Download X8 Speeder Old Version APK Without Ads

Lately the X8 Speeder / X8 Speeder Versi Lama Old Version application without ADS APK and anti banned is so popular among the public, especially higgs domino game lovers.

Of course it is not without reason, X8 speeder is able to provide many times the speed during the spin process in Higgs Domino. Users can set the speed according to their own wishes.

That way to get a win on the game developer Higgs Games is very easy, so you can collect a large amount of coins or chips.

One thing to know, the old version of x8 speeder can not only be used in Higgs Domino games, you can also use it in other games such as Subway Surfer, Fate Go, Soul Knight and many others.

One of the interesting things about the old x8 speeder is that it has a feature without ads, so that users can feel comfortable when playing Higgs Domino games or others.

In addition, it has also embedded anti-banned features, so it is no wonder that the old version of x8 speeder is always sought after compared to the latest version.

For those of you who are interested in trying to use X8 Speeder Lama anti banned and without ads, please refer to the following review until completion.

About the Old X8 Speeder

X8 Speeder Old Version is an application developed by third parties with the function to speed up the gameplay of a game, including Higgs Domino game.

Users can set the speed as desired and it can be done very easily.

This feature will really help you to achieve victory continuously in the game Higgs Domino Island.

So it’s no wonder that not a few domino players are looking for an old version of x8 spider apk, maybe one of you who always loses in playing the game.

As we mentioned above, this application can also be used on other android games that we have installed on android phones before.

Its use is also very easy, because the old x8 speeder does not require android phones to root first.

It’s just that the user has to enable unknown sources in the settings of each android phone.

In addition, the old version of the x8 spider has a file size that is small enough that its use will not slow down from the performance of the phone itself.

Until here are you interested in trying to use the old version of x8 speeder higgs domino? You can download the application below which we will share for free.

Features of X8 Speeder Versi Lama Older Version


Although this application is made long after the latest x8 speeder comes, but for the features that the old version of x8 speeder no less sophisticated.

You can use all these features for free. For those of you who want to know what features the old x8 speeder has, please see below.

1. Speed Hack

The first feature that became the mainstay of the old version of x8 speeder application is being able to hack the speed in a game such as domino island higgs, subway surfer and so on.

You can set the speed according to your taste so that the gameplay of the game is much faster than before.

2. Easy Gameplay

Of course, with the speed hack feature, the game will be much easier and you can win every game very quickly including during spin/gacha higgs dominoes.

3. No Ads

One of the interesting things that only the old x8 spider app has is that the developer has removed all ads that are considered quite annoying to its users.

So you can feel more comfortable without worrying about ads appearing suddenly. Win every game we’re playing right now!

4. Anti Banned

The old version of X8 spider has anti-banned feature, so its use will be very safe without worrying that your game id account will be banned by the official developer.

5. Improve Performance

Interestingly, the use of this application is able to improve the performance of the android phone you use, so that you will never again experience lag or broken problems while playing Higgs Domino game.

6. Lightweight Files

As we mentioned above, the old x8 spider has a very light file size, so it can be used on even lower middle class phones.

7. No Registration

In order to activate the features of x8 speeder application, you just need to install it. Because this app doesn’t require registration or registration process in advance.

8. Simple &Elegant Design

Lastly, the developers of the old version of x8 spider application carry a simple and elegant design look, so that the use is easy to understand even if you are the first to use it.

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Download X8 Speeder Old Version Apk

Is it after seeing the features contained in the old x8 speeder you are interested in using it? Before that, it’s a good idea to know the specifications of this app first.

Name X8 Speeder Old
Size 13MB
Support OS Android 4.1+ Up
Root System No Need
Price Free of charge


If we look at the specifications in the table above, the application only has a file size of 13MB, but only support on android operating systems with versions above 4.1+.

How to Install X8 Speeder Old Version

The application installation process requires the user to enable unknown sources in the settings menu of the android smartphone used.

Why do that? Because x8 speeder apk old version is not the official application obtained from the Play Store. Here are the steps:

  • First, download the old version of x8 spider apk that we shared above.
  • If you have, go to the settings menu of your android phone.
  • Then search the security menu and enable unknown sources.
  • After that, please open the x8 speeder app and install it right now.
  • Wait a few seconds for the installation process to complete.
  • If you have, please open it and select the game you want to accelerate.
  • Done and good luck.

Surely you are confused not how to do setting x8 speeder in order to hack speed on higgs domino player. Don’t worry, you can follow the following way.

How to Setting X8 Speeder Higgs Domino

Here we will give an example of using x8 speeder in Higgs Domino game so that at the time of spin can be faster and certainly auto win / jackpot. Please take a good look and follow it correctly:

  • First of all, please open the old version of x8 speeder musty that you installed earlier.
  • In the initial minutes, click the plus (+) logo.
  • Then put Higgs Domino into the application.
  • After that click Activation, then don’t forget to click Install.
  • Wait a few seconds for the process.
  • When you’re done, please open Higgs Domino on the x8 speeder apk.
  • You will automatically enter the game.
  • Then there will appear x8 speeder logo on it.
  • Please open and set the speed as you wish.
  • If you have please save and play domino game.
  • The speed at which it spins will automatically be faster than before.

How easy is it, isn’t it? Raik wins continuously in Higgs Domino games, then collects the chips and exchanges them for attractive prizes.

Advantages of X8 Speeder Older Version

Although this app can be obtained for free, but of course its use will be very profitable. It can be said that this application is similar to cheat that can facilitate its users in achieving victory, especially in domino games.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get in using older versions of x8.

  • Can speed up game gameplay
  • Make it easier to get a win
  • Has anti banned features
  • Doesn’t have ads either in-game or in-game
  • Able to optimize the performance of the phone itself
  • Small file size so light use
  • Simple design

Maybe more or less like that for the advantages you will get on the old version of x8 speeder application.

Differences between The Old and Latest X8 Speeders

Maybe not a few of you question, what is the difference between the old version of x8 spider with the latest vesi? The difference between the two is not so moncolok, more you can see below.

X8 Speeder Old Latest X8 Speeder
More optimal performance Suboptimal performance
Ads have been removed There are ads that sometimes appear
Can be used on hp andorid small RAM Can only be used for hp upper mid spec
Elegant and simple look Modern Look

Seeing the difference between the two in the table above, of course the old x8 spider has several advantages. Therefore, it is no wonder that the old version is always hunted on the Higgs Domino layer.

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Is the Old X8 Speeder Safe to Use?

Applications developed by third parties certainly have risks in every use, just like the use of x8 speeder apk older versions.

Although the old x8 spider application has been equipped with anti-banned features, its use is still illegal and certainly has risks.

If you are interested and want to keep trying to use this app, we recommend using Higgs Domino’s second account.

This is certainly to avoid things that may happen in the future.


So that we can share on this occasion about the X8 Speeder Old Version, hopefully it can be useful.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on every day so you don’t miss the latest information we provide. Thank you, our respect!

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