus option. After that, start re-applying the wa tapping method that we gave above.

3. SocialSpy WA site cannot be accessed/Error

When you want to use this tool to tap someone’s whatsapp, but you always fail to access it. Most likely, the website is experiencing a down or error because many users are accessing it simultaneously without realizing it.

To fix this, you can wait a few minutes to access it again. If it still persists, please refresh the Android or iOS device that you are using and then access the tool site again.

4. Survey Not Available

If you have provided all the information about the identity of your complete personal data on the survey page, please wait until the survey process is successful.

But very often you get a “Sorry No Service Available” notification which means that all your identities are not found or available. So what to do ?

Take it easy, maybe the socialspy wa tool site is currently experiencing an error, you can try it again another day. But it must always be remembered, the success rate for tapping WA using the WhatsApp social spy tool is very small, so it’s not surprising that many users fail when using it.

Does WhatsApp Social Spy Tool Work?

If you have followed step by step according to what we said above, but the results are still disappointing because they always fail. Maybe you should understand it, because we have already said that the success rate of this tool is very low.

If your curiosity is too great to be able to monitor or find out all the contents in the Whatsapp application of your lover, wife/husband, friends or other family. You can take advantage of one of the best wa tapping applications that we have prepared below.

In addition to the socialspy wa tool, there are actually many powerful wa tapping applications for you to try, such as the following:

Smartphone Log

The wa tapping application that you can rely on is Smartphone Log, you access the official website and register for an account to complete. After that, a smartphonelog download link will be given, please press the link so that the download process starts immediately.

For how it works, you install the smartphone log application on the android/iOs device belonging to the person whose Whatsapp application you want to tap. If the application is already installed, please login using the account you created on the website.


If you want to monitor someone’s activity by tapping their WhatsApp application, you can use the AirDrop application. The wa tapping application using AirDrop is quite popular, not a few users have done it.

The workings of the AirDrop application to perform wiretapping is fairly simple, we believe all users can immediately apply it without encountering any obstacles / difficulties.


Maybe this is the only information about Social Spy WhatsApp that we can convey and explain. We hope that all the information that we have entered in this article will be useful. Thank you, good luck!

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